10 Best Motorcycle Trip Planners For Your Choice

A motorcycle road trip can be thrilling. You begin to think of iconic scenery,

the sensation of the breeze sweeping over you and that sound from your motorcycle going at full speed along the highway.

However, the process of planning your trip on a motorcycle can be difficult procedure.

There are numerous variables to think about and some are a bit complicated.

What roads are safe for motorbikes? What are the areas that have must-see sites?

Are you permitted to camp while riding your bicycle?

This is why there are several different types of resources for planning your motorcycle trip available.

There are apps and websites that collate a variety of pertinent factors into databases that you can utilize to design the perfect road trip plan. However, there are tour guides who can manage the entire procedure for you.

10 Best Motorcycle Trip Planners

In this article, we'll provide you with eleven different sources you can make use of to begin the planning of a motorcycle trip.

1. Motorcycle Roads

Motorcycle Roads is a popular travel site that has a sleek interface and plenty of information.

Its main focus is its guides to routes and maps that include hundreds of routes throughout different states in the U.S. (and even a couple from other countries) as well as reviews of other cyclists' routes.

Most popular routes include numerous reviews every day.

There are reviews on places you can eat and what sights to do, and how various kinds of bikes work (and occasionally, a few fiery exchanges between visitors).

If that wasn't enough MR provides listings for motorcycle events, clubs, and places that are motorcycle-friendly in nearly every state.

No matter where you're riding you'll be able to discover an array of wonderful roads to ride, activities to do, and riders to join.

2. Harley-Davidson Ride Planner

If you're a fan of their bikes, Harley-Davidson offers some cool and user-friendly ride planners on their website.

All you need to do is input the starting and ending points of your ride, and the Ride Planner on H-D will provide you with useful details about the areas between.

After you've entered your origin and destination you can hover over any location that you pass through and then select "Search This Area." It will give you instant results for food, lodging, and attractions of a scenic nature nearby.

If you're keen to learn more about the hog culture of America This is the app for you because it's willing to give you the address of each Harley dealership on the route.

Membership to the Harley Owners Group (HOG) can also provide some cool new features in the app like locating places other bikers have been to.

3. MotoWhere

MotoWhere is another planning site that stands out due to its smooth Google Maps-integrated user interface as well as its worldwide users.

Its interface is similar to the typical phone maps that the majority of us use every day however it is packed with features that motorcycle enthusiasts are likely to appreciate.

The process is as easy as scrolling your chosen region and examining the numerous routes that show up on the map.

Furthermore, unlike many sites that focus on U.S. riders,

MotoWhere also has a large base of users in Canada, Australia, Germany, and other Western countries,

which makes it ideal for riders who wish to travel the world.

MotoWhere has also recently launched two additional services that include Live Ride which lets users communicate their location in real-time by using GPS and also a forum for discussion where members can share their top route suggestions and become part of a welcoming online community.

4. America Rides Maps

Many motorcyclists prefer to keep their old-fashioned and analog.

If you don't like the idea of using a GPS to navigate, America Rides Maps could be your new favorite companion for your next road journey.

The company produces high-quality maps for road trips specifically designed specifically for motorcyclists by motorcycle riders.

America Rides Maps are designed by professional riders who have traveled all over the world and back. therefore, they're full of interesting sights and details that would otherwise be overlooked.

The company sells compact maps that can be slipped effortlessly into tanks and comes with full-size premium maps as well as discounted maps in multi-packs.

And, if you're planning to ride your dirt bike or an adventure bike to the wilds, they provide maps of roads with no pavement in areas that are popular, like those of the Great Smoky Mountains.

5. Edelweiss Bike Travel

If you'd rather have someone else handle all the details to allow you to relax and enjoy your ride an organization that offers motorcycle tours such as Edelweiss Bike Travel might be the perfect fit for you.

Since the year 1980, Edelweiss has cemented its reputation for offering top-quality motorcycle tours by providing the most up-to-date and maintained bikes and hiring the most committed and enthusiastic tour guides.

The company's commitment to excellence ensures that guests can enjoy an experience that will last a lifetime with none of the hassle or anxiety of planning a motorcycle tour on their own.

Edelweiss is proud to offer exclusive routes and lodging in some of the most beautiful locations all the way from Austria up to Morocco up to New Zealand.

For those looking to conquer the most difficult test, there's always an option to take on the World Tour,

the granddaddy motorbike tour covers all six continents.

6. Best Biking Roads

Although their design isn't modern or trendy,

Best Biking Roads is an active and vibrant community dedicated to only one thing: riding the best trails.

