How to Clean Your Motorcycle Chain(Top Motorcycle Maintenance Tips 2022)

Lubing Your Chain

For a fairly pint-sized piece of equipment, your bike’s chain is extremely vital. This small steel chain is accountable for transferring drive power to the back wheel, so you could claim it’s sort of a big deal. Cleaning and also oiling your drive chain will certainly extend the working life of your bike drive chain and also gears. Given that an unclean chain and also gears will certainly decrease the ability of your engine to successfully move drive power to your rear wheel, sapping the power you delight in so much.

So, how to clean your motorcycle chain? From regular lubrication to cleansing to replacement, these are some points you need to understand.

Types of Motorcycle Chain

First off, in order to appropriately keep your chain, you’ll need to understand what sort of chain your bike is keeping up.

Non-Sealed Chains

One of the most straightforward kinds of the chain is a requirement, non-sealed chain. This chain will require the most upkeep since it doesn’t have any way of keeping itself internally oiled as an O-ring chain does. If your bike has among these chains, you’ll require to keep a more detailed eye on it for wear as well as attend to it more often.

So why would certainly any person want a non-sealed chain? There are a couple of advantages to having these chains depending upon the sort of riding you will certainly be doing. Many racers favor this kind of chain because they have a tendency to have less rubbing than their secured counterparts. Also, many older bikes might not be compatible with O-ring chains.

O-Ring Chains

An O-ring chain is a great deal much less clingy. This chain has little o-rings in between the web link plates and also rollers of the chain that are used to keep oil and lube within your chain while maintaining dust out. While these chains require much less maintenance and also tend to not need to be changed as typically, they do require some treatment. Over time, O-rings will certainly shed lubrication as well as eventually will dry, fracture, and even fall off. The very best way to reduce this process down is with normal lubrication with an o-ring risk-free lubricant.

There are a few variants in the O-ring family. For example, an X-ring chain is designed to reduce the additional friction over an O-ring chain by the shape of its sample. X-rings have much less call location between the X-ring and also the link plates as well as rollers, and also as a result of this reduction in rubbing, X-rings likewise have a tendency to last longer than O-rings.

Types of Motorcycle Chain

How to Clean Your Motorcycle Chain

A fast wipe-down with soft, wet fabric after every flight will certainly go a long way towards a cleaner chain. Nevertheless, sometimes you need to do a much more complete cleaning when your chain has actually accumulated a significant amount of crud as well as particles. Purpose to clean and lubricate your chain a minimum of when every 500-700 miles, or extra frequently if you ride off-road or in rough settings.

Prepare the cleansing tools you need:


For “shop-rag” you can utilize old socks, cut-up old tee shirts.

◾Kerosene And Brush

Include an old toothbrush, nail brush, or paintbrush. Just ensure the brush you use will certainly not leave bristles behind in your chain. Stay clear of rough techniques like high-pressure pipes and also cable brushes. They’ll do as much damage as excellent to the delicate O-rings inside.


If your chain is really dirty you may need a solvent and also not oil to clean it but be very mindful to make use of something ideal for an O-RING chain. If you’re not sure, presume you have an o-ring chain, a non -o-ring chain would certainly be really unusual on a contemporary street bike.

Clean Your Motorcycle Chain

◾If you have a back wheel stand, or a bike with a center stand, chain cleaning will be a little bit simpler, you can place your transmission in neutral and gain access to the whole size of the chain by transforming the rear wheel. (Do not utilize the throttle to turn the wheel. It’s dangerous.) If not, you will certainly stroll your bike backward and forwards a couple of inches at a time until you’ve had the ability to reach the whole length of the chain.

◾Using a “shop-rag”( you’ll be tossing it away hereafter!) saturate an area the size of the palm of your hand with clean electric motor oil, wrapping the oily location of the cloth around the subjected part of the chain, start to clean and also abrade the black gunk on your chain. If your chain has actually not been cleaned or lubed recently, the black gunk might be very difficult to wipe off, so be prepared to be persistent. Saturating crud with oil will make it less complicated to eliminate.

