How Much Does A Snowmobile Weigh? With Weight Table 2023

The average snowmobile weight is 536 pounds (242 kg)

The ordinary completely dry weight of a snowmobile is around 476 pounds (215 kg), and an average full tank of gas amounts to 60 pounds (27 kg). So, you can claim, that the typical weight of a snowmobile with fuel is around 536 pounds (242 kg).

Nevertheless, these are not absolute numbers. The exact weight of a snowmobile depends upon lots of variables.

So, allow's get started about how much does a snowmobile weigh.

Dry and Wet Weight of a Snowmobile

When looking at the requirements of different snowmobile weights you will see the weight will be mentioned as completely dry or damp weight.

Dry weight describes the weight of a snowmobile with no gas and other fluids like coolants, engine oils, etc.

On the other hand, damp weight is referred to as the weight of a snowmobile with small levels of working fluids.

You can learn these completely dry and damp weights from the supplier as they may vary from supplier to supplier.

How Much Does A Snowmobile Weigh

Glide behind a snowmobile

How Much does a Snowmobile Weigh?

I did some research study and I took the most popular snowmobiles on market this year.

I included the weights, did the ordinary and learned that a regular snowmobile weighs 476 pounds or 215 kg.

Ranging from 408 (185 kg) pounds to 600 (272 kg) pounds depending upon the class, engine, accessories, how many seats and so forth.

I just calculated the information from their requirements based upon the DRY WEIGHT.

This suggests that taking into consideration snowmobiles don't have any added gas, equipment, accessories, tools, or snow on them.

Depending on the gear you place on and also added accessories you can expect an 11 lbs (5 kg) to 110 pounds (50 kg) additional weight.

Note that usually the gas storage tank is 7-12 gallons which have to do with 58-- 100 pounds (26-- 45 kg) of added weight. Likewise, don't forget the oil.

The oil in a typical snowmobile is including concerning 7 pounds of weight generally or 3.2 kg. So the weight added with added devices and equipment can add up rather fast.

You can figure out the real worth of your snowmobile by reading the specifications on the maker's site or inspecting your owner's handbook.

Weight Table 50 Examples

Below are the most preferred up-to-date snowmobiles and their weight so you can obtain a clear suggestion.

Notification once again that the values are of completely dry weight and a lot of them are price quotes from the vendor. Occasionally it might rely on the gear, accessories, etc however it serves as a good example.

Arctic Cat
Model Weight
Bearcat 2000 XT 636 lb / 289 kg
Pantera 7000 XT 5767 lb / 348.5 kg
Lynx 2000 494 lb / 224 kg
Lynx 2000 LT 567 lb / 257 kg
M 8000 Alpha One 451 and 456 lb / 205 and 207 kg
M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One 455, 460 and 471 lb / 206, 209 and 214 kg
M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One 446, 451, 466 and 471 lb / 202, 205, 211 and 214 kg
Riot 6000 521 lb / 236 kg
Riot 8000 518 and 521 lb / 235 and 236 kg
Riot X 8000 525 lb / 238 kg
ZR 120 167 lb / 76 kg
ZR 200 210 lb / 95 kg
ZR 6000 Limited 512 lb / 232 kg
ZR 6000 R XC 487 lb / 221 kg
ZR 6000 SNO PRO 504 lb / 229 kg
ZR 8000 Limited 527 lb / 239 kg
ZR 8000 RR 521 lb / 236 kg
ZR 8000 SNO PRO 513 lb / 233 kg
ZR 9000 Thundercat 603 lb / 274 kg
Model Weight
INDY Adventure 144 498 lb / 226 kg
INDY Adventure 155 524 lb / 238 kg
INDY Adventure 137 471, 472 and 478 lb / 214, 214 or 217 kg
PRO-RMK 174 442 or 449 lb / 200 and 204 kg
Switchback XCR 460 and 472 lb / 209 and 214 kg
TITAN Adventure 155 658 lb / 299 kg
INDY LXT 467 lb / 212 kg
INDY XC 137 462, 463 and 469 lb / 210, 210 or 213 kg
RMK KHAOS 155 413 and 420 lb / 187 and 191 kg
RUSH PRO-S 432 and 444 lb / 196 and 202 kg
Voyageur 155 478.5 lb / 217 kg
Indy 120 147 lb / 67 kg
Model Weight
Freeride 154 451 lb / 205 kg
Freeride 165 458 lb / 208 kg
Grand Touring Sport 900 ACE 519 lb / 236 kg
Grand Touring Sport 600 ACE 498 lb / 227 kg
MXZ Sport 600 447 lb / 203 kg
Renegade Sport 600 461 lb / 210 kg
Summit X 850 E-TEC 457 lb / 208 kg
Backcountry 850 E-TEC 478 lb / 217 kg
Expedition Extreme 595 lb / 271 kg
Skandic SWT 900 ACE 705 lb / 320 kg
Tudra Sport 600 ACE 486 lb / 221 kg

