How to Ride a Dirt Bike in the Snow 2023

As "Winter is Coming!" is a famous expression, dirt bicycle riders have one primary worry.

Ditching their preferred motorcycle for a few months. Or how will it feel to ride a motorcycle in the snow?

When there is ice anywhere as much as your knees, you likely will find a secure spot in your garage to kickstand your dirt bike believing that is what everybody else does.

Well, you are wrong! Some individuals have a lot of fun riding their motorcycles right in the snow. If you have never ever had the chance, you are losing out a good deal.

Preparing Your Dirt Bike

How to ride a dirt bike in the snow? Let's take a look.

Use Antifreeze

Coolant is what you normally go to maintain your engine from overheating in the summer and now you'll want anti-freeze.

If your coolant does not have anti-freeze properties then you'll need to change out the fluid.

Have you listened to the tales concerning motorcycles taking off? Yes, but it doesn't explode like a bomb.

When it happens, it's a result of the cooler, denser air developing a lean scenario (even more air than fuel).

It's less most likely to happen with a 4-stroke because many, nowadays, are all fuel injected yet in a 2-stroke it triggers the piston to thaw on the exhaust port side with the mix of oil and also fuel.

In cold weather, the fuel mixture fails to take a trip from the consumption to the exhaust before burning up and it gets so hot the metal melts.

The very best means to avoid this is re-jetting your carb for winter to make up for the dense air.

Newer motorcycles, whether 2-stroke or 4-stroke, do not normally have this trouble.

Dirt Bike

Put on Snow Tires

On snow, tires can obtain stuck on the run, or they can even lose momentum and also slide off the ground. You do not want that to take place for you so you need to prepare your motorcycle.

One thing some people have discovered practical is to buy a totally brand-new pair of motorcycle tires made for snow riding. Snow tires look like standard dirt bike tires, however, they include studs to raise traction.

The studs are designed to grip the frozen ground, and riding in snow with studded tires will be a smooth experience. The studs jut out from the tires for regarding 7 or 8 mm typically.

Yet this choice is as well costly to be comfy with for me. Tire firms like Michelin use a set of these studded tires for as high as 580$ per collection.

As I stated, I am not comfy with that said alternative although the tires are made to last many years to ensure that you can always choose them up every wintertime till they break.

The various other option I would certainly advise if you are not going to invest that much on a set of studded winter tires is to acquire ice screws that you can fit into your dirt bike tires.

These screws are rather cheap, and essentially, they finish the job. You can get one bag for as much as 20$.

These screws can be found in different sizes. You pick to rely on the deepness of the snow outdoors and also your specs.

The excellent screws step in between 1.5 to 3.8 inches. Longer screws can puncture your tires' tubes.

The lengths differ from ⅜ inches to 1- 1/2 inches long.

These DIY snow tires can be efficient although they can fall out on the track or pierce your tires. Studded tires are a requirement in the snow, whether you make them or acquire them in a store.

Protect Your Motor

The motor on the motorcycle must also be changed. You might not need to get a replacement, but you will do well with a few protective elements. The damp snow can potentially destroy your bike's motor.

The carburetor is among the components you will certainly require to keep safe. Treatment of the sides will shield the carburetor from cold.

Your throttle can get stuck, or your dirt bike can get fuel-starved ought to the carburetor freeze.

You can utilize a collection of plastic covers to stay out of damp snow. In the case of a two-stroke engine, ensure that the air-fuel mix is focused to enhance the working of the engine in cold temperatures.

Wintertime Protective Equipment

There are some points that you do not need, but that you certainly want in order to remain safe and also warm while dirt cycling in the snow. Here are some things you ought to think about doing when you're intending on taking your dirt bike for a trip in the snow:

Set Up Grip Heaters.

These are at the top of my listing of non-essential suggestions because I located that while the bike didn't require them to operate, I did.

My hands got so cold while I was out in the snow, making running the throttle, clutch bar, as well as front brake lever truly hard.

When I set up grip heating systems, my life obtained a lot less complicated throughout those cold, snowy days on my motorcycle. The extra heat really aided me to have a much better time.

Apply Athletic or Electrical Tape on the Clutch and also Brake Levers.

Adding some tape on some locations of your motorcycle can additionally aid maintain your hands from freezing since the metal will not be so cool.

Wear gloves meant for cold weather.

Your regular dust cycling gloves are not enough. You wish to put on riding gloves with a thick exterior yet thin-ish palm to stay comfy.

Wear a balaclava.

