What Does A Rectifier Do On A Motorcycle? 2023

Motorcycles have a rectifier, which is a regulatory authority.

what? What's there to be managed? I mean, it's a motorcycle! You pour in the gas, turn the throttle and also relocate from A to B.

HOW complicated can it be?!

You must be surprised

What does a rectifier do on a motorcycle?

The significance of freedom while when traveling is a very fulfilling experience for motorcycle riders.

The adrenaline on those motorcycle tracks also hands out that enjoyment that motorcycle bikers seek, both in specialist and amateur worlds.

Let's solve the mystery of motorcycle electronics together.

What is a rectifier?

The rectifier operates in combination with the regulator.

The two collaborate to keep the electrical energy streaming from the battery. Both components require to be functioning effectively in order for the

motorcycle to run.

Modern motorcycles still run on batteries using charging circuits.

The regulator rectifier belongs to this system.

As the name indicates, the regulated rectifier is responsible for rectifying and regulating the voltage.

Before continuing and try to recognize the working of the rectifier allow's try to focus on the factor that why there is an alternator when our motorcycle needs a DC power source?

Why Use An AC Generator Instead Of A DC Generator?

The reason is quite simple the weight and the size of the DC generator are quite bigger than the AC generators.

For your motorbike, you need to have a generator that will simply provide you the maximum power along with a smaller size.

This is the reason why we have the AC generator on the motorcycle instead of the DC generators.



Why There Is A Need For DC Power In Motorcycle?

Currently, people wonder about this question that why we require to have the DC power in our motorcycle and can't work with the AC resource?

Well, the power created by the AC generator is used to bill the battery, as well as this battery, is responsible for the total performance of the electric system of our motorcycle.

Now one can not utilize the AC power for charging the battery and therefore there is a demand for the DC charge.

This 12V power that will be made use of by the battery for its charging will certainly be made use of by the various other parts like horn, fronts lights and various other components to function too.

To provide the correct operating to the electric system of the motorcycle, we need the DC adjustment but not the AC charger.

What Does A Rectifier Do On A Motorcycle?

Now that we have understood that there is a demand for the AC to be converted into the DC to ensure that the battery can be charged and the motorcycle can function.

Now from the definition of the rectifier or we can state the regulator, it is an instrument that converts the AC right into the DC and also therefore it is made use of in the motorbikes.

The basic functioning of a rectifier is based upon the diodes that are utilized in this tool.

These diodes make sure that the present that is traveling through them moves just in one direction and also for this reason it provides a DC wave from an AC resource.

There are key 2 features that are carried out by the Rectifier on the motorcycle


  • It converts the AC right into the DC.
  • It is additionally connected to a voltage regulator that regulates the power generated by the AC generator.

How do I found if I am having trouble with my rectifier?

Like various other parts of a motorcycle, you can encounter trouble with your rectifier.

The key is to determine if it is the trouble and afterward just how to go about repairing the problem.

Some signs of rectifier trouble.

If you notice that you are starting to have some start-up issues or some voltage problems, that is most likely to be an indication that you might be having trouble with your rectifier.

Dimming fronts lights, uneven meter readings and also poor starts are signs of a problem.

It is an excellent suggestion to either check it out on your own in your home or bring your motorcycle to a mechanic.

Motorcycle rectifier

Why is my rectifier going bad?

There are typically 2 reasons why your rectifier might be falling short.

  • Diode Burnout

If you have a poor diode, it is most likely to cause a drain on the battery.

It is a good idea to look for evidence of corrosion and bad connections.

You can also utilize a voltmeter to check the analyses.

If your analyses drop listed below 13 volts, then you have a problem.

This suggests that the motorcycle will begin to drain the battery and afterward your engine will certainly stop.

  • Shunt Regulator Burnout

This is one more reason you may have a problem with your rectifier.

This regulator assists handle and also control the voltage.

If the voltage is not controlled, it will lead to battery overcharge.

This overcharge is a stress on the battery.

You can utilize a voltmeter right here also; analyses over 17 volts mean that the rectifier is not transforming the excess power.

Motorcycle components, lights

What else could be affecting the rectifier?

Given that the rectifier belongs to the electrical system, it is a great suggestion to inspect all the various other parts to be sure they are all running correctly.

If just one part of the system is failing, it can cause getting too hot and have a negative result on the remainder of the system.

It is a good concept to examine your battery.

You can make use of a voltmeter to check the battery and make sure it has a great charge.

You should likewise the generator as well.

And also while you are under the hood, it makes good sense to additionally inspect the regulators.

You can evaluate the battery and rectifier for indicators of deterioration from appearance.

If you notice any type of, tidy it off.

Also, visually examine for any loose wires.

You need to additionally look for any kind of frayed or harmed cords. Be sure to replace anything that is broken.


Where can I obtain a brand-new regulator rectifier?

You can acquire repairs for your motorbike at your regional automobile parts store or at your neighborhood dealership.

Make sure you are acquiring the appropriate components for your motorcycle.

It is helpful to have the make, model and also year available.

Can I ride my bike without a Rectifier?

Of course, you can!

Yet at some point, your battery will certainly die out.

Will a damaged rectifier keep a motorcycle from starting?


If you have sufficient battery juice to start the trigger and also crank the engine, then you're good to go.

Gas engines can run a horrible long period of time on just the charge of the battery.

However, you have fronts lights, blinkers, rear lights which all need additional power for the battery. As well as a damaged rectifier does NOT charge the battery.

Will a bad Alternator kill the Rectifier?

Yes and No.

It's a 50-50% possibility. If cable wounding in the Alternator gets fried, after that no damage is done for the Rec-Reg unit.

What Does A Rectifier Do On A Motorcycle?

Final Thoughts

There is absolutely nothing that feels comparable to striking the open roadway with your motorcycle.

However, like all motorcycles, you do require to be familiar with issues that can develop.

Motorbikes run by using an electric system.

This system takes AC and converts it right into DC.

This power is fed right into the battery and also assists the engine to run.

Appropriate maintenance will help make sure that your motorcycle prepares to hit the trail every single time you are.

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