How Much Does a Motorcycle Weigh (10 Types of motorcycles)

man riding snowmobile

man riding snowmobile

What Affects the Weight of a Snowmobile?

As we were talking about earlier, there are numerous parts that affect the weight of a snowmobile. Let's review them currently.


As it might feature not be a surprise to many people, the engine is the single most heavy part of a snowmobile.

The weight of an engine mainly differs by its ability, gauged in cubic centimeters (or 'cc' simply put).

This is due to the fact that an engine with greater capability burns much more fuel than an engine with minimal ability, and as a result of the raised heat that is created in the engine, there are more stress and anxieties brought on by heat, and to manage it, we need bulkier engines, made with more sturdy material.

Likewise, it matters if the engine is a 2 or four-stroke engine. A two-stroke engine is normally lighter than a four-stroke engine of comparable ability and power.

This is because a two-stroke engine has a lower working temperature level than a four-stroke engine, so makers can escape using lighter products.

How Fast Can A Top Speed 600cc Of Motorcycles Go?


The ski's weight depends upon the product from which they are made. There are 2 primary types of materials utilized for generating the skis: metal and plastic. The steel skis weigh a bit more than the plastic matching (usually, 20-30%).

Lots of people state plastic is far better than steel due to the fact that with the latest technology and the current composition they do better on the snow.

A negative aspect of metal is that when you ride the snowmobile on a track with a thin snow layer the steel bends and wear away.

Naturally, you can always flex it back however it produces a weak spot.

The plastic, on the other hand, will return to its normal shape when hitting a rock. Nowadays it's used a special composition that provides a very tough but flexible plastic ski.

Also, many individuals favor plastic skis since they manage much better as the product allows a sharper profile without fretting it will certainly be harmed by hard ground or rocks.

The plastic ones will be cutting into the edge rather than the steel that is rounded on the bottom and will plow when getting in edges.

Although they have disadvantages, steel skis are a more affordable alternative and a novice will barely find any difference.

Steel skis weighed about 12.5 lbs (according to my bathroom scale) and also the plastic weighed around 7.5 (very same scale).

Skis on a snowmobile

Husky and Snowmobile

Framework Material

Not all snowmobiles are created similarly. Some have a fiber framework, and others, a body constructed from steel.

Carbon fiber, fiberglass, and also relevant fiber composites have great strength and durability, yet they're deceptively lightweight.

A steel framework will certainly evaluate greater than a fiber one, though it has some advantages, such as a reduced price.

That stated, metal can rust when it splashes (you understand, like riding with snow) and when the chassis gets banged up, the divots and dents actually stand out.

Certainly, must you ride also tough with a fiber chassis, it might smash, which's no good. You can't fix just one area, either. You would certainly have to obtain the whole thing changed, which is anything yet cheap.

Framework Material in snowmobile

Framework Material in snowmobile


Seats can likewise impact the weight of a snowmobile substantially.

This is since there is a base of the seat constructed from thick steel to make sure that it doesn't flex when weight is packed on it. Likewise, there is a great deal of foam utilized in a seat, which adds to its weight.

