What Is Best Motorcycle Engine Size To Start (Full List Size Include)

Once you've completed your motorbike instruction and have passed your test on roads, you could be thinking about which type of bike should I start with?

There's a range of options ranging from 125cc to 2500cc! Type of cylinder, the number of cylinders in the bike, and the purpose are only one of things to take into consideration. After months of study, I decided to begin with the 321cc Yamaha R3. Is it a good choice? I'd say yes.

The engine's size is one of the most important things to think about and we'll focus on it right now.

Let's examine how my 300cc bike helped me become a better cyclist and why I did not go with an 800cc bike.

Motorcycle Engine Size Guide

What is the exact meaning of CC refer to?

CC is an abbreviation for Cubic Centimeters. It is the measurement of your engine's displacement in the motorbike. Motorcycles use combustion engines. The engine draws air and fuel. When pressure is applied, the gasses ignite and the process of combustion begins. The engine is then powered.

The more CCs an engine has, the greater amount of air and fuel it can absorb. The more fuel and air it absorbs the greater amount of combustion takes place. This means more performance and speed. The more CCs that a motor has, the greater power it will produce, however it will reduce the efficiency of your fuel and your safety as a beginner.

What is the major differences between the 300cc and the 600cc engines?

In regards to the dimensions engine, the CCs have an important function. What is the primary distinction between something smaller for example, 300cc engines, or something more powerful, for instance, 600cc engines? The real problem lies in details or, in this instance, the capacity of combustion.

These 300cc models are user-friendly and user-friendly than models of 600cc. There's more room to make mistakes and figure out the problems. It's important to have wiggle room since, as with all new abilities you'll make errors. Engine size is the most important aspect in determining whether an error is an opportunity to learn or an emergency hospitalization.

Experienced riders will tell them that a small engine can aid you in your quest to learn how to ride. It is crucial to be able to stop your bike and not be thrown off the bike or speed up and not fall into the wheelie and then reverse and steer the bike without falling. It is also essential to be vigilant and be aware of the motorists that are who are in front of you. It's only a matter of seconds for a motorist to strike you dead when they're not paying attention to be attentive.

How fast can they travel?

The bikes of the 300cc range typically have a maximum speed of 140mph and can reach constant speeds of between 55 and 75mph. The 600cc bikes are capable of reaching speeds of 170mph or 200mph and can be driven at constant speeds of 75-80 mph. However, the number of miles per gallon is reduced.

It is generally believed that you should not go faster than 60-70 mph. This is why the 300cc is an ideal choice because it's capable of keeping up with the traffic while conserving fuel. It can also help avoid going too fast and the loss of the rear tires.

A 300cc motorcycle can be used to transport you on the highway and across the country if that is what you plan to do with it. It can accomplish this in a safe manner and without the dangers of bigger bikes. You are waiting on the road to explore, but be sure to ride in a safe manner.

How much is their significance?

There are a variety of factors that affect the individual's weight when riding motorbikes that aren't just the primary ones to think about. Of obviously, a 600cc engine is heavier than a 300cc engine in general, but other elements like the kind of seat, body, wheels, and even fuel tanks can cause significant differences in the weight.

Once you've made an inventory of the motorcycles that you're thinking about then you'll be able to figure out their weight. There is a consensus that lighter-weight bikes are great for long-distance travel, while heavier ones are great to use locally.

How do they measure their reliability?

Stability is an additional aspect that differs from bike to bicycle. A majority of cyclists are of the opinion that bikes that are more stable include a more robust frame and less plastic that could be used as a kite or sail. It is possible to find 300cc bikes which can be more sturdy than those with 600cc bikes or in the reverse, depending on the frame and weight. Opt to buy a bike that is simple and has an outstanding frame.

How do I determine the ideal quantity of cylinders?

A bike for beginners with two cylinders is the most efficient. What makes a bike with dual cylinders the top choice? Because it's balanced. The balance between two equal-sized cylindrical is more efficient than the single-cylinder as well as that shaft for balance. The balance makes the bike be less shaken and move. Dual-cylinder bikes are more efficient and respond faster to acceleration and braking.

