Best Snowboard Helmet Communication Intercom For Your Budget

It's true that skiing is a lot of fun.

It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced skier or are a newbie in the sport

there is nothing as thrilling as going out on the slopes in the cold, wintery day.

Although it's thrilling enough on its own There's something else that can make it more enjoyable! 

What is that?

You can listen to your favourite tunes when you're out on your downhill skis Of course. 

So , get yourself a nice pair of headphones for your ski helmet for not just skiing across the slope,

but to groove down it!

Check the Best Snowboard Helmet Communication Intercom on Fodsports.

Be aware that the best ski helmet intercom headsets not only give you access to your playlists;

they also allow you to connect with your ski group of friends. 

You'll know where everyone is and your group can remain in sync.

Intercom headsets for ski helmets are also suitable for taking and making calls at any time,

excellent, not just for socializing but also to keep you secure.

And you can install on different helmt when you need.

best Bluetooth Snowboard Helmet Intercom to Consider:

What to Consider

Wired in comparison to. Bluetooth

The connection of your smartphone or media player and your helmet is vital. 

It is generally divided into two kinds of wireless and Bluetooth. 

It's hard to decide which is the better choice since there always are pros and negatives.

A wired connection usually provides better audio quality and also has a longer battery time.

But, a helmet that has the Bluetooth connection is certainly more comfortable than one that has wires. 

Many helmets with audio as well as all the choices listed here, use a wireless Bluetooth connection styles.

Functions and Specifics

It is also a crucial aspect to be considered. 

You do not want to mess with cords and controls when you're on the road. 

A helmet with easily accessible controls that you are able to wear gloves with is worth the investment.

This is also related to battery life and functionality when it's cold. 

It is not advisable to remove off your smartphone from your pocket when the weather is poor,

but a high top-quality phone will function without needing this.

A helmet that has a microphone that lets you answer calls without taking your phone out can be beneficial.

Sound Quality

The quality of the music output for the snowboard helmet is vital however it may not be as significant as normal headphones that you use in other scenarios.

There's a lot you need to be doing while snowboarding.

 You must concentrate on coordination of your body parts as you balance,

feel the snow, taking in the amazing panorama, and so on.

 It doesn't mean you need the highest quality audio.

While the helmets on this list offer some of the top audio quality on the market but you won't receive professional audio from all of them.

Security and Fit

A helmet that has audio capabilities must be able to fit and function correctly. 

If the helmet isn't constructed properly,

it's unlikely provide the security and impact resistance you'll need in the event of an accident or fall.

Additionally, you should choose the right helmet that is sized well and isn't too tight. 

If the helmet you choose bounces around, it could be slid out when you drop, and do not offer any protection even. 

Make sure to secure the helmet using the chin strap, too.

Are they easy to make use of?

This is important as you do not want to have to put your gloves off

and on often to change the music or to make phone calls. 

All buttons must be simple to use with gloves on. 

Certain of our headphones can be controlled through tapping your helmet,

while other models are voice-operated.

How long are they durable?

Your helmet intercom headsetss should be durable enough to take the frequent bumps and knocks

that come with skiing. 

This is not just due to the occasional fall,

but also from the zig-zagging that occurs when you turn and twist as you ski across the slope. 

You should also consider getting waterproof headphones. 

They won't be damaged if you are able to get snow inside your helmet.

Snowboard Helmet Communication Systems Reviews For You

FODSPORTS is a well-known company which is committed to cycling outdoors and our goal is

to give the most enjoyable cycling experience to every sport enthusiast.

Our company has a highly-skilled research and development team around the globe,

which focuses on Helmet intercom systems.

6-8 Skier Snowboard helmets Bluetooth Intercom

M1S PRO Below $100

8 Group Skiers Bluetooth 5.0 Intercom

What's the main reasons to own an M1-S Pro?

Let's look at the capabilities that professionals have with M1-S.

  • M1-S Pro features Bluetooth 4.1 chipsets, CSR BC8 that is compatible with every Bluetooth-enabled music player, GPS device, and smartphone. 
  • The chip's powerful technology assures M1S S Pro allows conversations in which up to 8 users to chat at the same time in an area of 2000m the longest distance for conversation between two people will be about 500m. 
  • In the event that one or more riders is absent from within five minutes,
    they are able to return to the group seamlessly. 
    If it takes longer than five minutes to rejoin, simply press one button to join the group. 
  • The new CVC noise reduction technology will cut down the sound of the wind as well as constant engine noise while driving at speeds of up to 160km/h in full-face helmets when driving at high speeds,
    and 120km/h with a half-cover and also provides high-quality audio even at high speeds. 
  • M1-S Pro comes with IP65 waterproof protection. 
    The waterproofing performance is increased,
    making it easier to handle all kinds of conditions.
    For instance, mountain biking, motorbike travel mountain climbing road cycling,
    ski riding snowboarding, and so on.

