Best Budget ATV Helmet Communication Systems: Under $100!

Best Budget ATV Helmet Communication Systems: Under $100!

Expanded left arm and also left arm suspending at the elbow are among some of the weird signs bike bikers use to connect with each other when on the move.

They were life-savers back then when talking over the many decibels of car beeps, website traffic sound, tires' roar was one hell of a task.

You can either drive or heckle the top of your lungs to talk to the other rider.

However, they weren't totally practical. Your signals could have been blocked by vehicles, the other vehicle driver may not remember what the message suggested or may not even identify that you are signifying something.

Backpacks were one more huge issue in such instances.

In addition, expanding your arms isn't secure on a busy road or a fast lane.

It may cost you an arm or a leg, as well as the various other people a great deal more as they can be distracted by your signals. So what to do?

Luckily, with several other technical developments, some individuals likewise clarified this important issue and thought of the ideas of a helmet interaction system.

Initially, as Bluetooth as well as later on as specialized helmet interaction systems, these tools come as genuine heroes for cyclists. They create secure and also efficient connections between the motorcyclists at specific ranges.

Today there are several makers, generating and also innovating, such gadgets to fill up any type of feasible communication gap between the riders on the track.

Here is a checklist of 5 remarkable ATV helmet interaction systems that we assume are the best on fodsports. All of them are very ranked and amongst the most valuable on small group riders intercom.

Systems Reviews For You

FODSPORTS is a professional company dedicated to outdoor cycling and our goal is to bring a better riding experience to every riding sports enthusiast.

We have a professional research and development group from all over the world who are mainly focus on motorcycle intercoms.

At the same time, we have a quality inspection and after-sales team of hundreds of people, which can provide you with a full range of service, and you do not need to worry about after-sales problems.

6 To 8 ATV Riders Helmets Bluetooth Intercom

M1S PRO: Under $100

8 Riders Group Bluetooth 4.1 Intercom 

Fodsports M1-S Pro Group Riders Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset Communication Systems Kit 2 Pack

As the main product of our company, the FODSPORTS M1-S Pro is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 version, supports 8 riders group communication and intercom range is up to 2000m, the maximum effective communication distance between two motorcycles is about 500m.

It has been tested by the global market and sold 80000 units every year, received numerous praises from motorcycle users around the world, especially in Japan and the United States.

Why should you own an M1-S Pro?

Let us take a look at the professional performance of M1-S:

  • M1-S Pro is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 chips CSR BC8 and can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled music player or GPS device as well as mobile phones.
  • Powerful chip technology ensures M1-S Pro can support conversation with up to 8 riders talk at the same time at an intercom range of 2000 m, the maximum effective communication distance between two riders is about 500 meters. 
  • If one rider leaves the group less than 5minuts, can rejoin the riding group seamlessly, If more than 5 minutes, just press one button to rejoin the group. 
  • The new CVC noise removal technology can be used to filter wind noise and continuous engine noise during high-speed driving, 160km / h for a full cover helmet at high speed, 120km / h for half cover helmet, maintains clear sound quality even at high speeds. 
  • M1-S Pro with IP65 waterproof protection grade, waterproof performance is improved, which makes it easy to deal with all kinds of weather. Such as motorcycle travel, mountain biking, road cycling, mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, etc.

With M1-S Pro headsets, you can ensure hands-free security and convenience, listen to music, retrieve GPS routes, and receive voice commands via Bluetooth, let you enjoy the fun of team riding.

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M1-s Plus: Under $120

Music Sharing and Microphone Mute Function

FODSPORTS M1S Plus Group Intercom with music share

FODSPORTS M1-S PLUS helmet Bluetooth headset Blockbuster launched in 2020, which is developed on the basis of M1-S Pro. Its biggest highlight is the music sharing function,

Our company developed this feature because we were moved by a motorcycle enthusiast named Stephen, his wife is a patient with language barriers, unable to communicate with others, so she often feels lonely and sad.

In order to make her wife happy, Stephen drove her to an outing on his motorcycle every day, but due to language barriers,

the wife will also get bored on the way, she likes listening to music, so she wants to share her favorite music with Stephen and listen to the same song together,

bring each other's hearts closer and feel each other's love. So Stephen contacted our company and told us about this experience and needs. We were deeply moved and promised him to fulfill his wife’s wishes.

Our engineers spent a year and now successfully launched the music sharing function! FODSPORTS will always be committed to solving the needs of motorcycle customers and satisfying their wishes!


Listen to the Same Music with Rider/ Passenger

If you always ride with a partner or passenger, you'll definitely like the music sharing function.

Except for intercom with passengers, now you can share the same music at a range of up to 250 meters away ( same to one-to-one intercom range).

2 M1-S PLUS helmet Bluetooth headset pair via Bluetooth intercom, turn on music sharing, it will sync to the other device.

Ride together, share the favorite songs, feel the freedom and happiness with him/ her.


Enjoy the Confidential Talk, Clearly Get Critical Information

Will you feel the sudden call spoil all moods while singing along the motorbike stereo audio system?

Do you want the other line of the call to hear your companion while stop on the roadside to chat?

