How to Plan Cross Country Motorcycle Trip? Complete Guide

Can a motorcycle go cross country?

Sure! If you have a motorcycle, it is generally a right of passage to do a cross-nation motorcycle journey eventually.

There is absolutely nothing like the wind stumbling upon your body as you venture out onto the open roadway.

All you require is your motorcycle, the appropriate equipment, and also a journey intend to make it a journey worth remembering.

Crossing America on a motorcycle is the desire for lots of a rider.

Have you imagined taking a trip cross country but never ever done it? Currently is the time to start!

A few of the world's most outstanding landscapes are just a few hours or days far from your home. With a little bit of planning, you can get ready for the motorcycle road trip of your desires.

To get one of the most out of the journey, take the time to develop a strategy thoroughly.

Consider your motocross motorcycle,  motocross route, What do you need for a cross country motorcycle trip?

How to Plan Cross Country Motorcycle Trip?

While riding across the U.S. may be a dream come true, it can be a very tough journey.

It takes lots of stamina to ride the 3,000 to 4,000 miles it requires to go shore to coast, so you require to be prepared.

In addition to picking cross-nation motorcycle routes, you are additionally required to get your motorcycle ready for the road.

As the old stating goes, an ounce of prevention deserves an extra pound of cure.

You must reserve the essential time for the trip to accommodate the stops you want to make. It is essential to start intending the journey well in advance.

Top 10 Motorcycles for Off-Road Riding

This is rather an evident one; what motorcycle are you going to ride? This really depends upon what types Of motorcycles you want.

Although the idea of riding a vintage motorcycle into the sundown throughout the desert is extremely romantic, In truth, it can be quite uneasy.

For a lengthy journey, having some contemporary features makes the journey extra delightful. So shop around and find what you need.

10 Good Reasons Why Ride A Motorcycle



1. BMW R1250RT

The RT is a bit lighter than other BMW touring motorcycles, which makes for far better, sportier handling.

This version is a sport-touring motorcycle yet is still comfy on those long stretches of empty roadway.

It deserves to be mentioned that the R1250RT is a prize-winning for the best sport-touring motorcycle for a couple of years and it's worth it.

RT has a boxer engine that produces around 136 horsepower.

This makes zipping via the countryside a breeze. Along with that nice power comes some fantastic facilities, including grip control, flexible flight height, and a flexible windshield.

These together with a couple of even more choices make this an elegant trip.

The BMX R1250RT has a reported 47 MPG, which is a fair little bit more than various other touring motorcycles.

Nonetheless, this includes a cost as these motorcycles get on the higher end.

But if you're searching for a motorcycle that you can take nearly anywhere with any kind of problem, this is the motorcycle for you. BMW is one of the best motorcycle brands in the world.


Honda Goldwing


2. Honda Goldwing

The Honda Goldwing is a classic standard for touring motorcycles.

This design was introduced at a time when people were searching for a touring motorcycle however didn't want to cost a fortune.

Honda has pandered to that target market ever since.

There are a couple of reasons the Goldwing is a terrific touring motorcycle.

First off, there are engine alternatives, such as the flat-four or flat-six with carburetors or fuel injectors.

In addition, the fairings can also hide a GPS or mobile phone.

This equilibrium of power and convenience makes for a perfect touring motorcycle.

There is also towing for the Goldwing for those who need some additional gear.


Suzuki V-Strom

3. Suzuki V-Strom 

An additional dual-sport alternative, the Suzuki V-Strom is a well-shaped machine.

The 1037cc V-twin was initially made for the TL1000S and TL1000R sport motorcycles, but the fuel-injected engine fits well for an adventure version.

Created from 2002 to 2019, the V-Strom also includes traction control and ABS for extra safety and security.


Harley Davidson Electra Glide

4. Harley Davidson Electra Glide

The HD Electra Glide is one more traditional trip.

While this model can be customized to different designs, it is well-fitted for touring as a 2 seater.

The Electra Glide is also recognized for its "batwing" fairing, which is the bodywork on the handlebars.

There is likewise a lot of area in the hard-body saddlebags.

The Electra Glide is the last rendition of the FL series of motorcycles from Harley Davidson.

These motorcycles have big frameworks and are equipped with the Milwaukee-Eight 107.

For contemporary motorcycles, the determines and electronic devices are located in the batwing fairing.

The rider beings in an upright setting and the motorcycle are outfitted with floorboards for a very comfy ride.

Used motorcycles are still going to be a little bit pricey, yet they hold their worth well.

There are numerous aftermarket alternatives to fit what you require.