Utilizing M1S S headsets You'll be able to have tranquility and ease of mind when you enjoy music, find routes on GPS accept calls via Bluetooth and enjoy the joy of riding your friends.

Shop M1S Pro


M1-s Plus: Under $120

Music sharing, along with the Mute Microphone function


FODSPORTS' M1-S PLUS Bluetooth helmet headphone Blockbuster is set to launch in 2020. 

It was developed to complement the M1 S Pro. The most well-known feature is the music sharing feature.


listen to the identical music as the passenger/rider

In the event that you are always traveling with a companion or passenger,

you'll certainly be awed by the sharing feature of music.

Alongside intercoms for your guests,

users can now utilize the same music at a distance of 250m( equivalent to the distance of a one-to-one intercom).

2 M1-S helmet Bluetooth headset connects via Bluetooth intercom. 

You can turn on sharing music then it'll sync to the other device.

Ride with us, sing along to the songs you like, and feel the joy and joy of being together.

MUTE or UNMUTE your MICROPHONE at any time.

Enjoy taking part in the Confidential Conversation.

You will take note of the important details

Do you be able to feel the sudden call that is ruining your mood as you sing along to the music on your motorbike?

Do you wish to make use of an additional line in order to talk in on your phone calls as you make stops on your way to speak?

Do you hear clearly conversations with other riders,

as well as other audio sources when the leader of your group provides the address of the station,

as well as the next ride plan?

Simply press push then "VOLUME +" for 2 seconds, until you're able to turn off the microphone. 

You'll be able to listen to your conversations with your friends and receive all the essential information quickly.

High-Quality MUSIC Face-to face Phone Call Experience

There is no escaping the background noise from the first time you ride,

like the engine's roar or wind sounds, as well as call echo sounds, if you have hearing loss.

Now, however, you can get M1 S Plus, a motorbike helmet-mounted headphone.

The latest CVC noise cancellation delivers crisp and clear sound from the helmet's intercom

with stunning high-frequency and booming bass.

40mm high-definition speakers come with an insulated windproof microphone so calls sound just as clear as normal conversation.

The wind is powerful and blows in the face, creating the sounds of engines. 

However, the Fodsports Bluetooth headset lets users to listen to your favorite music , making the journey worth it.

Shop M1S Plus



Fodsports Fx8 Less than $110

Multifunctional Antennas: 30% More Strong Signal

FODSPORTS FX8 Motorbike Bluetooth Intercom,

Bluetooth Rider Intercom DSP helps to reduce the sound of the wind.

Motorbike Bluetooth headsets that can be used up to. Riders Group Intercom

What Do You Need to Choose to use US FX8 Bluetooth Intercom?

  • Simple to pair
  • It is simple to use and manage
  • Long Battery Life
  • >Easy for installing and using
  • A wonderful present for riders.
  • It's easy to connect with your phone for hands-free travel.
  • Enjoy clear and loud music/FM/GPS and also the communications.
  • The sophisticated noise reduction technology makes the riding experience more enjoyable.
  • Connect easily to various brands of Bluetooth intercom,
    like FX6, FX4 Pro, M1S Pro, M1S Plus. Have more enjoyment sharing
  • communication.

allow up to 8 people to talk simultaneously in 2000m

The maximum effective distance for communication between two people is about 500m.

Take a ride with your buddies along the way.
long battery life Bluetooth Motorbike Intercom for Snowboards,

FODSPORTS Bluetooth Intercom to use with helmets on Snowboards.

Simple to install and use off-road Bluetooth intercom headsets for up to 8. Riders Group Intercom
The fx8 is a suitable device for up to 8 people intercom for groups of up to 8 users.

It provides better stability and stability, and the signal will not be disrupted by an intercom.

It is also able to be utilized in various outdoor settings. It's perfect to use in outdoor environments. 

Operating temperature 22-122
made of all-silicone the waterproof material is capable of dealing with any kind of weather conditions.
Modern style, ideal for open face half-helmet/full-face skull/ modular helmet.