The way in which dual-cylinders work is through the creation of combustion in each cylinder independently and then the power that is generated. This makes it faster and more efficient. Because the bike is equipped with similar power distribution between two smaller cylinders they also cool faster. They weigh more than a single-cylinder bike, however, the added power is more than the extra weight.

Can a bike that has a capacity of 300cc keep speeds similar to highways?

A motorcycle with a 300cc engine can keep an average speed of 55-75mph. These speeds are acceptable for use on roads. A bike with a 300cc motor might be better suited for use on the road since it is more efficient in the consumption of fuel than models with 600cc or more. Some riders have suggested that 300cc bikes might not be as effective at the speed of passing, but they're generally excellent for road use.

A 600cc motorbike can also do extremely well on roads, but with all that power, it could be difficult for those just getting used to navigating roads and traffic. The additional power and weight can cause the bike to be less stable for those who are not used to riding. This could make it riskier and is definitely not something you'd desire for a beginner rider.

Does each have its own methods for handling?

A bike of 600cc has engines that are larger and more powerful. It is able to accelerate faster but, while it is enjoyable it comes with its disadvantages. Unforceful force to someone who's not certain of the best method to control it can cause skidding, wheelies that weren't meant to be dropped, or even falling. The risk of dropping is when you try to stop but lose control, and your bike crashes in the opposite direction. A bike with 300cc more stable offers more control and allows you to learn to manage yourself in various situations.

The more confident you are with your bike, the easier it will be to be able to get home each night. If you speak to any motorcyclists, they'll suggest that it is advised to take your time and learn to ride safely.

I'm an experienced cyclist, do I need to purchase the larger displacement bicycle?

The performance of your car isn't significantly affected by the size of your car. There are many elements that determine whether an automobile is a right size for a specific rider. The size, height, and performance of suspension are important much more than the number of CCs on the vehicle. If you're in the market for a bike, make an appointment to ride on different motorcycles. Ask questions regarding the capacity of the weight and suspension. These factors are more crucial than the size of the engine. If the driver is taller than 6'6" and above 400lbs and above, you may have to boost your engine upwards to 500cc or more.

Different Types of Motorcycle Engines

What size motorbike will you require to purchase?

Common types of motorcycle engines

The bikes that they ride aren't toys. If they don't have the appropriate tools, equipment, as well as experience, they are an unintentional death trap. This means they are less efficient however it doesn't mean there won't be times when they'll attempt to remember that they can succeed once. Many families have lost parents fathers, husbands, brothers, and fathers as a result of the inability to take responsibility while riding, or simply because other drivers aren't paying enough attention. Even the most experienced riders may have their moments of adversity.

A bike with a 300CC rating allows an opportunity to master the fundamentals. There will be situations where you need to brake quickly or turn at the flick of a turn or even swerve and slip. It's easily controlled is able to stop and reduce speed with greater security than larger models. Also, it's less likely to crash when you stop it.

For example:

What do you do when you're trying to pass another motorist on the road but they're not able to spot you immediately and start moving toward you?

What do you do if you find wet grass on the street? Someone who is cutting their lawn and not cleaning up afterward?

What do you do in the event your tire blows?

If you're unable to answer these questions it is likely that you are riding a bicycle that is smaller. If you can answer these inquiries be on guard. The possibility of accidents can occur at anytime.

The following are sizes of motorbike engines:

  1. Harley Davidson 750cc - 1917cc
  2. Indian 1100cc 1890cc
  3. Honda 110cc - 1100cc
  4. Suzuki 113cc - 1800cc
  5. Kawasaki 1,000cc 250cc
  6. Yamaha 125cc - 1000cc
  7. KTM 50ccc 1290cc
  8. BMW 300cc 1800cc
  9. Royal Enfield 350cc - 350cc

