9 Most Common Types Of Motorcycles You Should Know

Not all motorcycles are created equivalent. There are 9 main types of motorcycles that exist on the market today. Some are rate beasts, while others are a little bit subtle and also understated. No matter, riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience that comes with unrivaled delight. Therefore, picking a certain motorbike ought to be an aware decision that you make.

But if before you pick motorcycles, it is necessary to start with the motorcycle essentials. So, in this article, we will take a look at the different types of motorcycles and also provide you a definitive overview of each bike kind. Allow’s dig in.

Types of Motorcycles

9 main types of motorcycles

1. Standards

Standards bikes, additionally called “naked bikes” or “roadsters”, are versatile, general-purpose street bikes. They have an upright riding position with mid-foot secures and also handlebars where you do not need to get to also far ahead. This puts the shoulders straight above the hips for an extra all-natural and also comfortable riding position.

It has variations from 125cc to approximately 1,000cc. The type of motorcycle is a common favorite because it has a simple style and also is matched for all objectives.

A common feature of standards/naked bikes is their relatively marginal level of extras. It does not typically include a huge fairing on the front if it has one in all. Nonetheless, many criteria can additionally accommodate a lot of modifications and accessories such as new seats, storage tank bags, travel luggage, and a lot more.

Numerous motorcyclists suggest a standard model as a wonderful choice for a brand-new rider’s first bike. Some, like the ever-popular Yamaha SR400, have an even more timeless styling that stimulates a few of the body shapes of cruisers and coffee shop racers. Others, like the Honda CB300R and also its larger siblings, are close to sport bikes in their styling.


2. Cruisers

The cruiser is a style of motorcycle in the US that was popularized during the 1930s. They did make their means right into the subsequent years after and stayed preferred ever since.

Cruiser bikes are what riders usually think of when they consider a motorcycle. A cruiser is the quintessential “biker” bike. The style is extremely small and also vintage.

It’s tough as well as dense, which makes it look like it can take a lot of penalties. The riding placement on the cruiser allows you to position your feet forward and hands up. The spine can be set up or can lean back slightly.

Typically, cruisers stress simple rideability and shifting, with a great deal of low-end torque. However, Cruisers do not usually have a lot of horsepowers. Those that do sport a great deal of power are called Power Cruisers.

And also delight in the ride you will if cruisers are your thing. Cruisers are created for a fun and comfy trip as well as make excellent bikes for weekend break trips or traveling. Like standards, cruisers are an additional sort of bike that’s terrific for all riding ability levels. Cruisers make excellen first bikes because of their phenomenal security and also smooth handling.

When you think of a cruiser, Harley-Davidson may be the very first brand name that enters your mind. We suggest looking at the H-D Low Rider for a good example of a cruiser. However numerous various other manufacturers also make great cruisers, such as Indian, Yamaha, and also Honda. Rest on a few various cruisers as well as choose which one really feels ideal to you. Nevertheless, these bikes are everything about comfort.


3. Sport Bikes

Sport bikes are developed for high speeds and precise handling. They’re constructed for wind-resistant performance and therefore normally have a full fairing that helps lessen drag.

Sportbikes have a longer reach to the clip-on handlebars as well as greater footpegs that place the legs closer to the body for higher foot placement, offering the rider a higher readily available lean angle for sharp contours. This type of riding calls for cyclists to maintain weight in the spheres of their feet to promote shift from side to side.

One of the most popular sporting activity bikes is made by Japanese and European makers. A lot of brands produce an iteration of a sportbike, however, brand names like Ducati, BMW, Aprilia, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki are several of the most notable for this group.

Although sport bikes are very preferred, they’re often not the very best choice for beginners because of their hair-raising horsepower, sensitive handling, as well as blazing speed. Turing on a sporting activity bike can be a difficulty, so most sport bike cyclists utilize these motorcycles for track days as well as weekend break riding.

Sport Bike
Sport Bike

4. Touring

If you like long distances riding, the touring motorcycle is right for you.

These big, hefty bikes are made for prolonged durations of riding. They use a big quantity of storage space( huge removable bags for luggage ) with simple ergonomics that permit you to ride for hrs at once. They will certainly have the largest fairings to obstruct the wind and also climate while riding.

An exploring bike’s motorcyclist placement is upright as well as relaxed, and it including a relaxed upright seating setting and also space for a passenger. If you’re intending on riding two-up with a traveler, a touring bike will certainly offer both of you a fun as well as comfy experience. Some suppliers in this classification are also reaching including airbags, automatic transmissions, cruise control, as well as heated seats in their top-of-the-line designs.

Touring motorcycles be outfitted with big displacement engines. That’s since these bikes require enough horsepower for extended highway riding and also transport a big quantity of extra gear and added clothes.

