Fodsports Fx6 Review: 6 Riders Motorcycle Communications System

Looking for Fodsports Fx6 Review before purchase?

Everytime you ride a motorcycle alone, will you turn on Bluetooth headset to play some favorite tunes or listen to FM and GPS direction?

Is it spoil all moods if it doesn't sound good?

Frequently go out to ride with buddies, families and lover but have to holler or shout with them to against the motorcycle roar and constant wind noise?

When you let go one hand to fuss the small and separate functions keys on the old-version helmet intercom, will you feel dangerous and worried?

You'll want the Fodsports FX6 Bluetooth motorcycle communication system!

As one of the few motorcycle intercom using Bluetooth 5.0, FX6 Bluetooth motorcycle helmets headset give you fast and stable connection while riding at high speed at 1000m intercom range with 5 other riders.

allow you use your natural voice to talk with passenger, you'll feel moreconnected with each other.

Integrated large button is easy to operate with gloves on, just keep your hands on the right place and focus on the road.

Fodsports Fx6 Review

Fodsports Fx6 Review – 6 Riders Bluetooth Comm System

FX6 Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmetsupports 6 riders conference call at intercom range up to 1000 meters, one-to-one intercom range up to 200 meters.

Riding in group becomes complicated on the road, just keep connected with other team riders, communicate efficiently for important info, like gas station location.

Design & Installation

Intergrated Large Button

Ultra Big Knob Design - No problem operate with gloves on,

Intergrated Button - Easy to switch songs/ FM and talke to friends,

Voice Dial - Double press to trigger Siri, keep your hands on the bars,

Just focus on the road, or I should say, enjoy the riding freedom.

Fx6 Intercom Intall steps

You'll love the slim design of FX6 Bluetooth for motorcycle helmets cause it fits most helmets' contour shape.

Bluetooth Pairing

Bluetooth 5.0 Motorcycle Headset Pair.

You can get devices that support Bluetooth 5.0 today, like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8, and future Android phones.

You’ll also need Bluetooth 5.0 peripherals, however.

They aren’t widespread yet, but many manufacturers are promising to release Bluetooth 5.0 devices in 2018.

You also get crisp music, FM and hands-free call. Convenient voice command keep your focus on the most important thing: safely riding, or should I say, enjoy the ride and scenery arounds you.

Connection Range

Wow, if you’re looking for smiles per mile addition this is it, range really good, about 3/4 of a mile or mile almost, audio quality is good,

noise cancellation is superior person on the other end during a phone call can’t even hear the motorcycle,

The only drawback is, my helmet has too much wind noise but that’s not the headsets fault

Sound Quality

Good sound (not the greatest but good) phone calls clear, easy to use features.

It's a noisy experience, roar of engine mixing constant wind noise will damage your hearing.

CSR's CVC tech achieve up to 30DB noise control via high-power & high-definition headphone and pro wind-noise-proof mic.

Water Resistant or Waterproof?

Water Resistant Intercom Headset Motorcycle

If you're riding frequently in different weather conditions, you should look for the motorcycle bluetooth headset Fodsports FX6.

The helmet headset is dust and water resistant, which enable you to use it in all weather confidently.

Battery Life

First thing first, it's a few dollars more expensive than other products. BUT, it's worth it. Once you opened the box, you will know why.
The battery life is for sure above the average.

FX6 motorcycle helmet intercom system is 500mah battery capacity, after actual use, it will takes 10 hours stream music/talking to teammates before running out of battery, approximately 150 songs.

The user manual comes with graphic instructions. I had my little hard time trying to set it up. But with the help of the user manual, I got it!
The package comes with a few extra hard-ware pieces, ideal for people like me. A small tip btw: lay all the piece on the table before you gear it to your helmet. The package does come with everything that facilitate your installation.

Impressive Battery Life - Usable While Charge

Endurance is second life of motorcycle helmet Bluetooth Intercom, consider one that can charge via USB while in use.

FX6 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset equipped with 500mAh battery, completely meet your full-day riding needs. The most important is, the FX6 motorcycle helmet headset is usable while charge by power bank, needn't stop frequently on the go to charge the device.

Mic Options

Fx6 hard mic for half face helmet

If you ever consider rain/ wet weather, Fodsports Fx6 is helmet Bluetooth headset intecom you want.

bought these to use when me and my buddy go snowmobiling. units work better then we expected. they where clear when talking.
eazy to install and use. we got about .75 mile apart before we lost contact with each other.
but reconnected when we got back in range. i have nothin bad to say about them.
would buy again if needed more.

Water-resistant Bluetooth motorcycle communication system ensures advantage in bad weather.

Bluetooth helmet headset come with boom mic for open face helmet/ half helmet/ modular helmet and soft wired mic for full face helmet.

Conclusion and Rating

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