This article was written by me to provide a clear definition of an engine, and the different types offered, and more importantly, the different sizes of engines that are currently available by the top motorcycle manufacturers.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Engine Sizes

real engine size in the CC
Motor Dimension in Cubic Inches
750 Cc 46 cu i
883 cc 53.9 cu i
1200 cc 73.4 cu i
1753 Cc 107 cu i
1868 Cc 114 cu i
1917 Cc 117 cu i

Indian Motorcycle Engine Sizes

The actual size of the engine the CC
Dimensions for Engines in Cubic Inches
1000 61 cu i
1130 69 cu i
1200 73 cu i
1768 108 cu i
1811 111 cu i
1890 116 cu i

Honda Motorcycle Engine Sizes

The actual size of the engine the CC
A motorcycle engine is typically called
108 Cc 110
124 Cc 125
124.9 Cc 125
250 Cc 125
286 cc 300
329.2 cc 350
329.6 cc 350
449 cc 450
471 cc 500
649 cc 650
745 cc 750
998 cc 1100
99 Cc 1000
1140 cc 1100
1084 cc 1100

Suzuki Motorcycle Engine Sizes

The Real Size Engine in the CC
Motorbike Engines are often called
113 Cc 113
124 Cc 125
99 Cc 200
200 cc 200
248 cc 250
249 cc 250
398 cc 400
400 cc 400
599 cc 600
645 cc 650
652 cc 650
749 cc 750
750 Cc 750
805 cc 800
99 Cc 1000
999.8 Cc 1000
1000 cc 1000
1037 cc 1050
1340cc 1300
1465cc 1450
1783 Cc 1800

Kawasaki Motorcycle Engine Sizes

The Real Size Engine in the CC
Motorcycle Engine, also known as
100cm 125
299 cc 300
636 cc 636
649 cc 650
773 cc 800
948 cc 900
998 cc 1000
1043 Cc 1000

Yamaha Motorcycle Engine Sizes

Real Size Engine in the CC
motorbike Engine is often referred to as
124 Cc 250 Cc
124.7 Cc 250cm
250 Cc 150cm
292 cc 300 cc
321 cc 300 cc
530 Cc 500 cc
562 cc 600 cc
599 cc 600 cc
689 cc 700 cc
847 cc 900 Cc
890 cc 900 Cc
998 cc 1000cc

KTM Motorcycle Engine Sizes

Actual size of engine the CC
Motorcycle Engine, generally called
49 cc 50 cc
64.9cc 65 cc
84.9 cc 85 cc
124.7 Cc 250cm
143.9 Cc 150 cc
249 cc 250 cc
293 cc 300 cc
293.2 300 cc
349 cc 350 cc
373 cc 390 cc
449 cc 350 Cc
449.9 cc 500 Cc
510 cm 500 cc
690 cc 690 cc
799 cc 790 cc
889 cc 890 cc
1301 Cc 1290 cc

BMW Motorcycle Engine Sizes

Real Size of the Engine in the CC
Motorcycle Engine is often referred to as
313 cc 310
350 cc 400
647 cc 650
853cc (Restricted) 750
853 cc 850
895 cc 900
99 Cc 1000
1170 cc 1200
1254 Cc 1250
1649 Cc 1600
1802 Cc 1800

Royal Enfield Motorcycle Engine Sizes

Actual size of engine the CC
motorbike Engine is often referred to as
346 cc 350
411 Cc 400
648 cc 650


Now that you've had the chance to view the different dimensions of engines you can buy, I'll talk more about the engines that I'm sure you'll be interested in. Continue reading...

What exactly is a Motorbike Engine?

A motor is a machine that converts one kind of energy and then converts it back to another type of energy. Motorbike engines are the principal component of the bike and are the primary motivation for the vehicle's power.

They transform the power produced by the combustion of the fuel and air into circular motions that transfer to the motorcycle's wheels. Through this process, energy is transformed into energy and it is the result that creates mechanical energy that kicks off and drives the bike.

What are the various types of motorcycle Engines?

On the basis of the cylinders' strokes and capacity Based on the strokes, capacity, and cylinders, they are divided into three categories.