It is extremely stable It is extremely stable and lets you keep your connections up and running even when roads are bumpy.

no helmet solution? check:Best Referee Headsets 

Allowing cyclists and their friends to stay connected and share roadway conditions in any time.
with resistance to extreme temperatures as well as waterproof,

You can talk with your partner and yourself regardless of whether the weather is humid or rainy.

In addition, it is the Fodsportsfx8 that will permit crystal clear communication while driving on urban roads as well as abandoned roads.

If you're interested in off-road sports and motorsports, FX8 is a great partner.

Professional racer's helmet Bluetooth headset, as well as off-road Bluetooth intercom headset
The shell is constructed from a solid material that isn't easily broken. It can be utilized at temperatures up to -22°F.

If you're looking to go skiing take your skis with you so that you can chat with your friends at all times.

The perfect snowmobile helmet with Bluetooth. It's an intercom ski headset you should own.
A fantastic Christmas present to those who enjoy being outdoors.

Shop FX8



4 To 6 Skier Snowboard Helmets Bluetooth Intercom

FODSPORTS FX6: Under $90

The Big Button Using Bluetooth 5.0 in conjunction with A2DP EDR

Every time you head on your own on a motorbike are you able to put on a Bluetooth headset so that you can listen to songs you love or even listen to FM and directions via GPS? 

Are you capable of ruining all moods, even when it's not the most pleasant sounding?

Are you frequently out on the road with friends, family, and even with your significant other,

yet you're required to shout or shout with them to block the constant roar of the wind?

If you took off one hand and play with the tiny keys that function in the older model of helmet intercoms,
would you feel scared and feel unsafe?

You'll need your fodsports FX6 Bluetooth Helmet communication equipment!

It is among the very few Helmet intercoms which use Bluetooth 5.0,

The FX6 Bluetooth Snowboard Helmet headset gives an efficient and reliable connection while riding at high speeds of up to 1000m in the intercom range. 

You can also connect to 5 other users.

Modern CVC noise reduction system,

with a high-quality wind noise-proofing microphone that has 40mm high power and a high-definition speaker

that allows users to utilize their natural voices for speaking to guests.

Feel more connected with each other. A large, oversized button is able to be operated with gloves on. 

Make sure all hands are in the right place and keep your eyes focused on what's ahead.



Don't lose your keys to function on Road Be sure to take off your gloves

Users Ken has contacted us that he owns an outdated V6 helmet communications system.

which irritates him for a long duration. 

Since the keys to function are separate and are not large,

is extremely challenging to locate the correct equipment to do the job,

and extremely risky with just one hand on the bar.

We suggest FX6 for communication with Snowboards.


He shouldn't be forced to stop on his journey to change to the next song or speak to his buddies.

  • Ultra Big Knob Design It is simple to use even with gloves on.
  • It comes with an integrated button that makes it easy to switch between music/FM and chat with your friends
  • Vocal Dial Double click to turn on Siri Keep your fingers on the bars
  • Keep your eyes focused on the road. 
    If you want to be more specific, make the most of the opportunity to go for a ride.


Great Battery Life Usable even while charging

Endurance can be described as the second life of a helmet for Snowboards.

Bluetooth Intercom Consider one that can be charged through USB when you use it.

FX6 Bluetooth Headset with 500mAh battery capacity.

is perfectly suited for the demands of the requirements of your everyday riding. 

It is the most important aspect,

This motorbike headgear can be used in terms of charging when connected a power bank.

doesn't need to be stopped frequently when you're on the move to charge your device.

  • 8 Hours Intercom Talk
  • 10 hours of hands-free Phone
  • 15 Hours Non-Stop Music
  • 30 hours standby time
  • 2~3 Hours Charging Time

Shop FX6



FX4 Pro: Less than $100

4 Riders Group Talk Motorbike Helmet Communication System Headset Universal

Fodsports FX4 PRO less than 100 dollars Bluetooth headset for Powersports for helmets,

and 4-Way Group Chat Helmet Bluetooth headset, waterproof communication system

FODSPORTS is a trusted company

that is committed to outdoor cycling and our aim is to give the best riding experience for every sports enthusiast.

The company is home to a highly experienced research and development team around the globe,

which focuses on Helmet intercoms.

as the main product of our company, the FODSPORTSFX4 PRO is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 Version,

It can support four-rider collective communication as well as the intercom range may be as high as 1200m.

