How To Win A Lawsuit With A Motorcycle Camera?

Last year, an unnamed client. He bought an R1 PLUS from Fodsports, a helmet intercom with a camera.

A few months later, he sent me an email.

He got into a car accident!

He told us that in the crash, the R1 PLUS's camera system recorded the entire process and automatically saved the data.

Yes, that's right. Usually, motorcycle cameras automatically save footage.

Then, the police found the R1 PLUS with a damaged casing at the accident scene.

Yes, although it's broken. But the data is well preserved. The police can easily find the cause of the accident through the recorded video on the internal memory card.

Ultimately, the police used it as evidence to prosecute the party responsible for the accident.

Our friend won the case.

Do you think I'm advertising the Fodsports R1 PLUS?

In fact, R1 PLUS has long been discontinued.

I just wanted to say, stay safe! A car accident hurts!

So if someone asks "Should I put a camera on my motorcycle?"

My answer is "Yes! Absolutely!"

Because the top benefit of a motorcycle camera is individual safety. If you are ever in a mishap, or witness a mishap, having the incident tape-recorded can save you a hill of lawful difficulty. Often cyclists are blamed for accidents whether they triggered them or otherwise, and also having the video secures you from any type of mistake or negligence.

what about Fodsports

Fodsports exists to provide the best budget motorcycle helmet intercom system.

Fodsports believes that the joy of flying on a motorcycle shouldn't be taken away by something expensive.

Yes, on a motorcycle you should have an intercom system. Whether it is an expensive motorcycle or a cheap motorcycle, whether it is an expensive helmet or a cheap helmet. You all deserve a motorcycle helmet intercom.

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Harold E. Howell

So, I just want to know if models like the R1 PLUS will be sold again?

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