10 Most Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents (Every Rider Should Know)

The last thing any bike motorcyclist intends to consider while on the open roadway is a crash. However although the topic is an unpleasant one, it is very important to recognize the root causes of motorcycle accidents are so that you can much better avoid winding up in this dangerous scenario.

Due to the fact that motorcyclists do not have any kind of type of surrounding protective structure on their vehicles, they are more likely to endure severe or deadly injuries when they are involved in an accident. In fact, motorcyclists are, generally, 27 times more probable than automobile passengers to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled, and also are over five times as most likely to be harmed.

While these data are frightening, they can be used for good. By understanding the causes of bike accidents-- we can learn as bikers just how to much better avoid them.

The following are the 10 most usual sources of motorcycle accidents:

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents: Left Turns

Left Turns

Conveniently among one of the most usual and also possibly one of the most dangerous of bike accidents: the negligent left-turn driver.

The scenario commonly begins with a motorcyclist and a vehicle driver approaching a four-way intersection at the same time, coming from opposing instructions. The motorist starts to transform left without an environment-friendly arrowhead and also right in front of the motorcyclist due to the fact that they really did not "see" the smaller lorry coming close to. With virtually no time to respond, the motorcyclist collisions into the side of their auto.

What you can do: If it's risk-free to do so-- enjoy the car's tires to indicate if they're turning or otherwise, utilize your very own turn indicator, take into consideration that space before you might create someone to make a left turn,

think about blinking your brights or "wiggling" the bike to additional accentuate on your own, work out care injunctions, as well as leave a great adhering to range from the autos in front of you so regarding not be hidden and "outweighed" to approaching traffic. as well as gaps in oncoming traffic as hints that somebody in front of you might be making a left turn.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents: Inattentive Driving

Inattentive Driving

Apathetic driving, both for lorry motorists and bike motorists, contributes to motorcycle accidents. These accidents can lead to injury and death.

These days there are several reasons for driver distraction. Food, songs, podcasts, phone calls, emails, texts, as well as basic negligence can all impact a vehicle driver's ability to observe or correctly reply to a motorcycle when traveling.

A motorcyclist delighting in the flexibility of the open road might fail to value traffic slowing down before them. Distracted driving is a threat in this country, and also both motorists and bike bikers birth some responsibility.

Riders can take include preserving a correct following range, purchasing crash evasion innovation, and also wearing very visible equipment.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents: Traffic Threats

Bigger vehicles transforming lanes or merging are a consistent hazard to motorcyclists. Your smaller-sized trip will certainly be much easier to miss when transforming lanes. You may be totally eclipsed in an unseen area as a result of your smaller dimension. Never ever stick around in a motorist's or trucker's blind spot to aid avoid sideswipe accidents.

When quit at a junction or stop indication, a motorcycle motorcyclist can be rear-ended by an irresponsible driver that did not notice their smaller lorry in front of them.

When a driver unlocks their lorry before a passing motorcyclist, it is called a dooring crash. The door of their vehicle could be damaged, however, the biker could be badly injured. Prevent dooring accidents by never lane-splitting with parked traffic on one side of you.

Learn More about Top 11 Tips For Riding Safely In Heavy Traffic

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents: Uncontrollable Factors

Irrepressible factors like harsh weather conditions can establish the stage for accidents. Inclement climate and challenges show more danger for motorcycles than other motor vehicles. Be a lot more mindful when operating your bike during stormy weather conditions, on slippery roadway surface areas or when encountering barriers on the highway.

Drivers of other motor vehicles are anticipated to utilize 'caution of treatment' while driving and also should be able to prevent motorcycle accidents by driving safely and sensibly. However, accidents do happen, so shield yourself by being a protective chauffeur in any way times and also in all problems.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents: Roadway Conditions

An additional major threat to the motorcyclist is crushed rock as well as loose debris on the road. Bike tires are terrific at gripping, but not unsusceptible to every roadway hazard.