Utilizing FX4 Pro headsets,

you will be able to guarantee the safety of your hands without any hassle and also make them easy to use

Listen to your favorite music tracks, track GPS routes,

and also get voice commands via Bluetooth Experience the pleasure of riding with your friends.

Why do you need to have one? FX4 Pro?

Look down!

  • It is easy to connect
  • Easy to handle
  • Hi-Fi stereo music
  • with an enhanced noise reduction function.
  • Built-in FM as well as Real-time entertainment in the field
  • Up to four users can be grouped together in 1200m
  • Fodsports FX4 Pro Bluetooth Intercom, Long Battery Life helmet headset,1200m 4 Riders Group Talk
  • Snowboard Helmet Communication System


FODSPORTS FX4 PRO Snowboard Bluetooth Intercom Simple to install and operate off-road motorbike Bluetooth headset, up to Four Riders Group Intercom
The FX4 Pro is perfect for up to four riders to be used as an intercom for a group.

The code is reliable and doesn't be easily disconnected during intercom calls.

It is also suitable for use in many outdoor environments.

It's an excellent helmet for use in the outdoors. Bluetooth headset.

If you're a fan of the outdoors you'll love the FX4 Pro helmet headset Bluetooth intercom is designed for you.
If you're interested in riding through the desert

This FX4 Pro Bluetooth helmet intercom can handle the heat and humid climates.
If you're a big skier If you're skier,

then you'll appreciate the FX4 Pro Bluetooth intercom is also a fantastic ski Bluetooth intercom

that can be used for up to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit.
If you're an avid rider on mountains with rough terrain, do not be scared!

This makes the FX4 Bluetooth headset is durable and difficult to break
If it rains when you go on a trip do not be worried about it. The FX4 Bluetooth headset is a great solution.

FX4 Bluetooth headset. It's an intercom. 

It's waterproof.
FODSPORTS FX4 Pro Bluetooth Intercom with Noise Cancellation A Bluetooth Headset

that has the ability to increase volume,


Shop FX4 Pro



1 To 3 Skier Snowboard Helmets Bluetooth Intercom

Best Budget: Under $50!

BT S2 Intercom Headset


Fodsports BT S2 is a Bluetooth Headset designed for the motorcycle rider and passenger who wish to have clear and reliable wireless communications while riding.

Shop BT S2


Farther Distance & Efficient Communications

BT-S2 Motorcycle headsets for 2-3 riders. 3 riders pairing and 2 riders intercom at the same time. Support up to 120km/h (75mph). Motorcycle intercom for driver and front passenger or two separate bikes up to 800-1000 meters (2625-3280 feet).

Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium battery/450 mAh/3.7 V

Charging time:3 hours

Working hours:10 hours

Standby time:300 hours

Bluetooth 3.0

BT-S2 with Bluetooth version 3.0, which can be connected to any smartphone and GPS that has Bluetooth.

BT-S2 has an AUX jack, it can be used in conjunction with a mobile phone or MP3. Even if the communication device runs out of batteries, music, and GPS can be broadcast without any influence.

Waterproof Design

BT-S2 button panel is water-proof and sun-proof, while the design is durable.


Make Your Budget Work

This is among the most crucial things to consider when evaluating this type of product. 

Because the higher you spend, you will get more features and the reverse is true. 

Therefore, if you're in the market for more features, however,

the cost increases after a certain point you'll cost you a lot to buy the best one.

The best method to approach this is to set your budget and purchase an appropriate communication system within your budget. 

If you are looking for the best products in that budget,

but you must look through a variety of reviews before talking to a particular one.

With these factors in mind,

let's take a an examination of the best intercom systems on the market.

FODSPORTS is an outstanding company that specializes in intercoms for Snowboard helmets. 

The quality and services offered are unbeatable. 

The three models below are among the top Snowboard intercoms that are recommended for those who love skilling.

M1s Pro is a classic design in FODSPORTS, suited to Most Snowboard enthusiasts;

M1S Plus is more extensive in terms of features,

including music sharing and mute features and its distinctive functional design has earned the respect of many enthusiasts of Snowboards;

FX4 Pro is ideal for three or four riders traveling in small numbers.

BT S2 is for Skill beginner , perfect for only one or two people 

If you're a seasoned motorcyclist who enjoys traveling in groups

and have the highest requirements for communication over long distances It is suggested to purchase M1S PLUS.

Make the right choice in line with your requirements.

learn more Snowboard Helmet Communication Intercom on Fodsports

I hope this post can be helpful to you. 
If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please write a comment in the box below and inform me of them:)


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