Do not let any kind of skin go exposed. Balaclavas are specifically made to cover the locations of your face that are not covered by your goggles or safety helmet.

Wear long johns.

This gets missed over too often, brings about hypothermia or frostbite, yet they make a world of a distinction in maintaining your body cozy and protected while dirt biking in the snow. Make certain your thermal underwear are especially for sports make use to make sure that they wick away your sweat for the best comfort.

Wear wool socks.

To maintain your feet warm as well as stop hypothermia or frostbite, use outstanding woolen socks. Having chilly feet will ruin your day on your dirt bike, and you don't desire that!

Wear safety glasses with good airflow.

Your body will get hot yet the exterior is chilly. This leads to fog, which is never ever enjoyable! If your safety glasses maintain misting anyways, carry some tissue in your dry bag to clean away any type of fog or snow particles.

Treat your boots with water repellant.

Nothing ruins a day more than wet feet. Utilize a water repellant prior to going out on your motorcycle in the snow to keep warm and dry.

Ensure safety during snow riding

Riding Conditions

Riding conditions contribute to the success of winter months riding. The fluffier the snow in your riding area, the less grip you will experience.

Perfect states include dense snow, that is snow that is less than 8 to 9 inches in depth. If the snow is 11 to 12 inches deep, it will be harder to ride over, specifically with variable crust layers made up.

The optimal snow conditions for dirt biking is where a thick crust has chosen snow that is less than 10 to 12 inches deep. The density of the crust creates a smooth ride, as well as usual barriers like stumps as well as rocks, which are below the snow's surface.

Is Winter Riding Popular?

As I investigated around as well as trying out motorcycles in the snow, I found that it's not an extremely common activity, not also among a few of the most enthusiastic dirt cyclists I'm good friends with.

I discovered that people that such as dirt biking in the snow are those who like snow or cold weather as a whole, enjoy other winter sporting activities like skiing or snowboarding, or simply don't have the perseverance for wintertime to be over to return out to do the important things they enjoy.

In my experiment with dirt cycling in the snow, I also discovered a small number of people who dirt bike in the wintertime specifically because they like the cool better than heat. I believe they have fair points.

Basically, riding a motorcycle in the snow is actually hit-or-miss for individuals. If you're seeking to enter into it and also you're able to drop the money required to make your motorcycle work in the snow, do it!

Ask about and also see if there's anybody ready to go with you and when you're around, I make sure you'll discover a few other individuals that you can develop a community.

Motorcycle tires

Additional Tips on Riding Motorcycle in Winter Months

When you're dirt cycling in the snow, you'll intend to make sure you're taking extra steps to have a good time and also remain risk-free.

Start your dirt bike ahead of time.

I located that starting my dirt bike up and allowing it to compete for a couple of mins before I was entrusted to go dirt cycling in the snow would help everything run efficiently throughout those cold weather.

I observed that when I let my bike run idly before really taking it out aided my motorcycle run even more smoothly in the snow.

It's sort of like letting your cars and truck heat up prior to taking your early morning commute when it's cool outside.

Maintain your motorcycle covered.

Do you know how your battery can drain in the cold if you do not start it up regularly enough? Your dirt bike can do something comparable with the engine.

If you're intending on riding your motorcycle in the snowy winter season, you may likewise be careful not to leave your dirt bike outside for an extended period of time.

The engine can ice up, particularly if you allow snow to build upon it.

Try to utilize a garage, cellar, or even a tarpaulin would certainly do.

Shelter, as a whole, will aid your dirt bike to stay in good shape in the winter.

Bring additional socks and gloves in a dry bag.

Don't count on what you have actually hopped on you already. Snow is wet and cool, as well as if you are also, you'll be unpleasant and go at higher risk for hypothermia and also frostbite.


Riding your motorcycle in the snow is no easy task, so it's simple to obtain dehydrated. People often tend to neglect to consume water on a chilly day, but you should not! Keep in mind to keep taking drinks as you go throughout your day.

Establish a time limit for yourself and stay with it.

Hypothermia and frostbite happen when your body is exposed to the chilly for also long. Use a watch under your jacket or check your phone every single time you take a beverage of water. You should attempt to restrict your time dirt biking in the snow to less than 3 hrs at the really the majority of.


Dirt cycling in the snow can be a remarkable experience and cause several of the most enjoyable you've ever before had on a motorcycle. Just make sure your tires are studded, your electric motor is safeguarded, and your body is covered. You'll have the moment of your life! Have fun around, y' all!

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