  1. Cylinders
  2. Displacement
  3. Stroke


You can separate the motorbike engine into one model with up to six cylinders. The four-cylinder model is a V-shaped design and is believed as the one most popular and well-known model.


Within the range of 50 - 1500 cubic centimeters, up the 1500 cubic centimeter range motorbike engines of different capacities can be used to satisfy the requirements of your motorcycle. There are engines with various dimensions for different models of motorcycles, and each engine is modified to give more or less power.


Additionally, two-stroke and four-stroke engines have demonstrated their value in terms of effectiveness and speed.

Which are the top popular motorcycle engine choices?

  1. Inline
  2. V Type
  3. Flat-Twins / Boxer configuration
  4. Singles
  5. Inline-Threes

In addition to the size of the engine and the method by how the engine is configured is an important factor to consider when you are deciding which motorcycle you're looking to purchase.

The engine configuration of motorcycles is the arrangement in which the cylinders are located. Most people prefer bikes with lower-cost components that are mostly twin or single-cylinder engines which are easy to maintain. For instance, Honda's CB500X twin-cylinder engine.

What happens when more motor cylinders get added? In this situation, we'll require the four-stroke layout to recognize the various engine configurations available for motorcycles.

In this section, I'll demonstrate five of the most well-known designs.

Inline configuration:

These are the most frequently employed arrangements. In this arrangement, the cylinders of 2 to six are placed in rows.

Inline four models come with smaller engines and can be able to fit into small places, just like bikes designed for sports.

One casting is used in the manufacturing process to ensure a smooth, smooth and comfortable ride.

Type V

The cylinder and the piston are set on two separate rows creating the appearance reminiscent of an elongated V.

This decreases the weight and length of the motor.

Twin-engine of V variety is most commonly used in cruisers as well in racing motorcycles because of their superior control. They are one of the most sought-after engines across North America.


A single crankshaft provides the possibility of putting the cylinders on its sides that are constructed with two banks. They are very well balanced, generate ample power, and possess an extremely low center of gravity.

BMW motorcycles are renowned for their exclusive boxer engine (or Boxer Twin and have numerous customers who would never purchase any other type of motorbike.


These engines are simple to construct, which means that the manufacturing costs are low and they are maintenance-free.

They're lightweight and can be used in a range of off-road motorbikes, including dual-sports and dirtbikes. They're also a popular option for manufacturers who want to include them in scooters and low-end motorcycles that have small displacements.


It's like a parallel twin engine, however, it is equipped with one additional engine.

They aren't able to reach speeds but they do generate plenty of torque in the middle and lower RPM's which is why they are ideal roads bikes.

I hope this brief overview of the motorcycle engine's design will help you understand the fundamentals.

The reason why it is vital to be aware of the different dimensions and formats?

It is possible that you are interested to learn the motive for knowing more about various sizes of motorbike engines and the significance of each when searching for a motorbike.

It is essential to recognize how big the engine in the vehicle is linked to the amount it will accommodate. Like large-sized bikes, they are equipped with larger engines and could come with a range of displacements and engines.

However small bikes are also smaller incapacity, which could affect your performance while cycling.

Motorcycles are offered in a variety of sizes, with the development of technology and other technological advances which have been made, it is essential to design motorcycles that are bigger and are more efficient than the earlier models.

In the industrialized world motorbikes with bigger engines are sought-after, which makes them more sought-after by riders. However, these larger capacity motorbikes cost more however, we're willing to be willing to pay for more performance, as consumers.

In some emerging nations, like Asia and India, motorcycles with heavier and larger engines are being used, they're not affordable for many riders. As an example, a bike with a capacity of 300cc is sought-after by countries that are growing because the vast majority of people have money enough to purchase it.

In comparison, in America, in U.S., 300 cc is one of the least sought-after sizes for motorcycles.

Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson'scurrent motorcycle models' engine size is contingent on the type of engine it uses which are called Twin Cam, Evolution, and Revolution engines. The Evolution engine, it's capable of moving eight83 cubic inches.