Can you hear clearly under other riders' discussion and external audio music when the team leader is notifying the location of the gas station and the following riding plan?

Easily press and hold "VOLUME +" for 2 seconds to the mute the microphone, you'll enjoy the confidential talking but get all the critical information clearly.


You're unable to escape from the background noise since the first ride, like engine roar, wind noise, call echo & traffic noise, with hearing loss.

But now you have M1-S PLUS motorcycle helmet headset. Advanced CVC noise cancellation ensures crisp clear music of the intercom for a helmet with stunning high frequency and excellent bass tones. 40mm high definity speaker units add windproof mic, calls is as clear as natural talk.

Strong wind blows across the face, mixing the roar of the engine. But Fodsports Bluetooth headset allows you to rock your favorite music, the entire trip is worthwhile.

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Fodsports Fx8: Under $110

Multifunctional Antenna: 30% Stronger Signal

Fodsports Fx8: 8 ways Group With Unique Antenna Design


FODSPORTS FX8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, Bluetooth rider intercom DSP reduce wind noise, Motorbike Bluetooth Headset Up to 8 Riders Group Intercom

WHY DO YOU CHOOSE US FX8 Bluetooth Intercom?

  • Easy to pair
  • Easy to control
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy to use and install
  • An amazing gift for riders
  • Easy to pair With cell phone make hands-free when riding.
  • Enjoy the clear and loud music/FM /GPS and communication.
  • Intelligent noise reduction technology makes riding communication clearer.
  • Easy to connect with other brands of Bluetooth intercom such as FX6, FX4 Pro, M1S Pro, M1S Plus. Share more fun of
  • communication.

Support up to 8 riders to talk at the same time within 2000m,

The maximum effective communication distance between two Riders is about 500m.

FX8 With Multifunctional antenna

Share the joy of riding with your friends along the way.
Long Battery Life Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom for Riders,

Fodsports FX8 2000m 8 Riders Group Talk Motorbike Headset Universal Wireless Interphone widely used

FODSPORTS FX8 Bluetooth Intercom for Motorcycle helmet, Easy to use and install Off-road Bluetooth intercom headset, Up to 8 Riders Group Intercom
Our fx8 is very suitable for up to 8 riders group intercom. It has superior stability and the signal is not easily interrupted during the intercom. And it can be used in different outdoor environments. It is a great outdoor helmet Bluetooth headset.

Operating temperature: -22℉-122℉
Made of all-silicone waterproof material can easily deal with all kinds of outdoor weather.
Stylish design, Suitable for open face helmet/ full-face helmet/half helmet/ modular helmet.
As a professional mountain motorcycle helmet headset,

it has excellent stability, allowing you to maintain uninterrupted connections on rough roads,

allowing you and your cycling friends to communicate and share road conditions at any time.
With waterproof and high-temperature resistance,

you can talk to each other whether it is rainy or in hot weather,

Also, our Fodsports fx8 can achieve clear communication whether it is driving on urban roads or desert roads.

Whether you like off-road sports or motorsports, our fx8 is your best partner.

A professional racing helmet Bluetooth headset and Off-road Bluetooth intercom headset
The shell is made of sturdy material, not easy to break, and it can be used at -22°F,

so if you want to ski, please bring it, so you can communicate with your companions all the time.

A Perfect snowmobile helmet Bluetooth headset snow helmet intercom ski headset you deserve to have.
An excellent Christmas gift for the outdoor.

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4 To 6 ATV riders Helmets Bluetooth intercom

FODSPORTS FX6: Under $90

An Integrated Large Button Using Bluetooth 5.0 + A2DP EDR


Every time you ride a motorcycle alone, will you turn on a Bluetooth headset to play some favorite tunes or listen to FM and GPS direction? Is it spoil all moods if it doesn't sound good?

Frequently go out to ride with buddies, families, and lovers but have to holler or shout with them to against the motorcycle roar and constant wind noise?

When you let go one hand to fuss the small and separate functions keys on the old-version helmet intercom, will you feel dangerous and worried?

You'll want the Fodsports FX6 Bluetooth motorcycle communication system!

As one of the few motorcycle intercom using Bluetooth 5.0,

FX6 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset gives you a fast and stable connection while riding at high speed at 1000m intercom range with 5 other riders.

Advanced CVC noise reduction technology equipped with a professional wind-noise-proof microphone, 40mm high power, and high definition speaker unit, allows you to use your natural voice to talk with passengers,

you'll feel more connected with each other. The integrated large button is easy to operate with gloves on, just keep your hands in the right place and focus on the road.



Never Fumble Function Keys on Highway, Needn't Take Off Your Gloves

Customers Ken contacted us that he owns an old version V6 helmet communication system,

which annoying him for a long time. Because the function keys are separated and small,

very difficult to find the one he needs and dangerous with only 1 hand on the bars.

Thus we recommend him this FX6 motorcycle to motorcycle communication.

Fodsports Fx6 Review

Now he needn't stop again when he's trying to switch next songs or intercom with his friends.