One unfavorable element of the Electra is the gas economy, clocking in at just concerning 33-38 mpg.

This depends on the means you ride, but it is definitely worth thinking about.



5. BMW R1200GS

Comparable to the RT, the GS is an adventure-style motorcycle, implying it is well-fitted to go off-road along with a cruise on the highway.

There are likewise variations on these adjustments, including more road or off-road-biased alternatives.

The boxer engine produces 134 hp and also the motorcycle evaluates around 600lbs.

Newer designs have an eco-mode and pro-mode for much easier or a lot more aggressive riding in addition to grip control and abdominal muscle.

While there are no supply satchels or panniers, there are aftermarket choices.

An option that is available from the manufacturing facility is the Enduro Package, which includes an engine guard and also elevated handlebars.

While still on the extra spendy side of motorcycles, the GS flaunts 41 mpg in with a 5-gallon tank.

This creates a wonderful off-road experience where gas stations will be miles away.

The rider sits in an upright position with the capacity to stand while navigating routes or rough problems.


BMW K Series - Touring

6. BMW K Series

The K Collection is a sport-touring design from BMW.

The K collection started in the mid-1980s and uses a number of designs and submodels.

While not all designs remain in production, there are still some great utilized K series motorcycles out there to be had.

Existing models include the K1600 which is the most similar to various other touring motorcycles.

The K1600 comes in the GTL, GTL, B, and Grand America submodels.

The GLT and Grand America offer the most for touring, consisting of a guest seat.

The B submodel means Bagger and supplies a reduced seat placement, floorboards, and a cut windscreen.

All versions feature a 6-cylinder in-line engine putting out around 100-120 lb-ft of torque for running around town.

New models include built-in audio and a navigating system.

These motorcycles will not come affordable however do provide a lot of details and a comfy, yet powerful ride.

The fuel gas mileage differs around the mid-to-high-30s from a 7-gallon storage tank.

If you have the means, a K series touring motorcycle would certainly produce a great cross-country ride.


Yamaha V Star 1300

7. Yamaha V Star 1300

The V Star has a classic cruiser look and also the 1300 design will take you where you require to go.

Regrettably, 1300 is not in production and was created between 2007 and 2017, so there are a lot of utilized motorcycles on the market for a reasonable price.

Due to its age, you will not have the ability to have several of the modern-day services, such as infotainment or built-in navigating.

Nonetheless, the low seat elevation, upright riding placement, and also a bit of juice from the engine create a great touring flight.

There are also aftermarket satchels, windshields, and other choices.

Other than these upgrades, you will not require to do much wrenching, as the V Star is rather reliable.

1300 gets low to mid 40's for mpg, which is really affordable with the Gold Wing or K 1600.

The carbureted V-twin runs solid matched with a 5-speed trans to a drive shaft is easy to maintain.

While this may not be the flashiest choice, it could be an excellent, lower-price option for a first-timer.


Indian Roadmaster

8. Indian Roadmaster

Another famous motorcycle company, Indian Motorcycles, knows how to make a cruiser.

The Roadmaster is an overhauled Chieftain, which is one more cruiser.

The Roadmaster has a trunk, fairings, floorboards, and various other conveniences for the roadway.

It offers a 111 cubic in. v-twin and six-speed transmission which is plenty to come down the road.

The Roadmaster gets around 40mpg from a 5.5-gallon storage tank, which is towards the top contrasted to its rivals.

The two-seater has lots of freight room between the vehicle and also hard saddlebags.

For a timeless look from an epic motorcycle, the Roadmaster is the means to go.


Kawasaki Vulcan

9. Kawasaki Vulcan 

The Vulcan has been Kawasaki's entrance in the cruiser motorcycle market because 1984. The Vulcan has actually come in a number of sizes, yet presently there are the 650 S, 900, and 1700 in manufacturing.

The Vulcan 1700 Nomad and the Vulcan 1700 Voyager are comparable motorcycles geared up for travel.

With ABS and grip control along with stereos and traveler seats, there isn't much delegated be preferred.

For gas mileage, the Vulcan can do mid-to-high-30s with a 5.3-gallon tank.

The v-twin produces about 107 lb-ft of torque to get you up to freeway speeds.

New designs have incorporated storage and a plush passenger seat.

The full front fairing maintains the wind and rain off of you and the overall noise of the motorcycle is quieter compared to others.

The Vulcan is an additional excellent motorcycle for a first-timer and it can hold its very own for an expert cyclist.


