5 Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Intercom On Fodsports 2023

For starters, the best budget motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet intercom may be more suitable for you.

It can aid with communication, GPS use, and also songs.

Bluetooth intercoms are created to aid your communication with other riders. This is particularly beneficial when you're riding in a group.

On the other hand, you can likewise use it when riding alone. Listen to your preferred songs or GPS directions to ensure you get on the proper way.

And intercoms are notoriously pricey. For riders on a budget, it's smarter to try out a less costly choice prior to you finding your ground.

Take a moment to uncover the best budget intercoms as well as just how to choose one that matches your needs and also preferences.

Of course, if budget isn’t an issue, you can choose Cardo or Sena. After all, expensive products have few other disadvantages besides being expensive.

TOP 5 Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom




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M1S Plus

  • Share Music
    With Passenger

  • Mute Microphone

  • Built-in FM




  • 8 Riders Group Intercom

  • Noise Reduction Function
    & Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Quality

  • Bluetooth 5.0



M1S Pro

    Best Budget Motorcycle Intercom

  • 2000M Maximum Distance

  • 8 Riders Group
    Intercom Support

  • CSR chip Noise Reduction
    & Waterproof



FX 6

  • Excellent Noise Control

  • Extendable Battery Usage

  • Bluetooth 5.0




  • DSP echo Noise cancellation
    Control Technology

  • 800-1000 meters High-
    Performance Intercom

  • listen to FM radio or use GPS




  • DSP echo Noise cancellation
    Control Technology

  • 800-1000 meters High-
    Performance Intercom

  • listen to FM radio or use GPS



1. Best Budget: Under $100

M1S PLUS Music Share

  • Quick info: Budget, Affordable but plenty of features, $99.99

Do you want to listen to the same music with your motorcycle partner? Based on responses from many motorcycle lovers, we comprehend that you may require this need.

FODSPORTS engineers spent a year developing this attribute!

This is an uncommon function setup on the market. It can listen to a song between two M1S units at the same time! This is a great thing! Why not try it?

Our most recent headset Bluetooth headset was released in 2020: M1-S PLUS created on the basis of M1-S Pro.

It can chat with 8 riders, you can enjoy the scenery all the way, share daily fascinating points, in addition, M1S PLUS has a microphone mute function, which can better safeguard your privacy!

The M1-S Plus Bluetooth helmet speaker has an FM function.

The integrated CSR sound decrease chip can lower wind noise and engine noise.

On top of that, using a 900mAh battery, just 3 hrs of charging time can achieve as much as 20 hrs of continuous functioning time, very ideal for long-distance travel.

It is very easy to set up the gadget according to the sound tip, with battery discovery as well as reduced battery suggestion features, you can always know the battery standing.

By accessing Siri (apple phone) as well as S Voice (Samsung) voice commands, you can make or receive hands-free phone calls, listen to songs, and GPS voice advice.

M1-S PLUS is not just waterproof, it can also endure high temperatures-30 degrees Fahrenheit (regarding 16.1 levels Celsius).

M1-S Plus has 2 microphones-allows you to pick a boom microphone for an open face mask or flip (exchangeable) helmet, as well as a soft microphone for a full-face helmet.

M1-S PLUS is furnished with detachable, easy-to-install metal clips. And can be gotten rid of at any time and installed on various other helmets.

M1-s plus is the only motorcycle helmet intercom that supports music sharing. Come experience it!


Music share and mic mute

Built-in FM radio

2 km of intercom range

Long battery life

Very affordable


× High winds and high speeds hurt sound quality

× No built-in voice command function only supports waking up your mobile assistant

Shop M1S Plus

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FX8 Bluetooth Helmet intercom

Multifunctional Antenna: 30% Stronger Signal


  • Quick info: Tough and rugged, $95.99

Have you ever had such remorses? In the process of riding with your friends, since you have opened a cross country, however since your intercom has been out of the signal, you can't contact your teammates?

FODSPORTS FX8 is furnished with a distinct antenna style to enhance the interaction signal.

It can sustain up to 8 motorcyclist group intercoms within 2000 meters.

The built-in smart chip makes certain high compatibility.

It can be utilized with GPS, music players, and many Bluetooth headsets on the market.

Headphone suitable, such as FX4 Pro M1s Pro, M1s Plus, FX6, and so on.

The FX8 Bluetooth Communication System makes use of an expert wind sound microphone, which can clearly receive your voice.

The obtained noise is processed by a clever CVC electronic sound reduction chip to ensure top-notch stereo audio results, also at speed of approximately 120 km/h.

