The Most Comprehensive Motorcycle Vest Patches Rules 2023

If you are most likely to be using a biker patch, you need to recognize the regulations and etiquette that border this.

The reason for this is that your actions will be a representation of all of the riders in your location.

This is true if you come from a club or if you are independent.

What Are Biker Patches?

Biker patches are used by members of motorcycle clubs as a kind of message to allow people to know which clubs they belong to.

Riders often put these patches at the back of their vest, which are packed with significance and also a tradition.

Besides being required for recognizing members, riders additionally portray unique features about motorbike riders and add an ornamental element.

Each motorcycle club makes use of tailored biker patches with various styles and meanings.

Motorcycle Vest Patches

Every Club Has Their Own Rules

One of the most integral parts of biker patch rules and also etiquette is recognizing that every motorcycle rider club will certainly have its very own policies for its patches.

If you are a member of a club, you need to adhere to the policies that they have.

If there is anything in the rule that you do not understand, you should request for explanation rather than simply presuming that you know what it implies.

The majority of clubs will certainly allow you to wear a patch on your vest, yet you need to ask first because some clubs have specific positionings.

If you are considering having a patch made, it’s best to get in touch with the local motorcycle club first.

Ideally, you ought to show your design to the clubs for authorization.

This is not required, but it is a respect for the club and the patches they have.

What are the Rules for Wearing Biker Patches?

The rules and etiquette when wearing motorcycle patches are different between different clubs. Nevertheless, some general policies apply to many scenarios, and they include the following:

  • Beware about where you wear biker patches.

Biker patches have special significance and must be worn in consideration of these promises. For example, a cyclist must never ever wear patches or colors of their club in one more area.

  • Never touch the patch or colors of other members.

Motorcycle charter members are rather proud of their colors and all their initiative to make them. Thus, it would be best to protect your vest to guarantee no one damage your shades.

  • You have to surrender your colors if you lose your club membership.

If you voluntarily leave your club or shed your membership, you need to return your patches to the club. Return your colors is crucial as it makes certain that only purely accepted participants can wear the patches.

  • Never borrow a member's vest.

Unless you are a women passenger currently riding with a charter member, you can not obtain and put on an additional motorbike rider's vest with their patches or colors.

  • Patches can only be placed on sleeveless vests.

Biker patches can only be worn or embroidered on sleeveless vests only. Furthermore, you do not put on any kind of patches if you have not been validated as a complete charter member.

  • Biker patches must be earned, not bought.

The riders in a motorcycle club have to gain their biker patches, and also they can't buy them with money. Acquiring your biker patches is taken into consideration as disrespectful, and you need to avoid it.

  • Prevent placing unnecessary patches on your vest.

When you place way too many patches on your motorcycle vest, it conveys that you are superior to your club. Thus, it would certainly help to value your vest and not have any other patch on your back in addition to your club's one-of-a-kind patches.

A man riding a motorcycle

Kinds Of Biker Patches

There are numerous types of motorbike rider patches available today, and also they consist of:

  1. Club patches: These patches symbolize club subscription
  2. Army customized patches: These patches showcase dedication to the country
  3. Flag patches: These patches likewise reveal your nationalism to your nation
  4. Brand-based patches: Harley Davidson cyclist patches can recognize the details sort of bike that you have
  5. One-piece patches: This patch is put on the rear of a cyclist's jacket or vest, and it shows that the customer is a member of a particular club
  6. Three-piece patches: It has 3 unique patches depicting the club's name, emblem, and location.
  7. Activity rider patches: These are given to cyclists after finishing certain tasks, for instance, going to a rally.
  8. Criminal biker patches: Patches like "Number 13" are primarily utilized by outlaw motorcycle clubs to represent that the individuals may have participated in various criminal tasks.

Motorcycle Club Patches Meanings

The vivid and also vibrant patches you see riders putting on are greater than just pieces of decor.

They lug definitions and also information just riders within a club would comprehend.

The patches are recognized what type of club a rider belongs to along with the activities they have taken part in. Let's look at the various patches and what they mean.

Single Back Patch

A one-piece patch, generally worn on the vest or jacket, indicates that the user is affiliated with a riding club or motorbike organization.

More often, these patches contain crucial info like the name of the club, the logo of the organization, and the region of the club.

A one-piece motorbike rider patch likewise shows that the American Motorcycles Association has actually sanctioned the group.

Two-piece Patch

A 2-piece patch can do several things.

A two-piece biker patch is used to represent the change stage of motorcycle charter members.

It suggests that the participants are awaiting approval from the club's hierarchy to come to be a member of the motorcycle club.

If they are authorized, they will gain the right to use a three-piece patch Putting on a 2-piece patch also needs you to be careful regarding the layout of the patch as it must not infringe or resemble the patches of the regional clubs.

3-piece Biker Patch.

A 3-piece patch denotes that a participant belongs to a standard motorcycle club or an Illegal club.

A three-piece biker patch contains a top rocker, the club's emblem, and a bottom rocker.

Together, these three pieces are described as colors.

The top patch has the name of the club, the center patch often carries the logo design of the club, and also the bottom rocker indicates the location of the club.

A 3-piece patch is made use of to indicate that the club is not necessarily a 1% club which the American Bike Association has not approved.

