Best Place To Mount GoPro On Motorcycle Helmet 2022

Best Place To Mount GoPro On Motorcycle Helmet

You do not require to be an expert cinematographer to get remarkable motorcycle riding footage on GoPro– yet you do need a few tricks up your sleeve to obtain those extraordinary shots we all like.

Have a look at our overview of GoPro installing areas and strategies! Find the best place to mount GoPro on motorcycle helmet.

GoPro Hero is extremely popular in the motorcycling scene especially.

The amazing roadways and tracks we ride, along with the quick action, create some extraordinary videos both on and off the roadway that we have actually all seen at some time.

However, if you’ve ever before enjoyed one of those outstanding motorcycling video clips, then attempted to head out and also reproduce it on your own, you know it’s not that easy!

There’s a whole lot to obtaining those outstanding results, including quality camera, lights, angles, audio, and afterward editing the whole thing so it looks good. It can be a great deal of job!

What Best Place To Mount GoPro On Motorcycle Helmet?

The best place to mount a GoPro on motorcycle helmet is the front of the helmet. While there are various types of motorcycle helmets, the front of the headgear is usually available to offer you a better view. These helmets also come with a lot of mounting placing for a GoPro.

This also depends on what your objective is.

If you want to replicate a wonderful bike video you saw online, your goal might be mere entertainment.

But you might want to take it one instruction, and have the subject of your shots be the road itself and also the surrounding landscapes if you’re taking a trip somewhere intriguing for example.

Or, you might go the other direction and also have on your own to be the topic, if you intend to display your riding skills. Each would certainly take advantage of absolutely different mounting locations and the orientation of the GoPro.

Or you may have a totally different reason for recording your rides.

You might intend to record footage on your own at a track day or race, for instance, to show the track, the lines you picked, and also your shift points, either for training objectives or to review for the following race.

In this situation, you will certainly want a view that reveals both the track and also your gauges and controls.

Or you may intend to review your body placing as you ride so you can make improvements.

Similarly, totally different installing places would be best-made use of for each and every.

Remember, the best way to find out which installing place you such as one of the most is to just try out a bunch of them!

The Need To Install GoPros
GoPros are a fantastic method to capture accidents as well as road rage, so when it comes time to visit the authorities, you have evidence of what took place.

Helmet Mounting (Top)

One of the most usual locations to place your GoPro on a motorcycle helmet is on the top of it, in the middle, as well as at the front of the headgear. This may be the most usual mounting location, yet it does not mean that it is the very best.

Top-mounted installed video cameras can be used to video what the audience is seeing. Having the video camera point in the direction the audience is looking is wonderful for assessing a motocross pre-race to get the very best tracks to adhere to.


  • The top of the helmet placing offers you the closest feeling to POV, which represents viewpoint.

This will permit you or others to see precisely what you saw while riding.

Nevertheless, the angle is slightly high due to the fact that it is going to be numerous inches above where your eyes really are.

  • Top placing is also excellent since it indicates that the GoPro is the furthest far from the motorcycle.

This implies that vibration will not affect it a lot.


  • This might seem unusual, it looks sort of amusing to have a rather cumbersome video camera in addition to your helmet.
  • When you drive at high speed, a top-installed GoPro can create drag and, therefore pulling the headgear back and also reduce your speed.
  • If you are riding off-road, the top placed GoPro might collision numerous points.

Best for: Recording various other bikers behind you, specifically group riding video footage

Best mounts: Standard GoPro install with Bent Adhesive Base

Helmet Mounting (GoPro)

Helmet Mounting (Side)

Side installing GoPro video cameras on motorbike helmets has actually additionally become rather preferred.

If you don’t have full-face headgear, side placing your GoPro is the next best alternative.

While the helmet side mount provides you a centered high, but also would get a little off-center angle.