Furnished with 40 mm high impedance and high fidelity speakers.

Whether you are talking in a group or paying attention to music or FM, you can hear really clear sounds.

FX8 is really suitable for up to 8 riders team intercom.

It has exceptional security and also the signal is not quickly disturbed during the intercom.

As well as it can be utilized in various outdoor atmospheres. It is an excellent outside helmet Bluetooth intercom.


Long Battery Life

Excellent Sound quality

Great range and Re-connect

Waterproof and Dustproof

Most affordable Bluetooth headsets


× High winds and high speeds hurt sound quality

× No built-in voice command function

Shop FX8

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2. Best Budget: Under $90

M1S Pro Helmet intercom

  • Quick info: High-spec entry-level motorcycle intercom,$89.99

The Fodsports M1-S Pro is a budget Bluetooth intercom with higher tech compared to its direct competition.

This helmet intercom sustains wireless intercom for as many as 8 motorcyclists, permitting you to enjoy the enjoyment of multi-person telephone calls.

If you’re after a budget motorcycle intercom and often ride in groups then consider the M1S PRO.

At the same time, it has exceptional compatibility and security, it's geared up with Bluetooth 4.1 variation.

If there are no obstacles, the optimum interaction distance of motorcycle helmet intercoms is about 2000 meters. The maximum range between the two motorcycles has to do with 500 meters.

It makes use of a premium full-frequency membrane layer monomer with a powerful sound decrease function.

It can maintain high-definition audio top quality when you are speeding at high speed, guaranteeing your riding experience.

At the same time, M1-S Pro is water-proof as well as dustproof, allowing you to take pleasure in the fun of riding without any scruples.

M1s Pro is outfitted with flexible, detachable, and also very easy to install metal clamps. And can be eliminated at any moment as well as set up on other helmets.

M1s pro is a classic design in FODSPORTS, which is really ideal for newbies and also experts.


Great sound quality

Long Standby Battery & Removable Metal Clip


2000M Maximum Distance

Waterproof and dustproof


× No built-in voice command function

× No built-in FM radio

× High-speed wind noise attenuates sound quality

Shop M1S Pro

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FX6 Helmet intercom

Fodsports Fx6 Review: 6 Riders Motorcycle Communications System


  • Quick info: Easy to use, simple, $89.99

Every time you ride a motorbike alone, will you activate a Bluetooth headset to play some favored songs or pay attention to FM and also GPS direction? Is it ruin all state of mind if it does not appear great?

Regularly head out to ride with friends, households, as well as lovers however need to cry or shout with them to against the bike roar and continuous wind noise?

When you let go of one hand to fuss the tiny and different functions keys on the old-version helmet intercom, will you feel unsafe and stressed?

You'll want the Fodsports FX6 Bluetooth bike interaction system!

As one of the few motorcycle intercoms using Bluetooth 5.0, the FX6 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset offers you a fast as well as a stable connection while riding at high speed at 1000m intercom array with 5 various other riders.

Advanced CVC sound decreases modern technology outfitted with a professional wind-noise-proof microphone, 40mm high power, and HD audio speaker device, permits you to utilize your natural voice to talk with travelers, you'll really feel a lot more connected with each other.

The incorporated huge button is very easy to operate with gloves on, simply keep your hands in the ideal area and focus on the road.

Stamina is the second life of motorcycle helmet Bluetooth Intercom.

FX6 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset equipped with a 500mAh battery completely fulfills your full-day riding needs. The most crucial is, the FX6 motorcycle helmet communication is useful while charge by the power bank, needn't stop often on the go to charge the gadget.

If you're riding frequently in various climate conditions, you need to try to find the motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Fodsports FX6.

The helmet Bluetooth intercom is dust and also waterproof, which allows you to use it in all weather conditions confidently.


1000m maximum communication distance

Supports up to 6 riders.

Impressive noise reduction ability.

Crystal-clear audio quality

Dustproof and waterproof design.


× Flimsy mounting bracket

Shop FX6

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3. Best Budget: Under $50

BT-S2 Helmet intercom

Fodsports BT-S2 Pro motorcycle intercom with accessories

Fodsports BT-S2 Pro

  • Quick info: Best Budget, $47.99

Fodsports BT-S2 Pro - designed for the motorcycle rider and passenger

The Fodsports BT-S2 is targeted at customers with minimal budgets or junior players who are new to motorbike intercoms, it has high-cost efficiency and also must be a great choice, permitting you to spend a little budget plan to obtain adequate features and also performance.

