How Fast Does A 500cc Motorcycle Go? (Example Bikes Chart)

Before purchasing a motorcycle, most people have one question: is it fast or top speed?

Before buying a motorcycle we need to consider many specifications, but the most important thing is engine displacement. In this article, we will be discussing the maximum speed that a 500cc motorcycle can achieve.

Below are the details about How Fast Does A 500cc Motorcycle Go.

What speed can a 500cc motorcycle travel? A 500cc motorcycle can go 102 mph (164 km/h).

The average time for 500cc motorcycles reaching 0-60 mph is between 4.8 and 5.0 seconds.

You can find different engine types and specs that affect the speed.

For example, a 500cc sport bike will have a higher top speed than those with cruisers or naked engines.

Not as high as the 400cc and 600cc motorcycles, 500cc motorcycles are not produced.

These motorcycles are still being produced, but not many models.

A 500cc motorcycle with a single-cylinder produces 40 horsepower and can reach 105 mph.

This speed can be affected by the type of motorcycle and the engine it has.

"Motorcycle Engine Size" is a good place to start if you're looking for more information about the top speed of motorcycles.

It will be of great help to you.

A sports motorcycle with a high-revving motor generates more power than a cruiser or naked bike.

Sports motorcycles are more aggressive than other types of motorcycles and have a higher top speed.

Below is a table listing the top 500cc motorcycles and below one.

Top 500cc Motorcycles And Their Top Speed Chart.

Comparison table with data for 500cc motorcycles

500cc Is Too Much For A Beginner?

For beginners, a 500cc is a balanced-powered motorcycle.

Beginners who have previously ridden any type of motorcycles, such as 250cc or 300cc can ride 500cc motorcycles with no problem.

Because the engine displacement is dependent on many factors, it can't give an indication of its maximum speed.

A 500cc cruiser will have a lower top speed than a sports bike due to the engine structure differences.

You can ride a 500cc bike without any problems, but don't let it be your first motorcycle.

If you are looking to purchase a motorcycle with a displacement of 500cc or more, you can buy a second-hand motorcycle at a lower price than buying a brand new motorcycle.

A 250cc or a 300cc motorcycle is also available for beginners.

Motorcycle drive test

Motorcycle on the road

These motorcycles are great for beginning riders to learn how to ride.

Once you're comfortable, you can move on to other areas at your own pace.

There are many other options, such as 400cc and 600cc or 750cc or 1000cc.

Let's discuss some factors that influence motorcycle speed.

What Factors Affect Motorcycle Speed?

There are many factors that affect motorcycle speed, but I've only listed the most important ones.

Motorcycle weight

The motorcycle's weight is the main factor that determines how fast it can go.

Many manufacturers have tried to reduce the weight of their motorcycles.

Each year, they release a new model.

The key message is how lighter the motorcycle is without compromising its performance.

Most of the parts have been replaced with lighter, more durable parts to achieve lightweight.

If you want to achieve maximum speed, then you need to consider the motorcycle's mass.

This is why most sport motorcycles are lightweight.

A lightweight motorcycle can reach the same top speed as heavy bikes with the same engine.

Weight of the motorcycle (Rider/Pillion, Luggage, etc.)

The second factor that affects the speed of the motorcycle is its weight.

This includes the Rider's weight, the number, and weight of the pillions, as well as the luggage weight.

Speed is a concern if you do not exercise regularly enough.

If you plan to ride long distances, make sure you have as much luggage as possible.

If you're concerned about speed, don't forget to ride with someone else.

The racers are the ones who need to reach the maximum speed on a motorcycle, but regular riders can enjoy the ride and take in the scenery. The speed variation doesn't really matter.

All Ergonomics and Aerodynamics

The design of the chassis and the overall ergonomics of the motorcycles are the third major factor that affects the speed.

The handlebar position is a key factor in ergonomics. It can also affect the speed of the motorcycle.

Do Handlebar Risers Affect Handling?