Snowmobile Tracks Weight

The snowmobile track's weight is around 34 pounds or (15.5 kg). It relies on the kind, length, and size but some of the typical ones are.

  • 51 pounds (23 kg)
  • 14.7 pounds (6.6 kg)
  • 37 pounds (17 kg)

Various other small things that can affect the weight of your snowmobile are chaincase oil, engine coolant, shock, and brake fluid abilities. These depend on the version of the snowmobile and the engine.

How to Minimize Snowmobile Weight?

Riders lower the weight of their snowmobiles by swapping out the manufacturing facility parts with lighter aftermarket ones.

While it might not be possible to change core products like the engine, it is feasible to exchange lots of parts of sleds.

A lot of them can be changed by individuals who have a standard understanding of repairing snowmobiles, while innovative parts may require some experience.

Here are a few supply parts of sleds that can be replaced with aftermarket choices to lower snowmobile weight.

Below are some ideas and also approaches to keep for a lighter snowmobile:

  • Change out the sleds if they're made from metal or additional hefty material. You could cut off as high as 40 extra pounds doing this. That's quite substantial.
  • Consider removing the ski's shock placing shafts. There need to be two of these, and also they will certainly both connect to your snowmobile's skid. The rear shaft features a shock pivot and wheels held together by steel shafts. Now, you do not want to keep the shock placing shafts off for life, yet you do want to do away with the steel shafts. Aluminum is an excellent option product to try.
  • Inspect the outside wheels around the front of your vehicle. The idlers here could be as well hefty, dragging down the weight of your snowmobile. Try to purchase idlers that are 2-- 2.75 inches.
  • The ski steel cleanings at the front of your snowmobile don't exclusively have to be constructed from steel. You can additionally obtain these replaced in lightweight aluminum to trim down on excess weight.
  • If you're feeling up to it, replace your exhaust system. Some snowmobilers advocate for making use of one pipeline and a can to lessen automobile weight.
  • Instead of maintaining the ski's bogie wheels, you can make use of scratchers. These serve mostly the very same function yet aren't as heavy.
  • Think of replacing your seats. As claimed previously, if these have steel bases with a great deal of foam, they can raise your snowmobile's weight. Lighter-weight seats without metal and less foam could be simply what you require.
  • Take into consideration attempting a mesh hood. Some snowmobilers have actually said they've dropped as much as 2 to ten extra pounds with this little button alone.
  • Replace the titanium spring that features some snowmobiles and includes an aluminum shaft instead. You might need to special order this and even make one on your own. It's a little extra work, however again, you can reduce close to 3 pounds by doing it.
  • Shed a few pounds if you can. Your weight as a rider does add to the overall weight of your snowmobile. Even if you shed 10 to 20 pounds, you may discover a difference when you ride.

Currently, the above measures are not all low-cost. Snowmobilers with big-budget plans can attempt a lot of these changes.

If cash is tight, then possibly try a few tiny modifications and see exactly how your snowmobile feels. You might be happy enough with the new weight.

What are the Lightest Snowmobiles?

With an ordinary weight of 448 pounds, Mountain snowmobiles are the lightest snowmobiles on the market.

Hill snowmobiles require to be lightweight to supply the motorcyclist with more control passing through treacherous mountain surfaces.

What are the Heaviest Snowmobiles?

Touring snowmobiles are the heaviest snowmobiles on the market, with an average weight of 587 pounds.

Touring snowmobiles are so heavy, as many tend to have the larger four-stroke engines.

They also provide a range of comfort services all other types of snowmobiles do not. This is due to the fact that they are made for far-away riding.

How Do You Plan A Long-distance Motorcycle Trip?

Final Thought

Wish you discovered an answer and now you know how much a snowmobile weighs and why.

Likewise, you know what influences the weight and solutions to various questions you may have had.

If I missed something important or just something that you wish to know does not hesitate to create a remark in the section listed below and also I will attempt to answer it asap.

Enjoy riding your snowmobile and be secure!

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