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FX6 S Bluetooth Helmet Intercom

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  • Support to connect 6 riders group intercom.
  • Built-in intercom antenna, intercom distance up to 1000 meters.
  • When a call comes, it can be answered automatically within 12 seconds.
  • The LED screen makes the function operation clearer, concise, and intuitive.
  • CVC intelligent noise reduction technology.
  • Best bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers for music.
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof.
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Global Warranty, 30 days Hassle-Free Return, Secured Purchase

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FX6S Bluetooth helmet intercom

Why Should You Choose The Fodsports Fx6s Bluetooth Helmet Intercom?

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Helmet Communicator – Fast & Steady Helmet Intercom
  • Universal intercom Systems for Dirt Bike/ ATV/ Snowsport.

Compared to the V3.0 Bluetooth intercom system, Bluetooth 5.0 headphones FX6S improve a lot. This will certainly link your mobile phone and another Bluetooth intercom quicker and also a lot more steady. As a professional universal intercom for helmet, FX6S can support 6 riders pair and communication.

Fodsports FX6S Bluetooth helmet intercom
FX6 S in Blutooth 5.0

Bluetooth set for helmet

Fodsports uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology as always, and the FX6 S is no exception. Fodsports has consistently come out on top when it comes to connection stability.

FX6 S LED Screen

LED Screen

You will not need to take a long period to link the smartphone/ motorcycle intercom system using blinking blue and red indicator lights anymore.

You can quickly inspect connection condition, songs play/ time outstanding, and battery degree on the screen.

FX6 S 6 Riders Intercom

6 Way Intercom

6 riders will keep connected faster and more steady in 0.62 miles. 6 riders can speak at the same time.

Friendly big button intercom

Oversized Rotary Button

Thanks to the large and incorporated jog wheel, FX6 S supports blind operation using gloves. You can switch to your preferred songs and FM channels safely when riding.

Fodsports FX6 S voice assistant

Wake up the Voice Assistant

Easily wake up your Siri or other voice assistants with the big button.

FX6 S is suitable for many types of helmets

Supports Multiple Types of Helmets

  1. Full Face Helmet
  2. OFF-ROAD Helmet
  3. Open Face Helmet
  4. Flip-Up Helmet
  5. Half Helmet

Detailed specs of this wireless headset for helmet


FX6 S single package list

The items included in this best motorcycle intercom system kit:

1. FX6 S *1
2. Hard mic *1
3. Soft mic *1
4. Headphone Velcro *4
5. Back clip *1
6. 3M sticker back clip *1
7. USB cable *1
8. Turn screw *1
9. Manual *1
  • FX6 S Bluetooth headsets are equipped with two microphones: a hard mic and a soft mic
  • Compatible with all helmets that cover the ears


IP65 waterproof and dustproof.


Chip Platform: CSR

Bluetooth version: BLUETOOTH 5.0

Bluetooth intercom: 6 Way Intercom

Charging/Headphone: Micro 5pin

FM radio: support (76 ~ 108Mhz)


  • 6 Way Intercom
  • Up to Pair 6 Riders
  • 6 people talking at the same time
  • The intercom distance is 1000 meters


  • Multilingual status announcements
  • 40*9mm high-power stereo high-definition sound quality headphone speaker
  • CVC intelligent noise reduction
  • Motorcycle helmet communication devices best-recommended option


  • Mobile phone calls: 10 hours
  • Play music: 10 hours
  • Intercom time: 8 hours
  • Standby time: 300 hours
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours


2 channels for mobile phone and GPS
Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth headset
Headset Profile (HSP)
Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)


  • CE
  • FCC
  • ROHS

[LED Screen & Integrated Larger Button]

FX6 S helmet Bluetooth headset integrated with an LED screen to present connect status, battery life & FM radio frequency. Thus making it fairly very easy to start. It is one of the most user-friendly motorcycle helmet communication devices.

