Fodsports Group Intercoms Comparison: What Are The Key Differences?

Overwhelmed about selecting Fodsports Group Intercoms?

If of course, we're here to save you from the predicament.

Fodsports group intercoms comparison: What are the key differences?

As you currently know, Fodsports is one of the well-known brands in the motorcycle intercom market.

They have a vast array of items, including the group intercoms of the different designs mentioned above.

As well as attempting to make a decision on which system to get can be truly hard as all tools appear to offer excellent features as well as performance.

We have actually done some research study on these intercoms to help draw out the key differences between them as well as make it simple for you to choose which one to purchase.

Group Helmet Intercoms Comparison Table



Numbers Of Riders




FX4 Pro

4 riders

Maximum 1000m

12 hours/850mAh



6 riders

Maximum 1000m

8 hours/500mAh



8 riders

Maximum 2000m

20 hours/900mAh


M1S Pro

8 riders

Maximum 2000m

20 hours/900mAh


M1S Plus

8 riders

Maximum 2000m

20 hours/900mAh


Background Information

Before we compare these motorbike intercoms, it is worth noting that they all have several similar features.

Some of the functions you'll get in these versions consist of Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone pairing, voice commands, and FM radio (M1S Pro has no FM function).

Similar to lots of Bluetooth intercoms, Fodsports utilizes a "Daisy-Chain" system.

Conventional intercom systems, called "daisy-chain" systems, have straight pairings.

The pairing web links from one cyclist to another, with another pairing to an additional cyclist, as well as extra.

These straight pairings all create a networking team of interactions.


The Key Differences

Regardless of these intercom systems sharing lots of features, they're not without some noteworthy distinctions.

These are significant distinctions as they tend to impact exactly how both products provide in regards to performance as well as dependability.

Let's describe the between the various designs of Fodsports group intercoms below:

1.Numbers Of Users Supported

A sharp distinction that appears between these intercom systems revolves around the number of bikers they can sustain.

When trying to find the best motorcycle communication system,

you'd want to consider the number of individuals it can support at a go.

For the FX4 Pro, it depends on Bluetooth modern technology to assist in links of up to 4 motorcyclists. And also FX6 up to 6 riders.

For FX8/M1S Pro/M1S Plus, these three headsets can connect up to 8 riders.

You can pick the intercom that matches you according to the variety of riders in your riding group.



The FX4 Pro and FX6 supply steady connections amongst connected bikers for ranges approximately 1km.

In comparison, the FX8, M1S Pro, and M1S Plus assist in secure links of approximately 2km.

Note that these distances are tested on a clear line of sight. This suggests the range may obtain affected by trees, hills, as well as various other physical obstructions.

The FX8 Bluetooth intercom with a distinct antenna design can not only increase the strength and transmission speed of the signal by 30%, but also raise the appearance of the FX8 helmet Bluetooth intercom.

Compared to other helmet Bluetooth intercom, it can obtain signals well even when driving on hill roadways with many challenges, as well as maintain the signal uninterrupted.

You can communicate with your cyclists constantly and share traffic info.

So, FX8 would certainly make a perfect choice for a huge team of cyclists who are likely to obtain bigger apart.

Best Connection Stability
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FX4 Pro
Best Budget Pick
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3. Talktime

One of the leading reasons riders enjoys the Fodsports Bluetooth intercom is its exceptional talk time ability.

FX4 Pro/FX8/M1S Pro/M1S Plus delivers up to 20 hours of talk time and also paying listening time for audio enthusiasts. This makes it the optimal device for maintaining you connected with fellow riders when going on a long motorbike trip.

As for the FX6, it has a shorter talk or listening time of around 8 hours. As its battery capacity is only 500mAH.

Yet do not stress. Except for M1S Plus, other Fodsports intercoms can be used while charging.

Fodsports Group Intercoms Comparison


Prior to you purchase a motorcycle intercom system, you must check its cost to see if it's within your spending plan or not.

So, just how do the costs of these models compare?

As you would certainly anticipate, the FX4 PRO and FX6 come at a little cheaper cost.

M1S Pro, FX8, and M1S Plus come at a bit higher MSRP cost.

The greater expense of these three intercoms is well worth it, offered the Number of Users Supported plus the link array.

Learn about 5 TOP Fodsports Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

best budget motorcycle bluetooth intercom

5.Unique Feature

M1S Plus- The device has actually included new attributes such as music sharing and microphone mute.

Use of the music share function to listen to the same music at the same time.

If you and also your girlfriend/brother are music buffs and like to share your favorite music while riding, then M1-S Plus will certainly be your best choice.

If you need this function, please purchase 2 M1-S Plus, due to the fact that just 2 M1S PLUS can realize this function.

Microphone Mute Function can protect your privacy without needing to leave the intercom/call.

When the various other participants don't intend to listen to the noise from you, such as the external noise source of the Bluetooth audio speaker on your motorcycle.

After that, you can make use of the microphone mute feature without exiting the intercom state.

You can still hear various other members' communication and audio.

FX4 Pro- Multifunctional 3.5 mm earphone jack.

3.5 mm earphone jack on FX4 Pro permit you to connect it with referees' headphone, so you can use it without a helmet.

Yet please KEEP IN MIND that the referees' headphones are not consisted of in the bundle.

