Unique Guide For Motorcycle Riding Positions [2023]

While riding a motorcycle, it's really crucial to remain loosened up and also comfy. Your body posture while riding is a significant factor in making your ride extra comfortable and in acquiring much better control over the position of your bike.

An uneasy pose can result in pain, pains, and discomforts. Poor riding position will certainly also lead to strained muscular tissues, which consequently will affect your handling ability and response time.

We'll take a look at the motorcycle riding positions.

What's The Best Motorcycle Riding Position

The position will depend slightly on the motorbike design, but on any bike, Your ears, shoulders, and also hips ought to all be aligned up and down. Your back must be straight, your arms slightly bent with hands loosened up on benches. Your legs must be positioned pleasantly on the fixes as well as your reach must not hinder your capability to steer the bike.

You'll discover there are different designs of motorcycles on the market.

Yet there are truly only three basic riding positions: standard, sport, and cruiser.

Learn more about the 9 Common Types Of Motorcycles

The Standard Riding Position


The common position is one of the most neutral options, this is the most standard and also comfortable body position for riders.

In this motorcycle riding position, bikers sit with their body directly and also back upright. The arms pleasantly hinge on the grips as well as are conveniently expanded.

The shoulders are slightly pushed back as well as there must suffice slack for joints to continue to be unwinded and somewhat bent.

While riding in a standard body position, the knees should rest versus the storage tank as well as be bent at an elevation that is somewhat lower than the hips. The motorcyclist's feet ought to hinge on the footpegs at a 90-degree angle, placed virtually directly listed below the knees.

  • Pros

The conventional placement is best if you have a twin or touring bike. It is the very best stance to offers you optimal control over navigating your motorbike.

This pose is versatile enough to be utilized for sporting activities bikes, also.

It deals with nearly all types of body shapes and also sizes. Seating with back upright decreases pain in the top back location as well as neck while riding.

Since the cyclist sits up straight and high, this position enables raised exposure.

The basic placement can additionally be maintained for long road trips or short commutes.

From the typical riding pose, bikers can easily stand up on the fixes to surmount an obstacle.

  • Cons

The visibility enhances which usually implies a higher seat height, which may cause troubles for riders who have brief legs and also may have problems placing both feet on the ground. You might need to increase the seat as well as lower the handlebars, relying on your torso length as well as total elevation.

While riding the motorbike, the wind resistance might also raise as a result of an upright body posture.

The Sports Riding Body Position

Sports Riding Position

Sporting activity riding needs a somewhat leaned onward. The biker's head is angled in front of the body, with the head and eyes looking through the path of travel. The upper body is angled in front of the hips with maintaining the concentrate on the breast. The belly rests against the container, while the back muscular tissues and also legs support the weight of the top torso.

The arms are loosened up as well as elbow joints bent. Knees are likewise curved as well as held versus the storage tank, with feet resting on the footpegs in a position behind the knees.

  • Pros

Sports pose is an aerodynamically superior placement causing the least quantity of wind resistance for the rider. So it is the best position for riding at high speeds. It additionally enables you exceptional control over your motorbike while you are speeding extremely quickly. It is the best position for specialist bike racing.

Sportbikes like Ducati, Kawasaki Ninja, and Yamaha utilize sport riding positioning.

  • Cons

Without the elevation, the capability to see far down the roadway is decreased for this pose. as well as due to the riding position is commonly cramped, this is only best for much shorter rides. The placement is uneasy and unsafe for longer road trips.

If you are new to implementing these various bike poses, you could deal with some difficulties with preserving them for long periods of time.

The Cruiser Riding Body Position

Cruiser Riding Position

As the name suggests, It's best for cruisers with reduced seat heights and also higher handgrips.

Many bikers like this posture for its laid-back look and feel.

In the cruiser riding position, the cyclist's body is a little inclined to the back. Just like all riding placements, the head and eyes are looking forward to the course of traveling.

Arms are a lot more extended in this placement than in others, yet the elbow joints need to still be bent. The knees should be curved and rest against the storage tank at nearly the exact same elevation as the hips, and the feet must rest on the footpegs ahead of the knees.

  • Pros

Cruisers typically have a higher handlebar and the cruiser riding position gives the alternative to pleasantly stretch out the legs more than the earlier discussed Criterion riding placement. It assists your entire upper body to loosen up, even on long road trips. The extensive legs take off the pressure from your upper body so you're allowed to be much less rigid.

This position benefits those with back problems as it has a really low probability of triggering lower back muscle mass strains.

