Best Dirt Bikes For 11 Year Olds | Ultimate Guide 2023

Picking the best dirt bike for your kid is one of the most important variables when it comes to security on the track. Your young one needs to really feel comfy riding and needs to have the ability to manage the bike at all times, no matter the problems. This indicates that the bike ought to be created to fit the rider's height, which includes the feel-good factor in the top place as well as guarantees a safe position while cornering.

Dirt biking might not look to be a sport for kids however if you are seeking to offer dirt bikes for 11 year olds, the dirt bike can be an instead positive shock for them. Kids too like the adventure and also the enjoyment of riding their own bike and also a dirt bike is only going to take that experience to the next degree.

Let me stroll you through all that you need to understand before buying a motorcycle, and I will help you identify which as well as exactly how to select the most effective design for your youngster.

What to Try to Find When Picking the Best Dirt Bikes for Kids


1. Size Type

The engine displacement determines how much power output can be produced by the dirt bike. A lot of dirt bikes for kids include 50cc to 125cc engines, and also a higher CC additionally indicates a greater top speed.

The electric versions have a much lower power result as well as speed, although they are considerably less costly to acquire and also require far much less maintenance.

A dirt bike for a child requires to be sized by matching the age, height, and self-confidence of the kid to the seat elevation and engine ability of the bike. Look at the table below:

AgeEngine Size
3 – 7-years50cc
7 – 12-years50cc to 110cc
12 – 14-years125cc
14 – 16-years125 to 250cc


2. Engine Type

The engine kind is one more factor to consider, as well as you'll find most dirt bikes with a 4-stroke engine. This type is excellent for inexperienced riders as it delivers consistent power when you increase the rate.

On the other hand, 2-stroke engines are much better for motocross motorcycles as they produce instantaneous throttle responses and might really feel jerky and also unpredictable for newbies.


3. Seat Dimension

Another thing you need to take into account is the seat height. Numerous moms and dads try locating a bike based on the age of their youngsters. While this could function quite well for youngsters with typical heights in some kids, it might not coincide. The best indicator of an appropriate dimension motorcycle is one in which your youngster can touch the ground with both feet while sited on it. This relies on their height. Consider the table listed below for sizes:

Age/HeightSeat Height
5’4″ (162cm) 33 to 36″
5’2″ (157cm) 31 to 35″
10 to 12 years old26 to 31″
8 to 9 years old24 to 28″
3 to 7 years-old50cc dirt bike


4. Clutch or Automatic

Finding out to obtain accustomed to a clutch as transmission mode for your bike can be a little way too much for your 11-year-old child.

Giving them a bike with an automatic transmission would ensure that your child gets adequate time to learn exactly how to stabilize as well as guide the motorcycle without worrying way too much regarding manually changing the equipment.

A dirt bike with a transmission will certainly be much better for your 11-year-old child than a manual transmission involving a clutch.


5. Security

Given that you are seeking a dirt bike for your youngster, you need to guarantee the motorcycle is secure from every facet. You require to make sure that you comply with complete safety preventative measures while they get on their bikes. Guarantee they are riding with complete safety and security equipment-- helmets, jackets, gloves, etc. Additionally, make certain you take them to areas that are risk-free for them to go off-road.


Best Dirt Bikes for 11 Year Olds

1. Razor MX350

This is an electric motorcycle made using the authentic dirt bike framework and geometry. The 350W effective electric motor with the big 12-inch tires gives maximum power as well as a full throttle of 14 miles per hour. This can rise to 10 miles as well as 30 mins on one charge.

Razor MX350

Specifications & Characteristic:

  • Price – $329
  • Weight – 25 kg or 68 pounds
  • Top Speed – 14 mph or 22 km per hour
  • Wheels – 12-inch pneumatic, spoked, bumpy tires
  • Seat Height – 22.5 inches
  • Electric Motor Power – 350 watts
  • Engine – Electric-powered high torque engine for top-notch performance


2. Honda CRF110F

This might be just one of the smaller dirt bikes however in terms of its functions, it is substantial. The Honda CRF110F includes a sturdy, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. It's a mix of a unique automated four-speed transmission. With added features like cushioned seats, tough steel structure, and generous suspension, this is a total package as a dirt bike for your children.

Honda CRF110F

Specifications & Characteristic:

  • Price – $2.399
  • Weight – 170 lbs
  • Top Speed – 30 to 38 miles per hour
  • Seat Height – 25.9 inches
  • Horsepower – 7.2 HP @ 8000 rpm
  • Engine – 109 cc single cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke


3. Yamaha TT-R110E

This bike is a kid's motorcycle that even grownups can take out for a ride. The bike features a reduced seat elevation of 26.4 inches with a 110cc powerful engine as well as a four-speed transmission. With an outstanding suspension as well as superior efficiency, this is absolutely the motorcycle your 11-year youngster must have.