Overview of Fodsports Group Intercoms

FX4 Pro Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

  • 4 Riders Group Bluetooth Intercom & Universal Pairing
  • Wind Noise Microphone Cancelling & Hi-Fi Stereo 40MM Sound Quality
  • Hands-free access to IOS and Android voice commands
  • Multifunctional 3.5MM headphone jack Bluetooth Intercom
  • 850mAh Long Battery Life


FX4 Pro has a responsive and likewise long-lasting style, as it is built to last, which is validated by its IP67 water-proof ranking. Its battery life is in addition quite strong, as a solitary cost can last you well over 20 hrs of use.

The audio top-notch is absolutely nothing also one-of-a-kind, yet the audio high quality is really nice, even at high speeds.

The group intercom capacity of the FX4 Pro intercom is rather respectable, sustaining approximately 4 riders in one intercom session. Still, the range could be much better, as it is much more suitable for tight-knitted groups.

The optimum intercom range of the FX4 Pro depends on 1 kilometer. That equates to an efficient talk array between two motorcycles of 300 meters (0,19 miles). Certainly, the range will rely on different terrain conditions.


Fx6 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

  • An Integrated Large Button, for Your Safety
  • Excellent Noise Control  up to 30DB noise control
  • Extendable Battery Usage, No Compromise on Road Trip
  • Bluetooth 5.0 + A2DP EDR Up to 6 buddies communicate
  • Universal Intercom For Helmets At All Weather


As you purchase the motorcycle intercom system, it is vital to check the functioning variety. This is a superior item that operates within a range of 1000M, making it superb for each biker.

Second, the intercom utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 innovation, making it reliable for a smooth connection with phone gadgets.

A lot more surprisingly, it additionally sustains hands-free interaction, making it an outstanding choice that enables you to browse the GPS as well as plus make or receive phone calls.

Other than this, it comes with an exceptional 500mAh battery, which will charge in 2.5 hours and provide up to 8hrs speak time. The system is extremely water-proof, which makes it suitable also throughout the winter.

To add even more, it is a wind to connect to the helmet and also easy to control hence a selection you never ever want to miss.


Fx8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

  • 8 Riders Group Intercom & Universal Pairing
  • Noise Reduction Function & Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Quality
  • Hands-free & Multi-function keys
  • Powerful motorcycle intercom Gift for riders
  • 900 mAh ultra-capacity lithium battery
  • FM Radio/GPS and Communication & IPX5 Waterproof


With universal pairing and all, the FodSPorts FX8 Bluetooth intercom system will make life very easy and fun for motorcyclists. No question keeping that, as you can obtain 8 riders in one team with its intercom system.

It can provide you a 2000m relay communication variety with those 8 riders in the line which is rather great. However, if you're just 2 on the road getting in touch with the intercom, you still get a 500m range which isn't negative either.

It with a unique antenna design that can increase the strength and transmission speed of the signal by 30%.

Yet the variety apart, the intercom is getting the majority of the interest for its sound top quality. Many offer crystal clear sound with their noise-canceling headset, yet this set is like none other. The Hi-Fi audio with the bass gives you a concert-like experience on the thing which tells a great deal about the audio produced by the point.

Also at a high speed of 120km/h, it is loud, clear, as well as remarkable. What's much more fascinating is that you can control your iPhone or Android tools utilizing voice control. Take calls, make audio notes, or simply utilize the GPS for direction also without touching the phone.

Yet, the very best part is that it comes all set to utilize any helmet you have. You will get a soft-wired mic to utilize with a full-face helmet, or utilize the boom mic with the fifty percent helmet, every little thing you require comes within the box.


M1S Pro Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

  • 2000M Maximum Distance
  • 8 Riders Group Intercom Support
  • Handsfree & Crystal-Clear Sound Quality
  • CSR chip Noise Reduction & Waterproof
  • 900mAh Long Standby Battery & Removable Metal Clip


The Fodsports M1-S Pro is a budget headset with higher-tech compared to its direct competitors.

It features the higher-spec 4.1 Bluetooth innovation for a far better link to your tools, an excellent variety, as well as battery life as well as you can attach to more riders (8) and have an intercom conversation with every one of them all at once instead of linking to 2-6 bikers and just having a one-to-one chat.

Unfortunately, it has no FM function.

M1S Plus Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

  • Share The Same Music With Passenger/ Rider
  • Mute Microphone Give You Safe Talk & Ride Experience
  • Built-in FM Get real-time traffic conditions
  • CSR chip Noise Reduction Talk In Natural Voice
  • 900mAh Long Standby Battery Keep You Connected All Day
  • Universal Pairing & 2 Choices Mic For Different Helmet

This intercom comes geared up with Hi-Fi 40mm vibrant speakers, which is fantastic, which is great because they offer extremely loud volume as well as outstanding intercom audio high quality.

The primary device of the intercom is innovatively designed to enhance waterproof efficiency and also simplicity of use. The control buttons are ergonomically produced very easy operation.

The effective Bluetooth intercom technology connects to eight motorcyclists. You've got a built-in noise control feature that guarantees you don't obtain way too much disturbance from engine and wind sound.

It also has many special features, such as sharing music between two devices and a microphone mute.

Those are the essential differences between Fodsports team intercom systems. Apart from the few differences we have described in this article, the two gadgets share similar attributes and also will assist you to communicate efficiently as well as clearly with fellow riders.

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