Motorcycle headsets for 2-3 riders. 3 riders pairing and 2 riders intercom at the same time. Support up to 120km/h (75mph). Motorcycle intercom for driver and front passenger or two separate bikes up to 800-1000 meters (2625-3280 feet).

BT-S2 Intercom range for riders and passengers, or two motorcyclists up to 800-1000 meters. Motorcycle headsets for Bluetooth-enabled smartphones at a range of up to 10 meters.

The motorcycle helmet intercom with DSP echoes cancellation and also sound reductions modern technology, crystal clear voice high quality is ensured at a high speed.

The Bluetooth earphones for motorcycle helmets keep you connected to your phone, play music, as well as connected with the Bluetooth GPS system conveniently as well as stably.

It can obtain a mobile phone telephone call immediately, support audio transfer, as well as the last number, redialing, you can also listen to stereo songs, FM radio, or make use of GPS, it can shield your safety while driving.

 affordable quality

setup is not too hard and do note it uses a c type charging cable versus the standard android but it is not an issue for me i picked up two cables here on amazon for under 10 bucks. bottom line is I am a biker on a budget and this product gets the job done for me.

Shop BT-S2

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BT-S3 Helmet intercom

  • Quick info: Budget, Low-end alternative, $75.99

BT-S3 is the updated version of BT-S2, with better sound quality and more features.

It has actually been tested by the market and also sold 120,000 systems in 4 years, and has executed well in the global market, particularly in Europe as well as the United States.

The Switch panel is water-proof, sun-proof, and also large than BT S2, Even if you wear handwear covers, you can easily adjust it.

The Bluetooth bike communicates up to 10 hours of talk time when attached to a mobile phone or 6 hours using the intercom function, As much as 300 hours standby.


Radio feature included

Competitive price


× Can pair with two more units but the intercom only works between two riders at once. 

× 6-hour intercom battery life (but 10-hour life when using the phone and 300 hours in standby). 

Shop BT-S3

View on Amazon

What to Look for in a budget Motorcycle Bluetooth intercom

You require to ask yourself just how appropriate the purchase you're taking into consideration is going to be to your life. This chooses intercoms as well.

Are you riding with 2 of your friends or with your neighborhood motorbike club? (How many people can the system connect with?)

Is your commute going to be long or brief? (How long do I desire the battery life to be?)

Do you have to respond to a lot of calls? Or do you much like paying attention to songs?

There are a lot of questions you need to ask prior to you buying one.

Yet lucky for you, we're going to make it a lot easier for you.

The aspects listed here are guidelines that we constantly follow:

Sound Top quality

This is possibly one of the most important factors to think about, particularly when it involves budget helmet communication. You want the most effective audio of high quality you can get for songs along with calls.

Road and wind sounds are common, specifically throughout the high-speed riding. Consequently, you desire a headset that can terminate those sounds while allowing terrific sound top quality.

Remember that some models have better mics and audio speakers than others despite the price.


This decade has actually seen different versions of Bluetooth- 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 and 5.0. Information transmission prices enhance significantly for each variation.

Battery life

Most intercoms have a standby battery life of approximately 300-400 hours, but their streaming/calling lives vary across the board.


The series of your headgear intercom is to be noted, particularly in locations that are prone to low visibility (like locations that are high altitude/fog susceptible).

The optimum restriction for meetings

Depending on the BlueTooth intercom, you can hold a seminar for anywhere from 2 to over 16 individuals.


The construction generally depends on exactly how commonly you ride and where. If you're riding regularly as well as in various weather conditions, you should seek a waterproof headset.

On the other hand, if you live in a metropolitan location, you want a tool that can overcome obstacles. Although most designs are sunproof, you ought to see to it whether the one you such as is resistant to dust and also water.

Easy of Use

Mounting a Bluetooth collection can be a little bit tricky, depending upon its building and construction as well as your experience. Therefore, search for the one that's very easy to establish as well as utilize.

Most affixes are by means of taping or clamps. Clamps are a little bit a lot more safe and secure, especially if you're regularly riding.

The ease of use depends upon its building also. Search for a basic tool with straightforward features that you can make use of with handwear covers on.

best budget motorcycle bluetooth intercom


1.Are budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercoms Worth It?

Budget motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms can be similarly as useful as much more costly ones. The difference between the two is typically in the number of attributes. Nevertheless, also the most affordable versions commonly have all the attributes that you may require.