The community has an extensive international fan base BBR's website boasts numerous routes across Europe and Australia as well as some routes across Asia as well as Africa.

BBR is also in partnership with companies that rent motorcycles such as hotels, hostels,

and hotels as well as bed and breakfasts in order to provide motorcyclists with the most efficient resources when traveling.

(These listings are focused primarily on Europe and the options are limited for the other regions around the globe.)

The BBR team behind the site BBR also has an app for mobile devices that lets you take BBR's rich knowledge along on your travels.

7. Calimoto

Calimoto is a bike trip planning application with a feature that's becoming an essential feature for all apps for motorcyclists with an algorithm that will automatically choose the best route,

which is filled with twisty roads and beautiful views. This makes it the ideal most effective trip planning tool when you're looking to get into the process of finding the ideal route.

In addition, Calimoto provides monitoring of stats, such as speed and angles, all along your journey,

allowing you to review your riding habits more deeply.

Since the app runs on your smartphone, it's simple to listen to directions with Bluetooth motorcycle speakers such as that of the Cardo Freecom series when paired with a mobile device.

It does have several drawbacks. For instance, it's not able to make plans for trips that exceed 3,000 kilometers.

However, if you're in search of an app for motorcycle navigation that has all the features you'd like to have the Calimoto app is an absolute cut above other apps.

8. OpenRoadJourney

OpenRoadJourney.com – A resource for motorcyclists looking for great roads, routes, or ideas for scenic motorcycle rides.

Housing over 6,000 rides and roads, the Open Road Journey will give you plenty of inspiration.

To help you decide on the best route for your next trip, check out the reviews from fellow bikers and scenic photos from the road. Once you’ve decided, print or download directions to your GPS.

The site also rewards the bikers after completing rides and challenges, so you can know who the top dog is.

9. Waze

While it's not specifically designed for motorcycles it is a navigation application that has plenty to offer motorcycle enthusiasts. In many ways, it's akin to Google and Apple Maps. Enter the location you want to start from and your destination and you'll be provided with the complete route to get there. On the way, you'll be able to make stops for gas, food, or other essentials for the road The app also integrates seamlessly with voice commands that are found in many motorcycle communications systems.

What makes Waze distinct is the fact that it's a crowdsourced service. Others who ride and drive observe where they encounter dangers on the road, such accidents as well as heavy traffic or speed traps. This makes it simpler to steer away from such hazards while riding. Waze has added additional features that are specifically designed for motorcycles to ensure you're riding on the right roads.


10. Scenic Motorcycle

Its Scenic Motorcycle Navigation app is an all-in-one application that has numerous benefits for those who have fun taking a long way.

It provides the curving-seeking navigation features of apps such as Calimoto as well as the ability to import map data in various formats from other software.

Scenic even provide offline navigation, which means you'll never be scared to explore the back roads.

Scenic also comes with a powerful and intelligent voice guidance system that provides audio guidance through your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

It also includes all the essential features needed by stat-heads, such as the average speed for rides as well as how often you ride different bikes, and so on.

No matter what you bike, Scenic will give you the tools to make it a pleasant trip.

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Trip Planner

Let's think about the things you must look for in a travel planner:

Maps and Routes This is the most important purpose of the majority of websites for planning trips on motorcycles.

Maps let you see the layout of a particular area that you could want to ride and routes outline the routes you can follow through it.

Best Motorcycle Trip Planners

Attractions: You'll be able to enjoy more enjoyment from your travels if you discover the things to do along the route.

Numerous trip planning websites include information about natural areas and other interesting spots to stop along your way.

Ratings: On numerous websites for planning trips on motorcycles others will also examine specific routes or roads.

You will find lots of details about the most notable features, essential security tips local secrets, and much more.

Community Discussion: Many websites for planning a motorcycle trip have forums for discussion of the most enjoyable routes.

Explore these forums sites, as they will provide valuable insight on which routes you'll love the most.

Certain websites for planning trips on motorcycles provide the option to organize guided motorcycle tours which comprise a pre-planned route as well as bikes for rent.

This is an excellent option for those who wish to have the additional benefits of expert assistance and pre-arranged accommodations for the next trip.

Let's now examine some of the most effective motorcycle trip planning choices and what makes each one unique.


In the end, the most efficient bike trip organizer is one that meets your requirements the most.

Explore a few alternatives and determine the one that you find to be easiest to use and simple to use.

It doesn't matter if it's a modern website, a group with passionate tour guides, or a meticulously designed map,

you're certain to discover an option that can make your next cycling journey the most enjoyable.

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