◾Turn the wheel with one hand, by spinning the tire, (make certain your fingers and your cleaning cloth run out the method and also won’t get captured between the chain and sprocket) using the various other hands to take care of the cleaning.

◾After you’ve removed all the external dust, Rubbing the chain with an old nail brush or an old paintbrush will certainly help push the dust out from between the plates of the chain.

clean motorcycle chain

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Lubing Your Chain

When lubing your chain, you’ll intend to get the lube inside the pins and rollers, and also a little precision is essential. With your motorcycle still mounted on its stand as well as the back wheel elevated, use lube to the lower chain while rotating the rear wheel forward, enabling the chain to climb on the sprocket.

Once you have actually managed to cover the whole size of the chain, run a soft brush over the chain to remove the excess lube. This will certainly assist protect against lube from splattering onto your bike when you rev it up, and it will certainly help in reducing the amount that your lube draws in dirt, dirt, and also combustion by-products. Offer the rear wheel a spin every so often to aid the lube job its method into the chain. Note: if you use chain lube after a ride when your chain is cozy, it will allow the lubricant to penetrate even more quickly into the chain.

You’ll locate that a correctly cleaned up and lubed chain can have a huge effect on exactly how efficiently your bike can transfer its power from the engine to your rear wheel. Be sure to add chain maintenance to your listing. The standard for inspecting your chain is every 300 miles, however, examine your proprietor’s handbook for your details bike.


How to Clean Your Motorcycle Chain

Replace Your Chain And Sprockets When Necessary

Even the finest quality and also ideal taken care of motorbike chains and gears will at some point wear out. However exactly how can you inform when it’s time for a new established?

There are adjustment marks on the swingarm of every bike. If the chain is adjusted (pulled the back wheel back as far as feasible) to the maximum degree, it is time for an adjustment.

Locate a not-so-clean cloth (due to the fact that you do not intend to get your hands unclean) and also try to pull back chain at back gear. If the chain subjects majority of the sprocket, it is time for a modification.

Put up motorbike on center stand or on paddock/ chain lubing stand. After your chain lube is done, move the back wheel by hand gradually. If the chain moves smoothly, it is okay. If you see that chain is limited/ not moving smoothly just at particular factors, it is a case of “stiff links”. Try to tidy and lube them again. If the chain is still tight at those places, it requires replacing.

Inspect the gear teeth. The gear teeth must be evenly worn on both the leading and tracking edges of each tooth. If the gears look like shark fins (sharp wear on one side and also lower wear on another side), it means they are broken and also need replacement.

As a rule of thumb, constantly replace chains and sprockets with each other. Placing a brand-new chain on a sprocket that is half worn out translates to hindered efficiency and decreased life for the new chain.

Replace Your Chain

How Long Should Bike Chain Last?

The first thing you can do is inspect the points above to see if the chain needs a substitute. If it does need a substitute, it does not matter the number of kilometers you have actually utilized it. It needs to be changed. Duration.

Second of all, the chain gear collection of every motorbike model is made in a different way. Lower priced bikes have chain gear sets that have reduced life. Greater valued motorcycles have sturdily constructed chain gear sets.

It also depends on just how aggressively you ride. If you are constantly jerky on the throttle, the jerks get transferred to chain & gear so normally they will certainly wear out much faster. If you are smooth while increasing, they will certainly last longer.

Last but not least, where you ride, how messy, sloppy your traveling is, exactly how appropriately the chain tension is readjusted, just how much you keep lubrication are all elements that make a decision life of your bike chain.

How Long Should Bike Chain Last

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Motorcycle chain upkeep, as you can see, is not a difficult task.

Now you recognize exactly how to check, tidy, and also lube your chain is it time to adjust it?

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