Much more pricey designs have extra rewards that could make your riding more convenient as well as fun, yet the majority of those features are often not as needed.

2.What is a Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom?

These are one of the most popular and also frequently utilized motorcycle intercoms today as well as service the same principle as Bluetooth sharing on mobile phones. All you require to do is match your tool with the individual you’re riding along with.

These give ease of use when contrasted to other systems and permit you to have private conversations without bothering with eavesdropping.

The only significant disadvantage when it pertains to Bluetooth Wireless Intercoms is that they can be made use of only for short-range interaction.

Aside from that, these systems are extremely helpful as well as fairly user-friendly. Individuals can additionally listen to music as well as change it with a faucet or perhaps share songs with their fellow riders.

The convenience, as well as enjoyable ratios of these devices, aid them in declaring the area for the best motorcycle communication.

3.How Does Motorcycle Intercom Work?

You could have already made use of Bluetooth on your smartphone. As an example, to transfer an image or file to someone else. Bluetooth motorcycle Intercoms work similarly. 【It is as basic as pairing your Bluetooth with the Bluetooth of someone or something else.】

Of all the wireless interaction systems, Bluetooth is the most prominent for motorcyclists.

It takes in minimal power and is basic to make use of when you have it established. Riders find it is very easy to control even with their handwear covers on.

Although the range can be restrictive with Bluetooth, there are choices to prolong the array.

4.Do I Need A Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom?

Here are some reasons why you should have a Bluetooth intercom:

  • Have A Conversation With Your Guest Or Various Other Bikers

When you and your guest are putting on totally confined helmets, a normal discussion is impossible.

Yet if you both have Bluetooth, just pair up and also make use of the intercom feature to speak and also listen to each other plainly - without confusion!

The intercom feature likewise permits a seminar between other cyclists that have Bluetooth - up to a mile away depending upon their interaction system.

And if you're assisting a pal to learn exactly how to ride, very easy back-and-forth conversations make training them in real-time much more secure as well as easier.

  • Stream Songs or Any Kind Of Sound From Your Phone To Your Helmet

If you have actually got a smartphone, anything you queue upon it can be transmitted to your safety helmet to appreciate.

This, naturally, consists of tunes kept on your phone - yet you can also enjoy listening to YouTube videos or sounds from any type of application or internet site that your phone can access.

When you as well as a guest both have Bluetooth hookups, you can utilize the intercom ability to share audio from a solitary source mobile phone (yours) with your passenger's safety helmet.

As your headset receives from your phone, it will all at once transmit to the various other headsets. So go ahead, enjoy listening to the very same thing together.

Motorcycle gps

  • Get Navigation Directions Spoken To You

When you remain in an unfamiliar region, digging out your phone to take a look at a NAV display is troublesome, lengthy, as well as can also place your security in danger.

Considering that modern-day smart devices already consist of navigation applications and also are developed to work with other ones you might pick, it's easy to use your existing phone to transmit voice directions to your safety helmet as you go.

  • Make or Get A Phone Call

Normally, this does without stating that the voice-command phone procedure is easy and also easy with Bluetooth in your helmet. You can determine when a telephone call is essential sufficient to answer, as well as you can stay in the loophole as long as you choose.

  • Obtain as well as Send Out Text, Email, or Other Messages

If you establish distinct signals when messages, emails, or messages from various other apps been available, you'll listen to the notifications. Since most contemporary smart devices are capable of reviewing messages to you aloud as well as taking dictation, interacting in real-time is very easy.

  • Listen To The Radio

A lot of Bluetooth safety helmets are furnished with the ability to obtain FM stereo signals.

So if you seem like paying attention to talk radio, a video game, or a preferred DJ, you can do so without making use of a mobile phone application to do it - a variable that lowers data minutes utilized and also expands the life of your phone battery. Some may also be equipped for CB radio exchanges.

Learn more about motorcycle Bluetooth intercom.


You require to obtain utilized to a more affordable, standard intercom prior to you proceeding to something on the higher-end.

Now, you probably have a suggestion of what's the top spending plan motorbike Bluetooth headset.

Best Budget: Under $50 for minimal budgets or junior players (1 to 2 riders): BT S2

For better sound quality, and small group rider intercom( under 8 riders): M1S Pro

While there's constantly a distinction between much more expensive versions and those that are less expensive. There's a set for everyone's requirements as long as you put in the time to consider just what you need and want.

And also there are no budget intercoms that are better for beginning with, than the ones Fodsports detailed in this article.

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