  • Ultra Big Knob Design - No problem operate with gloves on
  • Integrated Button - Easy to switch songs/ FM and talk to friends
  • Voice Dial - Double press to trigger Siri, keep your hands on the bars
  • Just focus on the road, or I should say, enjoy the riding freedom


Impressive Battery Life - Usable While Charge

Endurance is the second life of motorcycle helmet Bluetooth Intercom, consider one that can charge via USB while in use.

FX6 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset equipped with 500mAh battery.

completely meets your full-day riding needs. The most important is,

the FX6 motorcycle helmet headset is usable while charge by the power bank,

needn't stop frequently on the go to charge the device.

  • 8 Hours Intercom Talk
  • 10 Hours Hands-free Call
  • 15 Hours Non-Stop Music
  • 300 Hours Standby Time
  • 2~3 Hours Charging Time

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FX4 PRO: Under $100

4 Riders Group Talk Motorbike Helmet Communication System Headset Universal

FODSPORTS FX4 Pro Outdoor Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

FodsportsFX4 PRO: Under $100 motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom, 4-Way Group talk Waterproof motorcycle Bluetooth headset communication system

FODSPORTS is a professional company dedicated to outdoor cycling and our goal is to bring a better riding experience to every riding sports enthusiast.

We have a professional research and development group from all over the world who are mainly focus on motorcycle intercoms.

As the main product of our company, the FODSPORTS FX4 Pro is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 version,

supports 4 riders group communication and intercom range is up to 1200m.

With FX4 Pro headsets, you can ensure hands-free security and convenience,

listen to music, retrieve GPS routes, and receive voice commands via Bluetooth, let you enjoy the fun of team riding.

Why should you own an FX4 Pro?

Please look downwards!

Easy to pair
Easy to control
Hi-Fi stereo music
With advanced noise reduction function
Built-in FM, Real-time entertainment on the go
Up to 4 riders group intercom at the same time within 1200m
Fodsports FX4 Pro Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, Long Battery Life helmet headset,1200m 4 Riders Group Talk Motorbike Helmet Communication System


FODSPORTS FX4 Pro Outdoor Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, Easy to use and install Off-road Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset, Up to 4 Riders Group Intercom
Our fx4 Pro is very suitable for up to 4 riders group intercom.

It has superior stability and is not easily interrupted during the intercom.

And it can be used in different outdoor environments. It is a great outdoor helmet Bluetooth headset.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then this FX4 Pro helmet headset Bluetooth intercom is designed for you.
If you like to ride in the desert,

The FX4 Pro Bluetooth helmet intercom can handle hot weather and dry climate.
If you are a ski enthusiast, our FX4 Pro Bluetooth intercom is also an excellent ski Bluetooth intercom, which can be used at -15°F.
If you often ride on rugged mountain roads, don't be afraid!

Our FX4 Bluetooth headset is very sturdy and not easy to break
If you experience rain when you go out for a ride, don't worry about our FX4 Bluetooth headset intercom is waterproof.
FODSPORTS FX4 Pro Bluetooth Intercom with Noise Cancellation, Louder Volume Bluetooth Headset,

Motorbike Bluetooth Headset with Great Sound Quality

Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, Fodsports FX4 Pro 1200m 4 Riders Group Talk Motorbike Helmet Communication System Headset Universal Wireless Interphone
What is a Highly intelligent Bluetooth chip?

Bluetooth communication technology and intelligent noise reduction technology are integrated on one chip. Through this chip to achieve all the functions,

CVC noise reduction technology is the most advanced noise reduction technology in Bluetooth Intercom.

Through the built-in noise cancellation software and microphone of the headset,

various types of reverberation noise can be suppressed.

When we are riding, If a phone enters or communicates with other riders, If your voice isn't processed by the noise reduction, the voice heard by the other riders is the sharp wind noise.

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Fix Your Budget

M1S Pro Bluetooth Intercom Headsets

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when considering this kind of product. That’s because, when you pay more you get more functionalities and vice versa. So if you want more functionality, the price tag also becomes bigger, and after a point, it’s just going to cost you a fortune to get one of these.

The best way to go about it is to fix your budget and get a communication system within that constraint. And get the best available products within that price range, you should go through numerous reviews before speaking one.

Now with all these points in mind, let’s take a look at the top intercom systems available in the market.

FODSPORTS is an excellent brand specializing in motorcycle helmet intercom. Its quality and service are unparalleled. The following three models are the best motorcycle intercoms recommended as holiday gifts for motorcycle lovers.

M1s Pro is a classic style in FODSPORTS, suitable for most motorcycle enthusiasts;

M1S PLUS is more comprehensive in terms of functions, with music sharing and mute functions, and its unique functional design has won the favor of many motorcycle enthusiasts;

FX4 Pro is suitable for Three to four riders to travel in small groups.

If you are an experienced motorcyclist who likes to travel in groups and have high requirements for long-distance communication, it is recommended to buy M1S PLUS.

Make the best choice according to your needs.

learn more ATV Intercoms & Communicators on Fodsports.

Hope this article helpful to you. If you get any other recommendations or advice,leave a comment below let me know:)
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