Best Referee Headsets : Two Ways Referee & 4 Referees Talk Same time

At Fodsports, you can find the Best Referee headsets options to suit your referee communication needs.

Take our Referee Headset And Arm Bag with  V6S, FX4 Pro, Bluetooth Intercom Headset for No Helmet Solution on  Football Referee Coach Judger Arbitration Referee Bicycle Conference.

What’s great about these is that you don’t have to push a button to communicate.

In addition, the volume of the whistle is immediately reduced to a safe level, and you can easily adjust this level as needed. You’ll also love the more than eight hours of battery life that come with the Best Referee headsets system.

Two Ways Referee: V6S Intercom Headset

Many coaches and sports clubs have mentioned this to me. You ask referees and coaches if they can be equipped with these Bluetooth intercoms. It didn't fit at that time.

Now, finally, there is a headset Bluetooth intercom that can be adapted to you.

Fodsports specially designed V6S for referees and coaches, using a 3.5mm audio interface, so that it can be connected to a unilateral earphone.

And the installation design of the V6S host is also suitable for hang armband installation.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 version CSR chip
  • 40mm high-power stereo high-definition sound quality headphones
  • Supporting FM full frequency band (76~108Mhz)
  • Type-C USB-Fast charging
  • CVC intelligent noise reduction
  • Two-Way Intercom-Up to 6 people can be connected
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • Voice assistant
  • 350 hours standby and 12 hours intercom
  • Remaining battery announcement
  • Which can be used for referees

Shop V6S


4 Referees Talk Same time: FX4 Pro Intercom Headset

Best Referee Headsets

Fodsports FX4 PRO: Less than 100$ motorbike helmets Bluetooth intercom for helmets, 4-way Group Talk waterproof Bluetooth headset for motorcycles.

FODSPORTS is a well-established firm that is committed to outdoor cycling and our aim is to offer a more enjoyable riding experience to each sports lover.

We have a highly skilled research and development team around the world that focuses on motorcycle-specific intercoms.

As the primary product of our company FODSPORTS FX4 Pro is the main product of our company. FODSPORTS FX4 Professional comes with Bluetooth 4.1 version,

It supports four-rider group communications and the range of intercoms can be up to 1200m.

By using FX4 Pro headsets, you can be sure of hands-free security and ease of use,

Listen to music, access GPS routes, and also receive voice commands through Bluetooth Enjoy the excitement of riding with your team.

What are the reasons to have the FX4 Pro?

Look down!

Easy to pair control
Hi-Fi stereo music
With an advanced noise reduction function
With built-in FM. Real-time Entertainment while on the move
Four riders may group intercoms simultaneously within 1200m
Fodsports FX4 Pro Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, Long Battery Life helmet headset,1200m 4 Riders Group Talk Motorbike Helmet Communication System

3.5mm Headphone Jack For More Use

Do you usually wear a heavy helmet to coach your kids or new riders?

You don’t have to now.

The 3.5mm headphone jack on FX4 Pro allow you to connect it with the referees’ headset

so you can provide helpful advice in real-time through the intercom system.

But please NOTE that it is not included in the package.

Shop FX4 Pro

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What the customer said:

Great headset for the referee :

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