[Bluetooth 5.0 communication system for motorcycle helmets]

With the FX6 S Bluetooth helmet intercom, you access music, hands-free calls, GPS Navi, and a built-in FM radio.

FX6 S is widely compatible with various other models of helmet intercom, like Fodsports M1-S Pro and Fodsports FX8.

You’ll have the ability to advise boys to “look out for the 2 ATVs coming to our means”. It will truly bring a lot of safety and security & enjoyable for your trip.

[Superior Audio]

Advanced CVC noise cancellation furnished expert windproof microphones and 40mm high-fidelity audio speakers, that’s it!

FX6 S motorcycle helmet comm system overcomes loud exhaust and wind sound.

While making a hands-free telephone call or intercom, simply chat in a natural voice. It will transform the sound smoothly. The receiving ends will certainly think you’re in the living room.

[Great Water Repellency]

Waterproof & dustproof bike headset functions perfectly on wet as well as snowy days. No worry about it getting soaked with mud and water on ATV’s journey.

[Diverse adaptability]

FX6 S universal intercom for helmet works terrific for ATVs, dirtbike, road motorcycles, and off-road.

2 changeable microphone ensures versatile headgear installment. The boom mic for 3/4 open face helmet, modular flip-up headgear. While the soft-wired mic for complete face headgear.

For half helmets, you need to purchase audio speakers and prepare earpads individually.

Can it paired with GPS?

Yes, Fodsports intercom have Universal Pairing

Built-in smart chip ensures high compatibility that can be compatible with GPS, Music Player, and most of the Bluetooth headsets or earpiece in the market.

Can I use the 'Hi Siri' function with this device?

Yes. It can be paired with all mobile phones and use voice control functions, such as Siri (iPhone) and S Voice (Samsung) voice commands.

Are helmets with Bluetooth safe?

Yes, helmets with Bluetooth can be safe. Bluetooth helmets can enhance convenience and communication while riding.

Besides, it’s important to ensure that the helmet meets safety standards and certifications. Additionally, riders should focus on maintaining situational awareness when riding on the road. The riders should also use the helmet communication systems responsibly, follow traffic laws, and focus on safe riding practices.

Is my unit still under warranty?

All Fodsports units come with a 1-year warranty, starting from the date of purchase. Please keep your proof of purchase in order to reclaim your warranty.

Create a record of ownership in case of loss or theft.


Your first point of warranty service is your dealer

Why is my FX6S not charging?

Please make sure you plug in the right port, the port at bottom of the FX6S is for speakers and microphone, the right side port with silicone cover is for the charge port.

What Powersports Helmet Can Be Use For Intercom System Headset

Fodsports Bluetooth motorcycle headset has a hard mic and soft mic, Suitable for all kinds of helmets. You can choose the hard mic for open face helmets, and the soft mic for full face helmets.


Can it paired with other brand different bluetooth intercom?

Yes, Fordsports intercom have high matching Bluetooth

  1. Since Fodsports Intercom Bluetooth headset has two modes of active pairing and passive pairing, it can be paired with most brands of intercoms on the market.
  2. It can be paired with all mobile phones and use voice control functions, such as Siri (iPhone) and S Voice (Samsung) voice commands.
  3. It can be paired with most GPS or other Bluetooth devices, only a few models are not available.

Can I put Bluetooth in any helmet?

In most cases, Bluetooth can be added to a helmet, but it depends on the helmet’s design and construction. Some helmets come pre-equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. While others can be retrofitted with Bluetooth communication systems.

If you want to retrofit a helmet with Bluetooth communication, make sure the bluetooth speakers and mic are wired properly.

Consult the helmet manufacturer to determine if you are not professional with this. They will provide you with professional guidance.

Why are my two speakers or one side speaker unavailable/no sound?

1. Please check if the headphone cable is inserted in the correct direction

2. Please make sure the headphone cable is fully inserted into the interface.

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Fodsports FX6 S

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Best bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers for music

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