As you can see, all racing and sport motorcycles have a forward-leaning riding style. This is done to improve the aerodynamics of your bike.

The super-sport and sports motorcycles are placed at high speeds to help maintain aerodynamics and prevent resistance to speed.

The aggressive forward-leaning riding position helps maintain speed.

Always pay attention to the windshield and chassis design. This will allow you to achieve maximum speed on your motorcycle.

Motors used in the motorcycle

The engine is the last and most important factor that affects the overall motorcycle performance.

We will be discussing the range of 300cc-400cc motorbikes.

Even if the engine displacement remains the same, if strokes or cylinder configurations vary, the engine's performance, speed, and life will change.

I won't bore you with details about the engine. I will share some information to help you make decisions and understand how they affect performance.

Let's start with the strokes. Next, we will discuss the configuration of the cylinders in the motorcycle.

Two-stroke vs Four-stroke engine

Let me first clarify that stroke is not an engine type for motorcycles. It is the engine design used in automotive engines, such as motorcycles and cars.

We have two types, the Two-stroke and Four-stroke engines. Let's discuss it separately to learn how it affects the motorcycle's performance.

Two-stroke engine

Two-stroke engines are faster and have higher RPMs than four-stroke engines. Therefore, two-stroke engines are stronger than four-stroke engines.

If you want speed, the Two-stroke engine will deliver more power and RPM than the equivalent Four-stroke cylinder.

One thing you should know is that Two-stroke engines are less reliable and more durable than Four-stroke ones.

Other than this, the engine vibrates and makes a loud sound when you drive at high speeds.

Two-stroke engines produce more pollution than four-stroke engines because they release more fuel and oil into the atmosphere.

Four-stroke engine

A Four-Stroke engine may not be as powerful as a two-stroke engine but it does have other advantages.

A four-stroke engine is reliable, more durable, and more efficient than a 2-stroke engine. It is usually quieter than two-stroke engines and thus more friendly for the environment.

Four-stroke engines typically have more parts than two strokes. This makes them expensive and requires high maintenance.

Four-stroke engines do not require the pre-mixing oil and fuel as two-stroke engines. Because it doesn't emit burnt oil and fuel in the air, four-stroke engines are more environmentally friendly than two-stroke engines.

If you want speed, you can choose the Two-stroke engine. If you want reliability, durability, efficiency, and economy, then choose the Four-stroke engine.

Numbers for cylinder

Cylinders make up the engine's power unit. It is where the fuel burns and becomes power.

The speed and RPM of a motorcycle directly depend on the number of cylinders. A motor with more cylinders will produce better performance and greater speed than one with fewer.

However, more cylinders means more fuel consumption. A smaller engine is expected to be more fuel-efficient.

If speed is your main goal, you can choose to buy a four-cylinder engine or more cylinders. You can also opt for smaller cylinder engines if you want to have fuel-efficient motorcycles.

Are 500cc sufficient for the highway?

For beginners, a 500cc motorcycle is a great and well-balanced powered motorcycle.

A 500cc motorcycle can produce 40-50 horsepower and can reach speeds of 100-105 mph.

A 500cc motorcycle can be more than enough to take on the highway.

You can also enjoy passing other vehicles and leaving your friends.

However, if the displacement of your friend's bike is greater than yours (e.g 600cc or 665cc), then it will be difficult to match them.

If you are looking for something to ride on the highway, 500cc is an excellent bike for cruising and will be able to do so without any problems.

Wrapping up

500ccdisplacement bikes are not made in the same volume as other displacements such as 400cc and 600cc. There is no difference in speed between 400cc and 500cc. There are still manufacturers who make 500cc motorcycles.

Some of these are included in the following list. You can read the complete series to learn more about engine displacement top speeds. These posts together will help you make the best decision when buying a motorcycle.


What's the fastest 500cc motorcycle in the world?

Honda CB500F, the fastest 500cc motorcycle, has a top speed at 185 km/h (114 miles/h) and can go from 0-60 mph in just 4.7 seconds

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