There has been a massive rise in the 103 cubic inches of Twin cam models in the last few years. This is because certain models are 1584 cubic centimeters in a dimension that is quite large. As is it is the displacement of 69 cubic centimeters is included on Revolution model engines.

In terms of how much use and popularity are in question, it's important to know the fact that these stunning 2147cc street engines designed in the hands of Harley Davidson currently rank amongst the most highly-rated vehicles.

Indian Motorcycle Company Indian Motorcycle Company

Indian Motorcycle Company was first founded in the year of 1901. Indian provides a range of models. These include Indian FTR 1200, Indian FTR 1200, FTR 1200 S, Indian Scout, Indian Chief Classic, Indian Springfield, Indian chieftain, and Indian Roadmaster. It's one of the Indian FTR 1200 and FTR 1200 S models that come with twin V engines that each have a the capacity in 1203 cubic centimeters.

But, Indian Scout has three distinct models Scout sixty, each having capacity that are 999 cubic centimeters as well as an engine that is liquid-cooled.

Scout Bobber Scout Bobber Scout, as well as the Scout Bobber each, have 1130 cubic centimeters incapacity that are cooled by liquid twin engines.

Modells from The Chief Dark Horse are comprised of The Indian Chief Classic, Indian chieftain Indian Roadmaster and Indian Springfield All are powered by the same engine capacity of 1811-cc V twins.

Honda Motorcycles

Honda Motors are located in Japan and makes high-quality motorbikes and engines. The capacity of the engine in terms of capacity is the different Honda models to be launched in 2020 includes Honda CBR600RR Gold Wing Model Honda CBR600RR Gold Wing Model, Honda Africa Twin, Honda CRF450L, Honda Fury, Honda Super Club, and Honda metropolitan in addition to numerous other amazing models.

Honda's CBR600RR engine is which is 599cc in as opposed to Gold Wing has an engine that is three times larger at 1833cc. It is a Liquid-Cooled six-cylinder engine.

Another thing to know is that the Honda Africa twin is equipped with its capacity of 1084 cubic centimeters, and it has a twin configuration of a twin-parallel configuration which makes it among the most powerful motorbikes on the market today to take you on exciting motorbike rides and exciting adventures.

Honda's CRF450L dual-sport motorcycle features an engine that is 449cc. It's a great motorcycle for off-road riding, the type of riding you are looking to do!

It's the Honda Fury has an engine capacity of 1312 cubic centimeters it is a V-twin design and is a brand-new model.

Additionally, for those searching for engines that are smaller in size such as this model. Honda Super Cub 125 is an air-cooled engine that has capacities of 125 cubic centimeters and it's Honda metropolitan engine which has an engine capacity of 49-cc.


Suzuki Motors are considered to be one of the most reliable and famous motorcycle manufacturers. They have a wide range of sizes of engines for examples as those of the Suzuki Hayabusa 1340cc, Suzuki the GSX R1000R and The Suzuki GSX 1000R Suzuki The SV650 and GSX S750Z ABS Suzuki Boulevard M109R, and Suzuki Burgman 200 to name a few.

The Suzuki Hayabusa has an engine that's 1350cc, while it is Suzuki GSX-R1000R comes with an engine that's 999.8-cc.

Furthermore, there is it is worth noting that the Suzuki GSX S1000F features a liquid-cooled engine, while the Suzuki GSX-S750Z ABS has an engine that's fuel-injected, with 749-cc.

Suzuki SV650 Suzuki SV650 comes with an engine capacity of 645cc and is a four-stroke engine.

Suzuki Boulevard M109R Suzuki Boulevard M109R has an impressive engine that has 1783 cubic centimeters. whereas the Suzuki Burgman comes with a 200cc the one-cylinder engine.


Kawasaki Motorbikes is a highly-respected Japanese company. They produce a variety of bikes that come in a range of engine sizes.

Three of the best brands offer three models that include Kawasaki Ninja H2, Kawasaki Ninja H2, the Kawasaki Vulcan S and The Kawasaki Ninja 400. Kawasaki's Vulcan S has a 649-cc para-parallel-twin engine, whereas the Kawasaki Ninja 400 has a 399-cc liquid-cooled engine. However, Kawasaki has also produced off-road bikes with engines smaller than 300 cubic centimeters.

