How Do You Charge Your Phone on a Motorcycle?

Many times you may need to use your smartphone while riding on a motorbike to listen to music, receive phone calls, or use a map for navigation that helps a rider at the time of each journey. But the major problem with smartphones is their battery dies faster. In that case, what should you do instantly?

Charge Your Phone on a Motorcycle

You’ll obviously think about charging your phone on the motorcycle that time, right? Well, phone charging on a motorcycle is possible with a wireless charger or you can install a USB socket on the motorcycle to charge your phone.

However, in this article, it has been demonstrated how riders can charge their phone on a motorcycle following 2 simple methods. So, stay tuned & keep reading.

How Do You Charge Your Phone on a Motorcycle? [Two Simple Methods]

Charging phones on a motorcycle can be done with 2 different methods which are easy to execute.

Method-1: Purchase Motorcycle Phone Mounts With Charger

The first one is by purchasing motorcycle phone mounts with a charger. It is simple to mount on a bike's handlebar and can be done by anyone. You’ll find several types of motorcycle mounts which are super simple to install.

They are designed with two different types of chargers that make your life easier. You’ll have a wireless charger and a USB QC charger to ensure the fastest charging experience. No matter whether you are using an Android or iPhone, these phone mounts are capable of charging your device faster.

Most Motorcycle phone mounts are designed with a power management chip to ensure superfast automatic identified charging for your device. They also offer wireless sensing distance so that you can easily charge the phone even when they are in cages.

The mounts will provide you with single-hand operation. Initially, you just need to fix the folding modules on both sides of the device. When you set your smartphone in the holer and press the main button, the phone will be locked securely and you'll be charging within a stable position. You can even charge your phone when you ride on a tricky road.

To provide power to the phone holder, you just need to have wiring. You can simply do that by linking the U ring-end of the cable to the motorcycle’s battery. Besides that, it is possible to rotate the phone holder at a 360-degree angle as well.

mobile phone holder on motorcycle

Method-2: Charge Your Phone By Installing USB Socket Directly From Battery

This is another way that you can follow to charge your smartphone. To install the USB socket, follow the steps below.

Step-1: First, connect 2 wired to the end of the USB terminals [Red and Black]

Step-2: Now, attach the red one with the positive and the black one to the negative terminal of the battery.

Step-3: You’ll see that the USB charger is working properly once you have attached the wires to the battery terminal of your motorbike.

This type of installation is standard, but remember that it is battery-consuming. In that case, you can install a USB charger on your motorcycle with a switch in between the connections. Here are the steps that you can follow to install a USB charger without draining the battery.

Step-1: Connect the USB battery to non-vital electronic parts like the license plate, or the horn instead of connecting to the terminal of the battery.

Step-2: Attach the red wire of the USB socket to the lighting cable of the license plate using a terminal block connector or wago.

Step-3: If you confront difficulties to find the right wire, you can check all the wires one by one until you get the right one.

Step-4: When your cables are clued-up under the saddle, you have to pass them to the handlebars. The task basically relies on the motorcycle but sometimes it will be essential to extract the same side feelings.

Step-5: Inspect the existing installation of the bike: there is a couple of cabs; es going from the handlebars to the saddle; you might follow the same path. Don’t forget to include a little slack so that the handlebars touring doesn’t force the cable.

Step-6: To have a more stable connection, you can also install a relay switch between connections. This will enable you to isolate connections in the event of an electric failure.

Step-7: In the final stage, once the wiring is accomplished it is time to grip your USB socket to the dashboard with the help of an adhesive. In addition, ensure that the socket is strongly attached.

That’s the entire process that you can follow to install a USB charger on your motorcycle to charge your smartphone while riding.

How Do You Charge Your Phone on a Motorcycle

Final Thought

So, It was all about how to charge your phone on a motorcycle. We have demonstrated two different effective methods that you can follow. If you ask us what method we recommend, then we’ll surely suggest the first method as installing motorcycle phone mounts with a charger is simple and they are stable enough. This is because you can charge your phone even when you ride on a tricky road. On the other hand, installing USB sockets is a bit difficult and they consume battery continuously.

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