Yamaha FJR 1300

10. Yamaha FJR 1300

The FJR was introduced to the States in 2002 and also has held its own as a sport-touring motorcycle.

With a zippy 1298cc 4-cylinder EFI engine, it's easy to see why this produces a wonderful touring motorcycle.

Regardless of its flashy look, it is furnished for long runs and has a guest seat.

One drawback is that the rider's legs are much more underneath versus onward, which can create cramped legs on a longer ride.

With a larger 6.6-gallon gas tank, the FJR puts out an excellent low/mid-40s for gas mileage.

With the flexible suspension, anti-lock brakes, and stylish tires, deal with is wind.

There is a lot to enjoy concerning this motorcycle, but for the rate, it's a little bit difficult to not consider the BMW 1250RT, which has more functions for a similar rate.

You may also be interested in the 6 Best Motorcycles For Women.

5 Best Cross Country Motorcycle Routes

Since you have actually identified your budget plan you require to find out where you are going to go.

Will you head East going West or the other way around? What route will you take to arrive?

I headed West and I personally think this to be the very best instructions, mostly based on the series of landscapes and also having sunny The golden state as your last destination.

Given that you are taking place on an adventure, you need to additionally buy a GPS navigating system.

If you make use of a smartphone, it most likely currently has GPS navigation alternatives offered.

1. The Great River Road

This is just one of the very best cross-country motorcycle travel routes inside of the United States.

It with GRR from the Mississippi River's headwaters in Minnesota to the sea in Louisiana.

Throughout the journey, you can check out sites like St. Louis, Main Street USA, New Orleans, and the Natchez Trace Parkway.

2. The Atlantic Coastline

This is perhaps the most effective cross-country motorcycle flight on the East Coastline.

You start in New York and also drive 2,000 miles southern to Trick West.

Most of these miles are within earshot or visual sight of the Atlantic Sea, making it a lovely and picturesque trip.

3. Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coastline Highway is a popular choice for a motorcycle trip across the nation.

You begin at the northwest point of the Olympic National Forest in Washington state.

After that, you adhere to the Pacific Shore Freeway for 1,650 miles until you reach San Diego, which is additionally well known for its several wonderful motorcycle flights.

4. The Border to Border Road Trip

With this road trip, you can drive from Jasper National Park in Canada to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.

If you like sturdy landscapes, this is the cross-country motorcycle journey for you.

You will certainly see glaciated valleys, troubled rivers, deserts, and also marvelous hills.

5. The Route 66 Road Trip

This legendary motorcycle trip goes from Chicago to Los Angeles.

By driving historical Route 66, you can have a look at numerous styles and societies of America.

A few of the most preferred locations along these routes are Tucumcan, Santa Monica, the Painted Desert, the Meramec Caverns, and also Chicago.

How long does it take to ride a motorcycle across America?

3,500 miles in less than five days takes dedication and ability. For safety reasons, I always recommend that you ride with your friends. You can support and accompany each other.

If you ride alone, calling home regularly and giving someone a copy of your route are all great ways to stay safe.

Having good devices during the journey includes an additional degree of convenience.

Helmets communication systems are increasingly common on motorcycles and also can be a welcome addition to the journey.

Having a way to play music, intercom, and FM radio the lengthy stretches of the road pass much faster.

TOP 5 Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

Important Tips When Route Across Motorcycle Trip

  1. Prior to you go, inspect your tires to see how many treads they have actually left and obtain an oil change. You must bring your motorcycle to a shop to be thoroughly serviced before you leave on any trip covering a bigger distance.
  2. Wash your motorcycle periodically throughout the journey. Not just does a tidy motorcycle look better, yet the cleaning process will offer you a chance to go over the motorcycle and also notice points like torn wires, worn tires, missing nuts, and so on.
  3. Depending upon how much time your motorcycle cross-nation trip is, you might want to get a baggage rack contributed to your motorcycle so you can bring equipment and also tools easily.
  4. There is bound to be some bad weather eventually along the roadway. You need to have a weatherproof riding suit before you go across the nation by motorcycle. While you may never ever need to wear it, you will rejoice you loaded it if the weather transforms negative.
  5. Along with weatherproof options, you also need to pack boots, garments, an emergency treatment kit, cash, and a tire spot kit. While leather motorcycle suits are preferred due to their longevity, comfort, and also toughness, you can pack whatever fit you feel most comfortable in.
  6. The finest months to cross the USA on a motorcycle are May to October.
  7. Weather band radio is very valuable, particularly during tornado periods in the midwest.

