How To Lock Helmet On Motorcycle (The Ultimate Guide For You 2023)

Still looking for how to lock helmet on motorcycle?

The motorcycle helmet is as vital a part of the bike as any other element. Besides, you can not ride your motorbike without a helmet, and also you should not try to.

Much considering that motorcycles were designed, however, is simply what to do with your helmet once you reach your location. Do you use it right into the store, and also have people call the polices since they believe you're about to rob the place? Do you bring it with you to work and have your co-workers fill it with cutting foam as quickly as you leave it neglected for five mins?

To make it simpler for you, we have compiled a guide on just how to lock helmet on motorcycle. Keep on reading.

How To Lock Helmet On Motorcycle

This is the short answer:

You don't need to fret about what to do with your helmet though as long as you have a top-quality motorbike helmet lock.  With this tool, you can safely-- and comfortably-- store the helmet with your bike.

1. Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Helmet locks are basic devices that connect to your helmet and also the framework of your bike, stopping the helmet from obtaining stolen. Most common helmet locks utilize a cord to protect your helmet.

The securing system for this lock can either be a combination code or merely the keys. And the wire, which is often made of steel, as well as has an added coating that makes it resistant to rust or rusting. The cable-style helmet is also easy to use and also durable, as well as can likewise be quite heavy.

Locking your helmet with a motorcycle helmet lock is easy. Pass the rubber-coated cable with the bottom of your helmet, and also out with the visor. After that fix it to your bike frame or any other part of your bike you discover ideal.

But suppose you have a helmet with an open visor? Because instance, you can use a helmet lock that clicks your chinstrap right into the lock to protect your helmet.

It is worth keeping in mind that the chinstrap can easily be reduced, which makes it easy to steal the helmet. Utilizing this lock to secure helmets that feature an open visor is not risk-free. The very same holds true for open helmets and also half-face helmets.

Lock Helmet On Motorcycle


As amusing as it seems, a gunlock can act as a helmet lock Using a helmet lock is excellent, but it costs you extra money. And also you may save much if you have an extra gunlock.

Every weapon in the USA needs to include a gun lock, so lots of people have an extra gunlock. In case you do not have any kind of, ask about from close friends, and you will certainly obtain one. Or, you can get one from your neighborhood police division totally free.

Most gunlocks fit perfectly around the chin compartment of the helmet. And then position the lock to the framework of your bike, around your preferred area.

The drawback of using a gunlock is that they are normally not long. You have just enough space to lock the helmet to your bike. You will not constantly be able to put your helmet in a steady position where it doesn't scratch your paint.

3.Built-in Motorcycle Lock

The majority of bikes, with really few exceptions, have a built-in lock. It's either a different keyed lock or a hook under a lockable seat.

However, one issue with basically all those locks is that they are created for a dual D ring helmet bolt. If your helmet includes various other designs of the fastener, after that it'll not collaborate with your bike's stock lock.

Built-in Motorcycle Lock

4.Bicycle Cable Lock

A bicycle cable lock is one more choice when it concerns locks, especially for those under spending plan. The unique helmet locks are also weaker, but extra small. They additionally set you back quite a bit more.

The pro of using a lock like this is the length of the cable television. They are usually quite long, small and light, and are quick to open which makes it much easier to put your helmet in a tidy place.

The con of using a bicycle cable television lock is the size. Where devoted helmet locks are made small and light to fit under your seat, the bike cable locks aren't. They are quite a dimension and also they might not fit under your seat.

Utilizing a bike chain lock is basically comparable to making use of a helmet lock. You begin by threading the lock wire via your helmet's bottom component as well as the open visor location and after that lock it to your motorcycle framework.

However, they are not extremely protected locks since one can quickly cut the cable television.

Do I Need A Helmet Lock

Yes. Possibly you do not mind carrying your helmet with you, wherever you go. Yet if you're searching for an economical way to save your helmet when you're out with friends, on a day, at work, or out running duties, then a bike lock is excellent.

Other than that, having a helmet conserves you from the danger of having it taken.

To your benefit, motorcycle helmet locks are rather affordable, so you do not have to stress over excavating a hole in your pocket to safeguard your helmet.

Where Should You Attach Your Helmet To

Helmet On Motorcycle

Since you understand there are a number of various styles of locks you can utilize to protect your helmet, it is very important to find out how to properly attach it.

The first option is the handlebars. If you pick this alternative, be sure that a burglar will certainly be not able to merely move the lock off the handlebars. Make sure you use the center of the handlebars just, to attach the lock as well as the helmet.

The passenger pegs are another option. The secures are really the most typical spot to keep a helmet. To make use of it, you'll turn a fix down and utilize it as a shelf of types for the helmet. This will work out great if your bike is parked in a reduced traffic area, or else, the helmet may become damaged.

Your saddle is another great alternative. If you have a detachable seat, remove it, place the helmet under the seat, secure it, and put the seat back in place.

You can likewise use your mirror, merely run the lock with the mirror and also a helmet and place the helmet on the handlebars.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave your helmet there on public roadways, as individuals can bump into it and you won't be the first person to locate your helmet packed with pet piss.

With a helmet, the factor of a lock isn't a lot to quit an established thief, regarding maintaining an arbitrary intoxicated from knocking it off onto the ground or some youngster bring it off for funsies. Serious burglars rarely swipe helmets - there is simply no fantastic resale worth in someone's perspiring utilized gear.

However, when you have an expensive helmet and Bluetooth communication system, you'd better carry it with you.

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