How Much Does An ATV Weigh? 2023 Comprehensive Guide With CC

Learning about the weight of an ATV can be a vital consideration in determining which ATV to buy.

One of the most apparent reasons is to ensure you have qualified methods of moving the ATV. Is it light enough that it can be in the bed of your vehicle or on your trailer? Can you transport it with your small SUV or do you require to get a big vehicle?

These questions might rely on the weight of your ATV. However, that is not the only reason you must want the weight of an ATV. You wish to make certain you have the ability to raise the front or rear end of your ATV or push it up an incline if essential.

If you evaluate 120 pounds, you might not wish to obtain stuck with a 900 extra pound device. If you are going to be riding locations where you could roll your ATV, there is a big distinction between 300 pounds and 900 pounds surrendering you.

Ultimately, the weight of the ATV is going to figure out, to an extent, how much control you have as well as how greatly you can turn in some situations.

How Much Does An ATV Weigh?

The weight of ATV is divided into dry weight and curb weight. Lots of manufacturers don't specify the completely dry weight of their ATV. They make use of something called curb weight or wet weight, which basically have the same meaning.

While completely dry weight is when the ATV is empty of all fluids (gas, oils, brake fluid, coolant, etc), curb weight or wet weight is the ATV's weight with all fluids complemented in their suitable containers. Curb weight includes common devices but not either travelers or cargo.

The completely dry weight of ATVs varies from concerning 220 pounds to 1170 pounds. Dry weight is the ATV's weight with no cargo, liquids, or passengers.

The average weight of a recreational ATV and utility ATV is approximately 700 pounds. The weight of an ATV mainly depends upon the size of its engine.

Discovering the best ATV depends on various elements like engine power, measurements, and weight. Before you get an ATV, find out and understand these factors. So, kick back, loosen up, as well as enjoy finding out about ATV weights.

Let's take a look at the weight of ATVs with different engine sizes.

How much is an ATV minimum weight

Weight Of ATVs With Different Engine Sizes


The tiniest entry-level youth ATVs are, certainly, the lightest. The average weight of a 50cc ATV is approximately 215 pounds. The heaviest 50cc ATV I discovered was the Yamaha Raptor 50, which weighs 237 pounds. The lightest 50cc ATV I discovered was the Suzuki QuadSport Z50, which weighs only 174 pounds. Most of the ATVs I saw fell in the 210-225 pound range.


I could just discover a few name-brand ATVs in the 70cc class. The ordinary weight of those was about 250 pounds.


This is most likely one of the most prominent sized ATVs for children. The ordinary 90cc ATV is approximately 265 pounds. The largest 90cc ATV I discovered was the AlphaSports Daisy 90, which weighs 289 pounds. The lightest, by a single pound, was the Bombardier DS 90, which considers 249 pounds. The majority of the 90cc ATVs I saw were in the 250-260 pound array, with a few larger exceptions skewing the standard.


200cc is the class where we begin getting involved in the larger youth model, but there is not a massive selection at 200cc. The ordinary 200cc ATV weighs regarding 365 pounds. That standard is again skewed by an outlier in the super-light Yamaha Blaster, which just weighs 250 pounds. A lot of the other 200cc ATVs remained in the upper 300s or reduced 400s, with the Polaris Saw Tooth topping the graphes at 425 pounds.


The typical 250cc ATV is approximately 410 pounds. The lightest, by a rather wide margin was the Honda TRX 250EX, which weighs only 360 pounds. The heaviest 250cc ATV I located was the Yamaha Big Bear 250, which considers 456 pounds.


300cc is not a preferred class of ATVs so there weren't numerous options. The heaviest 300cc ATV I found was the Polaris Hawkeye, which considers 550 pounds. The lightest 300cc ATV I located was the Arctic Pet cat 300, which weighs 477 pounds. The average 300cc ATV weighs about 510 pounds.


The ordinary 350cc ATV is approximately 490 pounds. This number was skewed downwards by the 375 pound Yamaha Raptor 350, which is approximately 375 pounds. The majority of the 350cc ATVs I saw were closer to, or over, 500 pounds. The heaviest 350cc ATV is the Arctic Pet cat 350, which weighs in at a reasonably tremendous 588 pounds.


At 400cc, we start entering the adult-sized ATVs. The ordinary 400cc ATV is approximately 495 pounds. This is the lightest class where we really begin seeing some substantial varieties in weight with raw distinctions between sport and utility models. The lightest and heaviest 400cc ATVs are from Arctic Pet cat. The lightest is the Sporting activity DVX 400, which is approximately 372 pounds. The heaviest is the 400 4X4 Automobile, which is available at 645 pounds.


The ordinary 450cc ATV weighs is approximately 520 pounds, however, there is a large distinction between the sport as well as utility versions in this class. The lighter sporting activity models typically are less than 400 pounds. The lightest of which is the Yamaha YFZ 450, which evaluates 350 pounds. The heavier utility models are 500-700 pounds. The heaviest I saw was the 696-pound Polaris Sportsperson 450.