The first thing you might think about for a touring motorcycle is the Honda Goldwing. However several other manufacturers also make terrific touring models. Harley-Davidson’s Road Glide is as smooth as its name recommends, as well as the Indian Roadmaster is one more exceptional entry in Indian’s brochure of cruisers and touring bikes.

Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that these bikes can get a bit costly, particularly with all the additional functions. If the price is a worry, it’s great to recognize the expense of motorcycle possession to ensure you pick the best bike for you.



The Sport Touring bikes are a strong mix in between the Sport and the Touring, equally as their name recommends. These bikes are lighter than normal touring bikes with room for travelers and luggage, in addition to a rider placement that is a lot less extreme than a sportbike for higher long-distance convenience on the road. Engine dimensions are normally in the mid-range to some of the larger offered. Just utilize your finest judgment wherefore dimension you need that will fit your riding style the very best. Kawasaki makes a great Sport Touring motorcycle in the Concours14 ABS.

Sport Touring
Sport Touring

5. Cafe Racer/Scrambler Bikes

If you like a combination of speed as well as classic styling, the cafe racer might simply be the ideal design for you. The modern cafe racer is a mix between conventional seating placement, form-over-function, and retro engine setups to provide proprietors rolling time equipment.

Some cafe racers are stock versions, however, others are changed versions of other bikes whose proprietors have actually made sure adjustments. Removing the fenders as well as fairing are typical locations to start, but the procedure of developing your cafe racer is frequently years-long labor of love.

These are amazing motorbikes for beginners as well as experts alike, and also you’ll find them extremely qualified in most riding problems, from commuting to work all the way to destroying some backcountry fire roadways.

Cafe Racer
Cafe Racer


Dual-sport or dual-purpose bikes are road-legal variations of off-road models and are becoming progressively preferred among bikers who wish to invest their weekend breaks begging motorcycle routes. If you like your riding with an outdoorsy flavor yet still intend to have the ability to take the freeway, a dual-sport or journey motorcycle may be just what you’re seeking.

Dual-sport brings the roadway features of lights as well as a horn but has extra hostile off-road suspension as well as feasible knobby off-road tires. The seat elevation is normally a little taller to navigate the backroads and off-beaten paths you can locate on the backroads. Experience bikes are also a solid option for novices, thanks to their fairly easy design.

Dual Sport
Dual Sport


Off-road bikes, also referred to as Dirt bikes, are built for the rigors of rugged trails, off-road/ dirt bikes are lighter than street bikes and also can handle sand, gravel, river crossings, mud, as well as snow like a champ. Motorcycles have bumpy tires, high suspensions, and a robust structure with minimal fairings. They will not normally have any lights or turn signals, so they will probably be trailered to the weekend break riding area.

Note that in numerous states, unmodified dirt bikes are not road legal, so don’t intend to commute or take a trip on one.


8. Scooter

The Scooter can be debatable amongst fanatics. Some might also suggest that it’s not an actual bike. However, they supply essentially the very same feature as the nude bike or the common bike. They can enable you to get around the city as well as are pretty valuable in areas with nonhighway rates.

They have cylinders varying from 50cc to 500cc in size and they supply a smaller sized fairing with minimal storage space for a couple of items.


9. Moped

The moped is oftentimes perplexed with the mobility scooter, as it is not commonly utilized in the USA. One might think that they are identical, or one is a little larger than the various others.

A moped is a bicycle-type car (or two-wheeled vehicle), equipped with pedals and also a low-powered engine that supplies an affordable mode of transport. The term moped, or motor-pedal, is stemmed from the bicycle-like pedals that the motorcyclist makes use of to drive the car to start its assistant electric motor.

It typically has an engine smaller sized than 50cc and/or has a maximum speed of 28mph. They supply minimal to no storage as well as also minimal or no fairings to block the wind and also climate.

With such low-speed capacity, they should not be ridden on highways, as they are incapable of staying on par with traffic as well as will put your security in jeopardy. Keep them to the city or city streets where they are indicated to go.


What’s The Right Type Of Motorcycle For You?

Depending upon your preference and riding style, you may choose a sportbike if you are inclined to carry it out and also aggression. If you are trying to find comfort as well as long-haul capacities, probably an experienced bike or standard bike will fit the costs. A lot more importantly, you ought to determine whether you desire rate, comfort, experience, or functionality to assist pick the appropriate motorbike.

One specific point is that regardless of what kind of bike you ultimately go for, the thrill and pleasure that comes with having one are constant. While at it, ensure to make the most effective precaution. That consists of using a safety helmet, staying clear of alcohol when riding, and perhaps bringing along a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom system to remain in touch with your staff and online.