With their vast selection of sizes for engines, Kawasaki is one of the most well-known and well-loved brands of motorcycles on the market.


Yamaha Motorcyclesintroduced its first motorcycle in 1955. It introduced various types of models that differ in their capacity in displacement and dimensions. Some of these models are the Yamaha YZ125, Yamaha YZ125 Yamaha 250 Yamaha V Star, Yamaha bolt, Yamaha Tracer, and the Super Tenere.

It's it's Yamaha YZ125 and Yamaha YZ250 are among the top dirt bikes. There are also models with engines that range between 79 and 510cc.

It is the Yamaha V Star 250 has an engine displacement of 249 cubic centimeters. However, the Yamaha bolt has an engine capacity of 942 cubic centimeters.

It is the Yamaha Tracer 900 is one of the most affordable touring bikes that have an engine's capacity of 847cc.

The TW200 is one of those off-road motorbikes. It has an air-cooled 196-cc motor. This Super Tenere has an engine capacity of 1199 cubic centimeters. It's an engine with a liquid cooling system and features the parallel-twin configuration.


KTM or Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofenintroduced their first motorcycle in 1952.

The 400 EXC has an engine's displacement of 398 cc. the 450 SX is fitted with an engine of 449-cc.

KTM 65 SX KTM 65 SX is a single-cylinder engine that is liquid-cooled, with a displacement of 65cc It is KTM 200 duke. KTM 200 duke has an engine that is 199.5 cubic centimeters.

KTM 250 Adventure KTM 250 Adventure has a displacement of 248.76-cc

KTM 890 Adventure KTM 890 Adventure is equipped with an engine displacement of 889cc. The 390 Adventure has an engine capacity of 373cc. The 790 Adventure R with an engine displacement of 799cc.

BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad offers a wide range of motorcycles available in a range of sizes of motors.

BMW R1200C models have the Air and an oil-cooled engine. It has the oil-cooled Boxer twin-cylinder configuration. The capacity of 1170cc is very unique.

BMW's latest model with the capacity of 999cc displacement, or engine capacity and a brand new engine. BMW has launched the 1800-powered engine. It's part of the R18 and is the most powerful Boxer engine.

Royal Enfield

If you're a lover of bikes, it is likely that you've at least often been stunned by the breathtaking beauty of the Royal Enfield. This is apparent in the renowned dimension of this engine which is produced through Royal Enfield super compatible 350-cc. RE Himalayan has 411cc of the engine.

RE Interceptor as well as RE Continental GT made use of the latest engine, which is 650cc and comes with 8V and the parallel-twin configuration.

Which are these Popular Motorcycle Engine Sizes?

The three primary dimensions of engines that are most popular are:

  1. 600cc
  2. 850cc
  3. 1000cc

In motorbikes, engine displacement is available in various dimensions and frequencies across various motorcycles. Therefore, it can be measured by cubic centimeters.

Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles have their engines measured in cubic inches, called C U.

Motorcycle Engine Size

For engines, bigger isn't always the best. The more horsepower a motorcycle has the more experienced and experienced you must be about operating it properly. Motorbikes are fun and liberating and can bring you on an adventure. But, they are hazardous and could result in the death of a patient or even hospitalization. It is vital to keep the highest standards that is safe and respectful for not only your bicycle as well as the motorists and on the road.

It is important to have experience because you'll be able to improve your skills by using a bike that is safer. It is easier to control and master. The likelihood is higher that you will be able to get out of an accident without much effort. It is less likely you'll get at fault for an incident at all. Beyond the engine's size, it is equally important to make sure you have the proper maintenance of your motorcycle.

Make sure you have the correct bike. Start slow and don't allow your pride to hinder your cycling. In the event of a crash, your bike can cause damage to both yourself and the bicycle. You have plenty of time to improve and learn about your bike. It's better to start small, but then move towards the next level, instead of beginning with a big bike, and then end up stopping there.

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