FX8 Product Support

FX8 Product Support

FX8 Quick Operation Guide

A quick and easy to use guide for operating your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why are my two speakers or one side speaker unavailable/no sound?

Please check if the headphone cable is inserted in the correct direction, 2. Please make sure the base is fully inserted into the interface.

Why is my microphone unavailable/no sound?

The microphone part is detachable and can replace the soft/boom microphone, so please check if this part is inserted tightly. 2. Please check if the headphone cable is inserted in the correct direction.

Why are my speakers volume low?

Different locations of speakers will cause differences in volume, please install the speaker as close to your ears as possible. If the distance is too far, the volume will be reduced. You can use the thickened pad in the package to achieve it.

Why is the volume of the intercom really low?

Please note that both the volume of the intercom or the volume of listening to music can be adjusted with the spin button, if you think the intercom volume is too low, you can Turn clockwise to increase the intercom volume.

Video Guide


Tech Specs

Software Update Download

Click To Check important note before update

About the software update,

I suggest you not update if your intercom is in a good station. ( Product will be bricked if update software failed )

Our software is only a stable version and it doesn’t add more functions.

Our Fodsports FX8 update software is clean and safe.

Because it is not widely used like other normal software, so it is often detected as a virus file fallaciously.

Please don’t worry.

How to update smoothly?

We suggest you close the antivirus software or app at first and then download the update software to update.

Hope this info will be useful for you.
Any other questions, please feel free to let me know and we will try our best to help you until you are satisfied.

How To Update FX8 Software?

Part 1: Connect FX8 to Computer and Enter Updating Mode

  • Step 1: Use the original USB cable to connect FX8 and computer.

  • Step 2: Press the “+” Button and Function button for up to 5 seconds until it shows “red&blue light flash” then enter into the Updating Mode

Part 2: Download Updating Software

FX8 software English Version

Part 3: Update Fodsports FX8 Software

Extracting archive and then choose the “DFU.exe” file, click to update util it shows update success.


If you still can’t understand smoothly we suggest you check the video below Before update.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Please close the antivirus software before you update it. Our FX8 update software is clean. If your intercom is new or still in good condition we don’t suggest you update. It’s a stable version for the high-quality voice.

How To Update FX8 Software Video Tutorial

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