Do Handlebar Risers Affect Handling? Get More Comfort on Long Rides

Bar risers were designed to aid motorcycle riders to adjust or modify their handlebar's position without requiring a large number of accessories.

However, many people are confused regarding whether it's appropriate to use a bar's risers or not.

From my own experiences and hours of research here's what I learned.

Do Handlebar Risers Affect Handling?

Handlebars are designed to maintain the overall design of the bike in place while you ride.

Therefore, bar risers do impact handling since their position directly influences the distribution of mass and the bike, however, it is not likely to see it.

Even though the rise in height could be only by one or two inches but you will notice significant changes in the ride of the motorbike.

  • The posture becomes more comfortable.
  • Your hand is positioned closer to the handlebar will get closer.
  • The pressure on your wrists, back, and shoulders decreases.


  • The torque of the CG of the bike is increased due to the increase in height. This will increase the force needed in order to propel the bike. Therefore, you feel more weight as you move your bike sideways.
  • If you're short elevating the handlebar can make it difficult to move it and have a stable grip on the bike when moving especially when parking. It is felt that the bike is more difficult to move since it isn't able to attain the level. The shorter the height of the handle on the bike, the less difficult it becomes to push the bike.

Be aware that there's no tension on the cables as you lift the bar to the handle. You can turn it across to the left, and examine if the wires are in good shape in both directions.

There should be some space to prevent wires being cut by tension

These bar raisers alter your center of gravity. This is most often affecting off-roaders who use dirt bikes, enduro, and scramblers.

In addition, for everyday commuters on-road motorcycles, the bar risers make the ride more comfortable.

Bar risers influence the handling first before all else, lets's consider the reason behind why bar risers exist in the first place.

Then, why are risers for the handlebars employed?

The handlebar risers or bar can be used to alter the handles of motorcycles to improve the comfort of riders.

Based on the needs of the rider, bar risers can assist in adjusting the handle by raising them to provide a comfortable riding experience.

In essence, we modify the handlebar using an adjustable bar riser.

You can buy bar risers on Amazon and then put them back in place, which is relatively simple to carry out.


Bar risers can make riding more comfortable and relaxing. It is possible to extend the length of the wire if needed.
Bar risers offer the ability to customize your bar. It could affect the center of gravity.

of the motorbike.

It aids in reducing muscular pain, such as shoulder, and back.
Pros and cons of bar risers used in motorcycle


What's the function of risers for the handlebars?

The function of handlebar raisers is to make motorbike rides more comfortable by altering the position of the handlebars, such as raising them or removing them from the rider based on the needs of the rider.

Bar risers are used by the majority of riders to make seating more natural and comfortable for their riding. Bar risers are typically available with a rise of between 10 and 40 millimeters.

Most handlebars for motorcycles are made with the height of an average person and other measurements like foot length, arm length as well as other dimensions in mind.

However, these designs aren't suited to everyone because of the variance in height.

If you take a examine the individuals' heights, then there are no similarities.

Each person's height is different by an amount and all of the auto manufacturing companies determine the bar's position based on the height of an average person, which doesn't work for all.

This is why many are trying to adjust the handlebar by using bar risers.

Additionally, certain riders are searching to be comfortable and have an upright riding posture to keep when riding.

This is why they employ bar risers to alter and adjust it to meet their needs for an upright riding posture.

This is why there are many riders who utilize bar risers to serve various reasons.

How do handlebar risers function?

Bar risers are small piece of metal that is designed to raise the handlebar slightly up and bring it close or away from the rider based on the requirements of the user.

Bar risers are fitted immediately after you remove the handlebar, after removing it.

Bar risers are put on top of the handlebar, allowing to the bar rise.

The handlebar is placed on the riser, and it is secured with bolts and screws.

It is enough to place the bar risers on the spot where the handles are.

Once you have removed your handlebar stock, place the risers in the location of the handlebar.

Then replace the handlebar on the risers, and then alter the handle according to your needs before screwing the bolt once more.

In one of the MTBR threads, I found these allocated intervals of the riser handlebar that follow:

  • Zero millimeters No Rise Zero Rise
  • 20mmis in the class of Low Rise
  • 30mmIt is thought to be Mid Rise
  • 40mmIt is regarded as high rise

Do Handlebar Risers Affect Handling?

Many riders are asking, "What raise to get with bar risers that are 20 millimeters or 30 millimeters?"

It is recommended to give the handlebar a mid-rise when you want an ideal balance of convenience and efficiency. If you are trying to determine the most comfortable position for your motorcycle, you'll have to go through numerous trials and errors using bars by using and riding on them.

So, choosing between 20 millimeter and 30-millimeter risers for the handlebar should be determined by the preferences of the rider, however,

for the initial phase, you could look at the following benchmarks to help you determine the appropriate range of your bar's riser.

If you're in the middle of your height and are looking to combine efficiency and ease of use, try a 20mm rise up to the handlebar by using bar risers.

If you're tall, then you may discover that the typical handlebar height is uncomfortable for your needs.

Therefore, a handlebar that is raised between 30 mm and 40 millimeters can be extremely beneficial for you.

Because it increases the level of comfort you can enjoy your riding and allow you to enjoy long rides without ache in your back.

In addition, I've observed many off-roaders using their dirt bikes standing up, which calls for the handlebars to be raised. Since if you intend to ride the dirt bike in a standing position up, the riser of your handlebar in the range of 30mm and 40mm can be helpful to you.

A lot of riders utilize the bar riser, and famous top riders such as David Knight never used these and are advised not to use bar risers as they affect your low center of gravity, which must be maintained when riding off.

Therefore, it is entirely on you today. If you're looking to test the bar risers, you can test the effects, then do it on your own.

Reviews from real users who have used bar raisers on their motorcycles.

Here is a review of a Dakar rider from who used risers: "I have 35mm risers on my Dakar, and also lower footpegs. It definitely increased the riding experience, particularly sitting on the footpegs.

I had to buy a bigger brake line and change the cable for the throttle. My GT comes with adjustable bars.

I've set them to the top position in the same position they stood when I purchased it."

Here's a second review by in which the rider is tall, with a size of 6"3, and required 35mm risers for bars.

"35mm is perfect on my 200exc. I also have pivot pegs that are to"the "low" position, which is 4mm lower than the stock. I am 6''3"

How Do You Plan A Long-distance Motorcycle Trip?


Do I need handlebar risers?

If you're finding it difficult to take a relaxed riding on your motorcycle, then likely you have to adjust the handlebar slightly.

Some handlebars are lower and cause you to lean forward or slightly out of your reach.

If this is the case, then you certainly need to test raisers for your handlebars.

How does the handlebar's height affect how you handle it?

Bar risers on motorcycles can affect the control due to the change in the center of gravity. There are two options you can make, either you can lower the handlebar, or raise it. In both instances, your center of gravity is changed, which impacts the ride and handling.

When you increase or decrease the height of the handlebars on your motorcycle, it will affect the way you handle it.

As an example, if your bike's handlebar is lower, then you'll have to lean forward in order to ride and reduce your center of gravity.

The majority of lower-cc motorcycle riders won't even be aware of the difference, but your body's center of mass, as well as modifications, are necessary to keep in mind for off-roaders, so they ought to stay clear of the bar raisers.

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