The three-piece form means that the club has been approved by the leading club in the region or state.

To acquire a three-piece patch, one has to come to be a full participant of the club and be sanctioned by the full members.

A potential member is awarded the patches in phases, beginning with the top rocker, which has the name of the club, and also the club's logo design, which collectively forms a two-piece patch.

During this phase, the member can go to riding and events arranged by the club upon invitation. From there, he will certainly earn a three-piece patch.

A traditional three-piece patch motorbike club complies with stringent procedures, code of conduct, and customs that establish them apart.

Motorbike clubs, much better knowns as MCs, vary from various other motorcycle rider organizations and riding clubs because they have a vetting procedure before one is let in on the club or allowed to wear the club's color.

If you would like to know about a motorbike club, inspect the MC published on a small rectangular patch on the club colors rockers

Biker Rockers

Rockers are the best patches at the top and bottom of a motorcycle patch.

Not everyone can use those, including riding clubs and also independents.

You have to be accepted by the leading club in the location for you to wear them.

Rockers are utilized to declare area by the dominant club. A social riding club can not wear a rocker claiming a region unless the dominant club has actually approved it.

Biker rocker patches can give important info concerning a participant's social history.

These details include previous incarceration, substance abuse, and loyalty to a gang.

Generally, rockers and also biker patches that indicate complete membership are treated with the utmost respect.

Red and gold are the most common hues associated with biker colors insignia.

This makes it easy to identify that they belong to a club even when you don't identify which motorcycle rider club it is.

Biker Rockers

What are Biker Patches Made of?

Most biker patches are made from hefty material such as heavy cotton or jeans, as this is long-wearing and holds on well to the components.

Different patch styles required various percents of embroidery layout in order to accomplish the desired result.

Much more detailed designs typically call for more needlework while easy ones and also basic text patches do not require a lot of embroideries.

On the planet of biker patches, embroidery protection is broken down right into three classifications as listed below:

50% Embroidery

This kind of embroidery involves easy designs with simple message paying and phrases patches.

Additionally, a minimum of half or even more of the twill background is visible in this sort of needlework, with less than 50 percent consisting of needlework It additionally costs much less, which means it is suitable for most designs.

75% Embroidery

This is by far the most typical type of embroidery made use of when making biker patches.

In this kind of embroidery, 50 percent of even more includes embroidery, with less than 50% of the background noticeable.

The expense of this type of embroidery is reduced to standard. As such, it is suitable for the majority of styles.

100% Needlework

This is the highest possible patch top quality with the best amount of needlework.

100% of the patches include embroidery with extremely little to almost no twill background noticeable.

Even though it is the most pricey patch, it offers accuracy and more details. More elaborate styles commonly need this sort of needlework.

The patch must be embroidered utilizing the best machine and technology. This is valuable since it supplies color vibrancy, one of the most detailed stitching and also color precision within the part stitched. To ensure durability, the patch must be machine cleanable, colorfast and resilient.

The Most Comprehensive Motorcycle Vest Patches Rule

How to Use Biker Patches on Your Vest?

The best method of applying a motorbike rider patch onto your vest is by sewing it on. Although it is feasible to utilize glue, this technique isn't optimal considering that the adhesive could tarnish or damage your vest. Moreover, glue is a temporary service because the patches will likely come off over time.
Below are a couple of standards when sewing biker patches onto leather vests:

  1. Remove the renewable lining from the motorcycle patch before sewing it on your vest
  2. Avoid making use of cotton strings and only utilize either 100% nylon or 100% polyester
  3. Use the same color line as the border of the patch for a cleaner fit
  4. Keep in mind to begin and also finish the sewing from the internal side of your vest to hide the knots
  5. On top of that, always utilize close stitches to avoid the patch from being ripped off while you are riding


  • Can you wear a 1% patch?

The 1% patch has cited a statement from the American Motorcycle Association that 99% of motorbike riders comply with the regulation. 1% of patches are just put on by outlaw bikers while 99% of patches are put on by other cyclists to show that they are not outlawed motorbike riders.

So you decide~

  • Can you put on a vest on a motorcycle?

Of course, it should have been.


Biker patches, motorcycle rider history and lore, are popular subjects on message boards.

Rider teams were once not recognized for their misbehavior and brashness, but that is no more the situation.

Nowadays riders are seen a lot more favorably in society, many people see them as a positive resource of the neighborhood and also charity jobs.

Biker patches have actually become seen as an icon of freedom as well as are now commonly used to reveal membership in a bike club, as well as can also suggest the motorcyclist's rank within the club.

They might additionally DIY the motorbike rider's label or logo design.

Some motorcycle clubs oppose the use of commercial biker patches, and they prefer to make their own designs or use classic patches that have been circulating through the group for many years.

There is much biker patches decorum to be familiar with if you're aiming to buy or put on one yourself!

It is constantly best to obtain clarification from another participant if you are not sure of your biker patches' proper use, style, and positioning.

That will certainly show respect to the club as well as its members, and it will also help you stay clear of misconceptions.


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It's really cool to put motorcycle patches on a vest!!

Cyndi Jones

A motorbike is NOT a bicycle!
So much poor English and grammar in this excerpt, that it hurt my head.


Oh, I was too careless, I have corrected it, thank you for the reminder~

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