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FX8 Air Motorcycle comm system

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  • FX8 Air Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom supports 2 riders talking at the same time.
  • 1000m intercom range, the best motorcycle comm system.
  • 900mAH battery capacity, works longer time.
  • 3 sound effects; treble; midrange; bass.
  • Voice Command, Voice Prompt.
  • Three levels of power reminder function: full power, medium power, low power.
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Global Warranty, 30 days Hassle-Free Return, Secured Purchase

Global Warranty, 30 days Hassle-Free Return, Secured Purchase

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Reasons You Need FX8 Air Motorcycle Comm System

In Your Motorcycle Helmet

  • High-fidelity Bluetooth transmission of music and voice calls
  • Bluetooth 5.0, CSR chip, A2DP EDR Bluetooth technology
  • Listen To FM Radio
  • Anti-Noise Mic, CVC Digital Noise Reduction Function
  • Universal pairing, it can connect Bluetooth headset
  • Answer calls automatically /answer calls manually
  • Motorcycle Comm System Newest Technology

FX8 Air Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom EQ Sound Selection

Fodsports FX8 AIR Bluetooth motorcycle comm headset has three sound effects

  • HiFi Bass: Bass boost

Bass enhancement, you can feel the shock as well as the vigor of radiofrequency.

  • Popular Golden Classic: Midrange boost

The midrange is boosted, as you are at a show, you can submerge on your own in the limitless rhythm brought by technology.

  • Pure Human Voice: Treble boost

A high-pitched tone will let you bid farewell to the monotony and also feel the layering and penetration of the clear vocal.

FX8 AIR from Fodsports is among the Best helmet intercom for music recommendation list.

FX8 Air Blutooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 Modern Technology

The secure and undisturbed signal keeps you in a delighted state of mind throughout the ride. So you can delight in the ride without having to stop and reconnect.

1000m intercom distance

Innovative Antenna Design

The external antenna in this motorcycle comm strengthens the signal. In this way, the connection is more stable and the connection distance is extended.

stereo HD sound quality

Noise Reduction

The specialist CVC chip is outfitted with built-in noise reduction innovation. And, a specialist noise decrease microphone to make sure the call more clear.

FX8 Air Voice assistant

Voice Assistant

Press the M switch to turn on the voice assistant. Then you can make calls, play music, and receive GPS support easily.

FX8 Air FM Radio

FM Radio 86-108Mhz

When you ride to various cities, activate FM, and afterward, you can listen to neighborhood radio stations. Besides, you can discover the most recent neighborhood news and interesting points.

FX8 Air Waterproof

Waterproof & Mudproof

It is inevitable to encounter rain and also snow in outside sporting activities.

When others intercoms are on strike due to flooding, you will be grateful that the IP65 waterproof FX8 AIR intercom can still work in heavy rainfall!

Detailed Specs About This Motorcycle Comm System

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Are motorcycle comms worth it?

Yes, motorcycle communication systems are worth it for many riders. They enhance safety and convenience by allowing clear rider-to-rider communication, navigation guidance, and music streaming. Communication systems enable group rides, coordination, and quick communication in case of emergencies. Also, Fodsports Bluetooth intercoms offer hands-free calling and voice-activated controls. Thus keeping riders focused on the road. Overall, motorcycle comms enhance the riding experience for most motorcyclists. And, they improve connectivity and contribute to a safer and more enjoyable journey.

Can you hear each other on a motorcycle?

Hearing each other on a motorcycle can be challenging due to wind noise and the distance between riders. But, with helmet intercom systems, riders can hear each other clearly. Fodsports FX8 AIR is designed for this demand. It minimizes wind noise and provides clear audio transmission among riders while motorcycling. And, its innovative antenna design can make sure effective communication while riding.

The quality of communication may be influenced depending on factors. For example, the distance between riders, riding environment, helmet design, etc.

How do you communicate between two motorcycles?

Two motorcycles communication can be achieved using motorcycle comm systems. Fodsports FX8 AIR, FX2, M1S AIR, and other intercoms use Bluetooth communication technology. In this way, they can establish a connection between the riders’ helmets. Riders can then communicate through built-in speakers and microphones. Thus allowing for clear and hands-free communication. The intercoms typically have a specified range within which the communication can take place. In this distance range, riders can stay connected and communicate effectively while riding.

Which motorcycle intercom system is best?

Determining the best motorcycle intercom system depends on individual preferences and specific requirements. Some popular and well-regarded options include the Fodsports M1-S Pro, FX6, FX8, M1S Plus. These comm systems offer advanced long-range communication, excellent audio quality, and seamless connectivity. We recommend you research and compare different models based on your specific needs. The following are factors you need to consider:

  • intercom range
  • battery life
  • audio quality
  • compatibility with your helmet and devices.
Fodsports FX8 AIR Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

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