  • Much like with top mounting, you get a really close POV feel. Although, the sight is a little offset to the left or best depending on which side you mount it on.
  • The vibrations from the motorcycle don’t affect the electronic GoPro all way too much with side installing.
  • Side installing is excellent since it offers you a reduced profile than with leading placing. This implies much less wind resistance.


With side placing, chances are that you will certainly always see a part of the headgear in the shot. You will see head movement in the video.


camera bluetooth intercom

Helmet Mounting (Chin)

Chin installing is likewise ending up being a new favorite for GoPro customers. Allow’s talk about why that is.

These mounts give the most effective POV (point of view), the video appears to be recorded from the eye degree.

Comparable to the viewing angle of overhead installation.

One of the advantages of installing on the chin instead of the top of the helmet is it’s even more aerodynamically.

Some top-mounted riders say that GoPro will cause the helmet to lift from the resistance in it. The feel that the helmet is almost lifted when driving at high speed.

The amazing thing about placing the GoPro electronic GoPro on this spot is its resistance against wind drag as opposed to drawing it up.

You may experience it when mounting the GoPro at the top of the helmet. But chin is will certainly never ever provide you such experiences.


  • This is your closest angle to a real POV.
  • This is one of the most aerodynamic places to install a GoPro. It will not develop wind drag as well as it will not pull the headgear around.
  • Resonances from the motorcycle are not a big deal.


  • Several motorcycle headgears have an angular chin, which can make installing a challenge.
  • You might need to run the GoPro upside-down for this to function.
  • This can make the headgear a little chin-heavy.
  • May experience too much head activity, which can be dizzying to the viewer.

Best for: Any type of motorcycle trip recording, as long as headgear accommodates it.

Helmet Mounting (GoPro)

Other Places

Mount GoPro On The Chest

One more great area you can place your GoPro is the chest location of your body.

The perspective (POV) of the area will certainly give you remarkable as compared to various other areas.

If you want your handle and meter to also come throughout the bike ride, it is right for you.

Another amazing thing concerning this place is that it can operate in an accessible location for you to adjust.

So, you don’t need to regret the poor footage experience later.

It’s excellent to consider this place when you are planning to show POV or Off-road riding.


  • GoPro place makes it very easy to operate
  • Body isolates the GoPro from motorcycle resonance
  • Weight and drag less obvious than with headgear mounts


  • Chest mounts have to be purchased individually.
  • Viewpoint may be as well short on some bikes, and storage tanks, bars or fairings might block much of the sight.
  • Might be awkward to put on and place on/take off.

Mounting GoPro On Tail Of The Motorcycle (Facing Motorcyclist)

Most Motorcycle motorcyclists intend to see their riding methods or intend to show them to others.

In these instances, it’s good to mount the GoPro on the motorcycle’s tail side.

This will give you a stable perspective.

Not only that, your techniques and positioning throughout the riding time will likewise be captured from the tail side.


  • Stable installation position.
  • You can check the position of the rider and watch the riding skills.


  • The rider obstructs the majority of the shot (vast-angle GoPro can minimize this).

Best for: Reviewing the rider’s body posture and riding skills.

Mount GoPro On The Handlebar

Installing the GoPro on the Handlebar is another superb place for all cyclists.

It includes numerous benefits and also requirements for you.

First of all, it supplies a secure installing place in addition to no weight on the riders.

Likewise, the area makes it for the rider to run the video camera readily.

A lot of motorcyclists mount GoPro on the handlebar to film daily.

It could be for the vlogs or YouTube target markets or anything else.

So, you can also take into consideration the exact same area for daily recording of bike riding.


  • No weight and bulk on rider whatsoever.
  • Stable installation position.
  • The place makes it simpler to operate the GoPro.


  • The fairing or windshield will block the lens (each motorcycle may be different).

Concluding Remarks

Whatever your selection ends up being, simply see to it that you weigh your very own wants and needs versus what the outcomes of each installing position will certainly give you.

To be truthful, the best way for you to identify the place to install your GoPro on your motorcycle headgear is via simply repeated experimentation.

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