  • Cons

Due to the level of the body's backward lean, some bikers overextend to reach the handgrips, which might create exhaustion, shoulder pain, as well as muscle tightness.

This position also has user constraints. If you have incredibly brief arms, this will be unsafe for you to drive for hours at a time.

The motorcyclists will certainly locate it hard to base on the pegs to go across an obstacle without pulling weight onto the handgrips. Also, totally straightening the legs need to be avoided because you can experience locked joints.

This position might also make it difficult for you to stabilize your motorcycle. Some motorcyclists report that it is hard to promptly stick out both legs to balance the bikes.

How to Determine Your Ideal Motorcycle Riding Position

Motorcycle Riding Position

There are a couple of elements that'll influence you in discovering the very best placement on a motorbike, and also here are a few of the more crucial ones.

Your Body Size and Weight

If you're little in stature, there will obviously be some motorcycles that you should not take into consideration if you want to fit as well as in control. If you're remaining on a bike and also can't touch the ground with both feet at the same time, then that's probably not the bike for you.

Similarly, a hefty bike, such as the Kawasaki Z1300, will certainly be a handful for a tiny biker because of its weight, and even a heavyweight will certainly struggle to choose one up if it tips over.

On the other hand, if you're of an especially big construct, a little 125cc road bike won't fit in all. You'll be stooped over, with knees as well as elbow joints all over the place, as well as we can't imagine that to be really appealing.

Be Mindful Of Your Back

Make an effort to maintain your back in the best location. That indicates your spine should be in the proper posture and the weight circulation need to feel comfortable. One method to make your body made use of these positions is by keeping the poses also when you are not riding. Maintain your back directly during ordinary activities like walking or lounging.

Whenever you are slouching, make an effort to change the stance right into the proper one. You should likewise prevent elevating your shoulders over your ears as that will certainly lead to a rounded back. Avoid putting a great deal of pressure on your reduced back.

The inaccurate posture will certainly tighten up the muscle mass on your shoulders, reduced back, and also torso. Stiff muscles in such locations will make it hard for you to be flexible sufficient for some bike postures. Consistency is type in preserving poses which is why it is necessary to be mindful of your posture in any way times.

Readjust the Motorcycle to Suit You

Readjust the Motorcycle to Suit You

So do you do when you discover a seating placement that essentially really feels comfortable however isn't fairly best? The majority of motorcycles have adjustable handlebars and footpegs. Establish those to your choice, after all, that is why they're flexible.

If you're missing out on an inch or so in reaching the ground with your feet, take a look at your suspension positions. Most bikes will have a setup ring on the back shock absorbers that can a little raise or reduce the trip elevation as called for.

Try It Out

If you're about to acquire a bike, resting on it in the showroom might feel comfortable at first, yet taking it for a ride will disclose a whole lot more. Your seat's comfort may really feel excellent standing still, but what will it seem like while cornering, braking, and accelerating?

Can you comfortably relocate the bike with your feet while resting on it? All these are variables to be considered, as well as they can just be comprehended by a test trip.

Relax Your Posture

Even if you take care of doing the correct position, it will still be awkward if your muscles are too tight and are snugly wound. Maintain your body loosened up. Don't overthink every joint placing while complying with the suggested body pose.

Whenever you are embedded in web traffic or waiting for a red light to turn green, take advantage of that little break to stretch your muscles, like your back, ankles, as well as wrists. This will stop the onset of muscular tissue stiffness and tiredness.

Benefits of a Correct Riding Position

Benefits of a Correct Riding Position

The appropriate riding position can just be beneficial to you. Listed below we'll enter into the reasons that.


Having the ability to pleasantly get to as well as operate the controls as well as pedals is important. You require to gain access to and fully take care of all the controlling features of your bike. See to it the reach fits without over-extending arm or legs or sustaining cramps from controls that are as well close.


You require to embrace a position that optimizes your capacity to take care of the motorcycle. Keep your center of gravity short on sportbikes, or adopt a higher position for more control of a dirt bike. See to it that you can conveniently lean a bike when cornering. A light person struggling to make a 700lb monster lean over is a recipe for calamity.


The factor sport bikes are developed the way they are is to keep the cyclist as low as feasible, therefore the virtually crouched riding position. This maintains the rider's as well as the bike's overall frontal area to a minimum, reducing wind resistance as much as feasible. The position enables the motorcyclist to "hug" the bike extra snugly for exact cornering and handling.


You likewise wish to be comfortable while riding, so you need to select a position that matches you, based upon the aspects above.

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