V6 Plus Product Support

V6 Plus Product Support

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How does it work?

The rider can only choose to talk to the captain, and the other riders cannot talk to each other.

Of course, the captain can also call any other rider and talk after passing the permit.

For example: A is the captain, one of the riders (B or C or D or E) can talk to A, but (B, C, D, E) can’t talk to each other.

Can you turn off auto answer?

Sorry, V6 Plus can’t. but Fodsports M1S Pro can switch manual/automatic answering.

can it be charged through USB?

yes it can

Can two connected V6 units listen to the same cellphone's music? And, can they talk over the intercom while the music is playing?

Sorry, you can’t listen to the same music, can only listen to your own music separately. And music and intercom functions cannot be performed at the same time. Need to switch. If you need to do it at the same time, you can buy Fodsports M1S pro.

Does the product work with Google Assistant?

Yes! it does.

Does this include the headset or do I have to purchase it separately?

Include! my friend!

can I pair my iPod and iPhone at the same time?

Yes. it can!

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