The average 500cc ATV is approximately 630 pounds. The two outliers bringing the average weight down are the Polaris Hooligan 500, at 425 pounds, and also the Polaris Predator 500, at 405 pounds. Most of the various other 500cc ATVs I examined weighed greater than the standard of 630 pounds. The heaviest 500cc model I found was the Polaris Sportsperson 500 X2 EFI, which is approximately 791 pounds. As you may be catching on, The different Polaris Sportsperson ATVs are typically heavier than their equivalents.


The typical 650cc ATV is approximately 635 pounds. The heaviest model I discovered at 650cc was the Arctic Feline H1 TRV Plus, which weighs in at 724 pounds. The lightest 650cc ATV I found was the Bombardier DS 650X, which had not been just the only 650cc ATV I discovered under 600 extra pounds, it was under 500 extra pounds, at simply 494 pounds.


At 700cc, we see our largest space between the lightest as well as heaviest ATVs. The Yamaha Raptor 700R weighs an amazingly light 396 pounds. On the various other end, the Arctic Cat 700 Diesel weighs in at 809 pounds. Keeping that large spread, the ordinary 700cc ATV weighs in at 645 pounds. While the Yamaha Raptor is without a doubt the lightest, you can discover a 700cc ATV at almost any kind of weight you desire, with multiple models readily available in the 500s, 600s and 700s for pounds.


At 800cc, we are entering the truly huge ATVs. The average 800cc ATV is approximately 715 pounds. The Bombardier Abandoner 800 is probably the only 800cc ATV you can locate under 600 pounds, as well as it weighs in at 597 pounds. The heaviest of the bunch is the Polaris Sportsman 800 X2 EFI, which evaluates 839 pounds. Most of the 800cc ATVs are going to be plus or minus 50 pounds of 700 pounds. Without a doubt, the average 800cc ATV weighs about 715 pounds.


Ultimately, we reach the biggest of the bunch. The most powerful, as well as heaviest, ATVs out there are mosting likely to be the 1000cc ATVs. The average 1000cc ATV evaluates about 840 pounds. At 1000cc, you just can not discover a light model so there are many factors to consider that need to go into purchasing such a big model, other than simply power. The lightest 1000cc ATV I could locate was the Arctic Pet Cat 1000XT, which still evaluates 772 pounds. The heaviest 1000cc ATV I could locate was the Polaris Athlete XP 1000. At 927 pounds, that is an ATV you do not desire landing on you.

How much is an ATV maximum weight

Why ATV Weight Is Important

There are 3 reasons that the weight of your ATV is important.

1. Transporting the ATV.

2. Utilizing the ATV to carry things.

3. Performance.

Let's go through each of them

Transporting The ATV

Every trailer has a weight capacity, and you must not go over that.

Also, loading the trailer and the weight at specific points on the trailer affects towing too.

The vehicle you tow the trailer will also have a tow weight capacity that you must not go over. It’s not always about taking off but stopping. It would be best if you had a truck with enough weight that it won’t get thrown around when towing and has the braking power to stop.

Make sure you never exceed the towing capacity of your truck or trailer.

Don’t forget the weight of your gear and accessories too!

Impact of ATV weight on transportation

Utilizing The ATV To Carry Things

If what you tow is as well hefty, it raises the front wheels and also makes guiding impossible. However more notably, stopping is nearly impossible as well.

So don't tow things over your towing ability.

If you intend on using your ATV for towing things, you'll need to concentrate on purchasing heavier ATVs. The much heavier the ATV, the less complicated it is to regulate what you tow.

If you do a lot of towing, consider getting a side-by-side as they weigh a whole lot more and will do better at transporting.


The larger the ATV, the harder the engine has to work.

This is why you see the efficiency racing version 450's weigh so little contrasted to the utility ATVs.

If you like to go fast as well as play around, a lighter ATV will be what you need.

If you like to obtain the job done, after that the ATVs you want are on the much heavier end.

Pros and cons of heavy ATV

Pros Of Heavy ATV

The major determinant of the weight of the ATV you will certainly buy is your designated purpose. Getting a hefty ATV has advantages over purchasing a lighter ATV.

A few of the benefits of a hefty ATV are:

1. Hefty ATVs execute much better over rough surfaces than lighter ATVs.

2. Heavy ATVs have a much better shock absorber.

3. Hefty ATVs use much better convenience than lighter ATVs.

4. Heavy ATVs are faster and also have the very best acceleration.

Cons Of Heavy ATV

Heavy ATVs also have disadvantages.

Several of the downsides of a heavy ATV are:

1. Heavy ATVs take in even more gas.

2. Heavy ATVs set you back greater than lighter ATVs.

3. Heavy ATVs are difficult to maneuver.


ATVs are not light as bicycles, they generally have an aluminum framework and incorporated with the engine as well as other parts, you will see a 500lb machine. Recognizing the weight of your ATV is essential if you are seeking to tow it to the mountains or a route. hauling the ATV with a pick-up will not be an issue, nevertheless, if you have a crossover SUV it might be more of a pain. Most crossovers can tow around 1000 pounds approximately if unless the ATV is a heavyweight, you shouldn't have any type of problems.

Selecting the best ATV weight can be frustrating in some cases, however if you recognize the factors to be considered, you will have no trouble choosing the ideal one. If you ride ATVs for enjoyable, you possibly won't opt for a 1000cc ATV. That is totally far from your desired function. Picking the best ATV weight should be the least of your concerns as long as you recognize what you wish to use it for.


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