Loosened crushed rock, especially as you round a corner, can create your lighter, quicker vehicle to lose control. To stay clear of taking a spill on gravel, reduce when rounding curves in the road and be mindful when on backroads and also trails.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents: Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is when a motorbike drives between 2 lanes of autos, typically during traffic.

Lane splitting can quickly create a crash due to the fact that the motorbike is so near to the other automobiles when driving, the bike has much less space to navigate around the cars, and the automobiles do not expect a motorbike to pass them in a traffic jam.

It might feel like the motorcyclist would always be at fault for these sorts of accidents, yet it depends on the laws for or against lane splitting in their state, how the law enforcement officer, as well as judge, feel about lane splitting, as well as the activities that resulted in the mishap.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents: Alcohol & Drug Use


Alcohol impairs judgment-- on and off the roadways. Being intoxicated while operating any type of car is requesting a world of problems, and that's particularly true when it involves riding motorcycles.

While every person's body varies, most healthy adults can remain listed below a BAC of 0.08% at a price of "1 beverage per hour." This relates to approximately 1.25 oz of booze, one beer, or one glass of wine.

Riding a bike requires lancinating reflexes, as well as also one drink can decrease response times. Not only does this hinder critical capabilities like response time, yet it also can inhibit the locations of the mind in charge of evaluating riding capacity or perhaps soberness degree!

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents: Speeding

Speeding up and also negligent driving are also usual root causes of motorbike accidents. Accidents can occur, for instance, when either motorists or motorcyclists drive strongly, speed, drive inattentively, or tailgate the automobile before them. Some motorcyclists, specifically those driving "supersport" cycles or sportbikes, might try to reach broadband, at which it is easy to blow up the bike.

Regretfully, speed is a typical motorbike accident factor when it involves group rides also. Riding along with other motorcyclists can be thrilling, yet additionally dangerous. If one biker makes an abrupt activity or overcorrection, then they have a high possibility of running into another, creating a domino-effect crash. Protect ranges between on your own and also other motorcyclists whenever you ride together.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents: Inexperience

Inexperience is among one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Ideally, a motorbike rider must spend lots of hours in training. All new cyclists ought to highly take into consideration spending their first season on less difficult roads to sharpen their skills. The motorcycle motorcyclist ought to find out exactly how to:

  • Run his/her motorcycle.
  • Scale problems.
  • Reply to situations.

All frequently, people start riding motorcycles on the road well before they are ready. Their lack of experience can typically cause bike accidents. According to the NHTSA, in 2017, 29 percent of all motorcycle deaths entailed motorcyclists without a legitimate bike certificate.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents: Mechanical Problems

Motorcycle Pre-ride Checklist

Although this could not always be an individual factor, it does add to the causes of motorbike accidents. Yes, your brakes might fail suddenly and also out of nowhere, yet it's more probable that they weren't properly kept or serviced throughout the motorbike's life. Or perhaps a mirror has been made a while, leaving your dead spot vulnerable on one side.

Another typically neglected however essential mechanical "failure" for motorcyclists is actually tire performance. Tire tread, form, age, as well as a problem all have considerable impacts on your capability to ride safely and also effectively-- and also need to be examined consistently.

The good news is that this specific motorcycle accident cause is a fairly simple one to prevent with routine maintenance and also inspection of your bike.

Motorcycle Pre-ride Checklist

Final Thoughts

With a little preparation, you can stay safer when traveling as a motorcyclist. Knowing some of the most typical causes of motorcycle accidents is a great place to begin, as it helps you do more to prevent those circumstances.

There are several causes of motorcycle accidents to be familiar with as well as proactively secure on your own versus.

Several of the most vital points you can do are to wear a helmet that fits properly, be sober, get training, purchase quality safety tech and equipment, stay watchful(Fodsports helmet intercom system that couple with your phone permit you to remain in touch with your network while you're on the road, consisting of emergency contacts if required), and anticipate how to react to possible threats.

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