Why My ATV Wont Start And How To Fix It? Best Guide 2023

When your ATV wont start, it can be frustrating, inconvenient, worrisome and confusing. There are some pretty easy checks you can do to see where your problem is. A lot of times there's something basic you can do to fix it as well as come back out riding. Other times, there are some bigger issues keeping your engine from launching.

The first thing to inspect is if you're obtaining gas and also spark to your engine. The majority of the issues with an ATV not beginning relate to either not enough gas getting to the engine, or the engine not obtaining enough spark. This guide will certainly assist you to repair one of the most usual causes for an ATV that won't begin.

Why Is My ATV Not Starting?

To start, ATVs need enough fuel, air, spark, and electricity in the battery. When any of these things are missing, your ATV will not start.

If these points have actually been cared for, there could be trouble with the electrics, such as the kill switch. To exercise which of these concerns is one of the most likely, very first think about whether the engine is starting in any way.

Why Is My ATV Not Starting


My ATV Engine Is Not Turning At All


Check Your Gear

Is the ATV in park or in neutral? Inspecting your gear could be a basic solution to simple trouble, yet individuals frequently overlook it. After looking for gas as well as guaranteeing a spark, constantly ensure that your ATV remains in gear. Several ATVs are developed not to start unless it is in the appropriate gear.

Place your ATV right into the correct gear if demand is, after that attempt to restart it. With luck, this was the problem and you have the ability to start once more with very little troubleshooting.


Your Kill Switch Is Engaged

The kill switch, additionally called the run switch, is made use of in emergency circumstances to shut down the engine of your off-road vehicle. Eliminate switches come in numerous kinds, relying on your ATV, such as switches, draws, tethers and remote.

For your quad to start, the kill switch ought to be in the "on" or "run" position. This is one of the most typical factors a four-wheeler or side-by-side isn't launching, and also it's additionally the simplest to deal with.


Your ATV Battery Is Dead

The most convenient solution for an electric issue is altering the battery, so let us ensure the battery is excellent prior to we go any type of additional. You'll need a multimeter set to voltage to examine your battery.

Place the leads of the multi-meter on the positive as well as negative terminals of the battery. You should see a reading higher than 12v on your multimeter, if you're getting less than that, you ought to attempt charging the battery.

If your battery doesn't hold above 12v after a nice lengthy charge, you might require to replace the battery. If your battery isn't the problem, possibly something else in the electric system is preventing the quad from starting.


Make Sure The Solenoid Is Getting Power

When you turn the key or hit the beginning switch, you must listen to a clicking sound. This clicking sound is the solenoid, which is a button made use of to send existing to your starter. If it's not getting power from the battery, your ATV won't start.

You'll find the solenoid near the starter. Connecting a multimeter (red to red, black to ground) to the solenoid will certainly show you whether the solenoid is getting power. Otherwise, and also your battery is charged, there's trouble with the electrical wiring or links in between the battery and also the solenoid.

ATV issue solution- Make Sure The Solenoid Is Getting Power


My ATV Engine Turns Over But Doesn't Begin


Check If The ATV Is Getting Fuel

There could be a number of reasons the engine isn't obtaining sufficient fuel to start and also stay running. One of the most typical factors concerns the fuel pump or the carburetor. If you have a fuel-injected motor, you might simply need to clean the injectors to get it running efficiently again.

To rapidly look for gas circulation, remove the fuel line from the carbohydrate or injectors and area over some type of container to capture the gas. The gas needs to move easily, if it does not, attempt blowing out the gas lines as well as examine the fuel pump as well as the filter. If the gas does flow freely, your problem is further down in the carbohydrate or injectors.

If you are experiencing fuel pump problems, it is likely that the diaphragm or filter in the fuel pump is too clogged to allow fuel to flow freely into the engine. If you have a carburetor, one of the most usual solutions is replacing the needle valve and seat.

If you observe the spark plugs are completely dry after trying to begin the engine, that is a great sign that you're not getting fuel to the engine. Begin by spraying some carbohydrate cleanser or ether right into the carbohydrate or injectors and after that attempt to start up the engine. This can help you start to limit the issue.


Check ATV Spark

If your engine's not obtaining any kind of spark or obtaining a weak spark, it won't begin whatsoever. The engine will pass on, but will never ever have the ability to ignite the gas as well as get running. Do not worry, there's a fast and also very easy method to test spark.

Simply take the ignition system out of the engine as well as plug it back into the spark plug cable. Place the spark plug on the cylinder or something that will certainly ground it. Make sure the spark plug electrodes will be close sufficient to something grounded. Try beginning the engine, if every little thing's working right, you must see some spark appearing in the spark plug, jumping to whatever grounded part it's touching.

The first thing you should try is replacing the ignition system. They're cheap and generally the source of getting no spark. Make certain you obtain the right ignition system for your engine and that it's gapped correctly.

If you're still not obtaining any type of spark, you have a bigger problem. If it's not you're only trouble, it's still one that requires to be taken care of prior to you can get the quad running.

Check ATV spark plug


Check The Airflow

This set's real simple to examine, but additionally one of most crucial. If your engine isn't getting enough air to blend with the fuel in the combustion chamber, it won't run appropriately as well as might not even launch.

Make sure the air filter is cleared out, and there are no blockages obstructing the air box consumption. You might require to change the air filter entirely, it's a good concept to do that from time to time anyways. But if the filter isn't that old, you could escape simply cleansing it out real good.

In addition to examining the air consumption, also examine the exhaust. Your ATV needs excellent airflow into the engine, in addition to out. This is pretty unusual that your exhaust will get obstructed, however, it can take place. I have actually seen an exhaust get congested with mud as well as the engine wouldn't begin due to it.


You Aren't Getting Sufficient Compression

The compression in your four-wheeler draws fuel right into the cylinder to maintain your ride running efficiently. Low compression can trigger a number of troubles, consisting of trouble launching your ATV. Doing a compression examination can suggest whether or not your off-road automobile has low compression.

There are a few remedies for repairing reduced compression, depending upon what especially is causing the problem. Frequently, reduced compression arises from troubles like damaged valves, worn piston rings, or a fractured spark plug, as well as extra.


Old Gas In Tank

Having gas just as old as 6 months can start to cause deterioration in your gas system. Ensure if you're going to allow the quad to sit for a while that you drain the gas out and also start with brand-new gas next time you start it up.

If you believe it will not begin because you've had old gas being in the tank for a while, it's an excellent suggestion to additionally change the fuel filter. Obtain some great fresh gas in the container as well as make use of an additive to help clean the fuel system.

Solutions of ATV Not Starting



If your ATV won't start as a result of these reasons, you can commonly make a quick fix and invest the rest of the day bearing down on the trails. While a lot of these are fairly simple and also affordable fixes, it's always a safe bet to take your off-road car to a competent mechanic if you aren't knowledgeable about the sort of maintenance called for.


How To Start An ATV? Best Guide With Issue Solution 2023

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