Yamaha TT-R110E

Specs & Characteristic:

  • Price– $2.299
  • Weight– 159 lbs
  • Full throttle– 55 miles per hour
  • Wheels– 42.5–inch wheelbase
  • Seat Height– 26.4 inches
  • Horsepower– 7500 rpm
  • Engine– 110cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC; 2 shutoffs


4. Kawasaki KLX110R

The Kawasaki KLX110R is Kawasaki's dirt bike, specifically created for children aged 6-11 and their moms and dads. The Bike suits the palm of your hands as a complete package including training wheels, making it simple to regulate while additionally making these bikes available in the majority of neighborhood car dealerships. Youngsters take pleasure in the full efficiency with all the benefits of a full motorbike. Safety functions such as twin front disc brakes, relocating reflectors and more will certainly provide your kid the enjoyment that he/she deserves to carry this remarkable bike.

Kawasaki KLX110R

Specs & Characteristic:

  • Price– $2,499
  • Wet Weight– 167.5 pound/ 75.98 kg
  • Full throttle– 48 miles per hour
  • Seat Height– 26.8 in/ 68.07 cm
  • Horsepower– 7000 rpm
  • Engine– 112cc, 4-stroke solitary, SOHC, air-cooled


5. Kawasaki KLX110L

The Kawasaki KLX110L is designed for 6 up to 11 years old, either children or grownups. With 112 cc as well as 4 stroke engine, and also with an overall weight of 167.5 pounds this bike is very simple to take care of as a 2-wheel bike yet additionally establishes it far, you can take place the tracks with ease as a result of its 18 inch rear axle. This dirt bike has offered much better handling and has twin front disc brakes it includes an adjustable seat that can be adjusted to fit a child conveniently.

Kawasaki KLX110L

Specs & Characteristic:

  • Price– $2,699.
  • Wet Weight– 167.5 lb/ 75.98 kg
  • Full throttle– 45 miles per hour
  • Seat Height– 28.7 in/ 72.90 cm
  • Horsepower– 7500 rpm
  • Engine– 112cc, 4-stroke single, SOHC, air-cooled


Frequently Asked Questions


Should You Purchase a New or a Used Bike?

As the youngsters grow, they will certainly require to transform to larger bikes. It is feasible to keep your kid on track with their pastime by considering whether to get new or utilized bikes. While buying a brand-new bike has its evident advantages such as a guarantee, some degree of maintenance for the initial six months of ownership, and also a guarantee of good condition, getting a used bike is a far better selection for budget-conscious parents.

You can look around used designs, as well as you may land a bargain. I personally prefer a used bike, particularly a starter bike that will certainly be dropped many times. Certainly, the choice is yours.


How and Where Can Kids Ride Securely?

The safety gears and where you live determine how as well as where your youngster can ride securely.

In different areas, the timbers, mountain tracks, or sandy coastlines provide an exciting selection of turns, challenges, and also spins that offer enjoyable. Numerous areas have public tracts where your child will have a possibility to ride as well as meet other riders.

While dirt biking itself brings some dangers with it, it is right for parents to be concerned about the safety of their kids. There are numerous ways in which you can reduce the risk of your kids obtaining hurt.

How and Where Can Kids Ride Securely


How Old Should a Child Be To Ride a 250?

When you get to the bikes with the larger engines, the vibrant changes rather considerably. These bikes might only be 125 or 250cc, however, they are very effective equipment that needs to be treated with respect as well as obligation.

125cc dirt bikes are usually more than enough for most adolescent bikers. Many grownups ride the 125cc class motorcycles too, which is an indicator of the power of these bikes.

The 250cc is a huge dive from the 125cc and is a great deal of dirt bike for a teenager to handle. This is especially true if your youngster is a smaller mounted individual and also is not tall sufficient or does not have the physical strength to take care of the bike.

It is recommended that just young adults from the age of 16 years upwards take into consideration riding a 250cc motorcycle. However, you need to just consider this dirt bike for your child if they are high for their age as well as have the experience and toughness to be able to tame a 250cc dirt bike.



Choosing the best dirt bike for your child as well as showing them exactly how to ride is an involving process. There is a great deal you need to think about, but once you know the various types of bikes readily available and also the right one for your youngster, it is enjoyable educating them and also viewing them learning new abilities. Understand that diminishing the motorcycle, losing control, or stalling is part of the video game until the kid masters the bearing.

It's a good thing for the youngster to learn how to ride at a very early age and be patient with them till they get it right. The coordination as well as other abilities they acquire will certainly help them later in life, and likewise they offer them a chance to communicate with others and also discover the globe.

Top 10 Fastest Electric Dirt Bikes for Adults & Teenagers

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