Sunset View in Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

Where to rest When Route Across Motorcycle Trip

Riding your motorcycle throughout the country is going to consist of many evenings far from your very own, comfy bed.

So, just how do you decide where to sleep on a motorcycle journey?

There is a variety of options with varying degrees of comfort and also expense.

Cross nation motorcycle journey supplies choices like outdoor camping, boondocking, fancy hotels, inexpensive motels, and also a great deal a lot more.

1. Camping in National Parks

A national park is land allotted and secured by the federal government to make sure that all of us can appreciate them for generations.

The US has some incredibly gorgeous landscapes on the planet and a lot of them are in national or state parks.

These are places where you can appreciate hills, deserts, looming woodlands, and meadows.

Going into national forests needs settlement of an entry cost and also in some, a lot more prominent parks such as The Grand Canyon, the entryway fees can be up to $30 per car.

Thankfully, costs for motorcycles are typically marked down and a pass is good for approximately 7 days.

If you plan to visit many parks, take into consideration acquiring an annual pass. Riding cross nation is an awesome experience.

Also, check out this Motorcycle Camping Gear Checklist to prepare for your camping

National forests are more safeguarded than other areas and also the rules for outdoor camping are a little much more rigorous.

You will certainly be remaining in an assigned, assigned campsite with a barbecue table, food storage locker, fire ring, and also usually a system for a tent.

You'll locate a marked area beside your campground to split your motorcycle and it's possibly against park regulations to park your motorcycle inside your campground.

Campgrounds are patrolled by park rangers that exist to see to it your stay is safe and pleasurable yet additionally to see to it the rules are being followed.

A lot of camping sites require reservations well in advance, especially in peak periods, and some might be closed for the winter months.

So, if you want to camp, make sure to plan ahead. However, parks usually have first-come-first-serve campsites as well.

Camping on the way to the Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

2. State Parks

Campgrounds within state parks resemble a national forest however on a smaller scale and also they are funded and kept by the state government.

Each state will have its very own laws for its campgrounds to its very own process for booking.

Again, depending upon the appeal of the location, reservations might have to be made well in advance.

State parks additionally have first-come-first-serve campgrounds.

Often these camping areas can be a great bet if you didn't strategy ahead with reservations.

On weekdays you will certainly have far better luck locating a place when you ride up.

Check with the state's park internet site to discover all the info you require, where to go, entrance fees, and car fees. Occasionally you can in fact locate these on google maps.

3. Privately Possessed Campgrounds

Privately owned campgrounds can be discovered throughout the country and can greatly vary in size in addition to in amenities used.

A few of these camping areas can be located stashed in a grove of trees near to a town, while others can be located smack dab in the middle of a huge suburb.

Many of them satisfy the RV crowd however they commonly have areas set aside for outdoor tents only camping with no connections and also at a lower cost.

Most personal campgrounds will be motorcycle friendly, yet, if you do not delight in being surrounded by households in large RVs, try for an outdoor tents site instead.

camping sitting by the bonfire

4. Wilderness Camping

That's means when you locate a spot on public land such as a national park, park your motorcycle and camp. Keep in mind that you can not just park anywhere and there prevail regulations that must be followed when camping.

Examine the neighborhood national park information center to discover the regulations and laws regarding taking motorcycles off the highway in order to camp.

In some states, like California, you will certainly require a permit to have a campfire and also will certainly be needed to pass a brief fire safety examination to acquire that license.

There will be no solutions when wilderness camping.

You will certainly need to bring in your very own food and water, you'll have to dig a pet cat hole for your waste, and you will certainly be anticipated to load every little thing out, including all your trash.

As a motorcycle camping fanatic myself, this is the type of camping I like. Away from the groups and noise.

5. Roadside Camping

Roadside camping by the roadside resembles wilderness camping. You won't find any kind of solutions, picnic tables, shower rooms or camp host, and also, like distributed camping, it's totally free.

But, understand that roadside camping does not imply you can pull over at any kind of point and established your tent.

That would certainly be prohibited as many roadsides are personal property or owned by the city or county.

Even in marked rest stops, you will certainly locate indicators that especially state "No camping".

If you get on public land, however, you can camp just about anywhere you such as.

Land that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or a national forest, or any type of government-possessed land, is a level playing field for camping up to 14 days each time.

A good example of this is an area of BLM land off highway 10 just outside Joshua Tree National forest. There's actually nothing there, yet you are allowed to camp there.

Comply with the exact same rules as you would certainly for spread wilderness camping.

Hide your waste, pack out your trash, manage your fires and also put them out entirely.

Keep your campground clean and also keep your food and toiletries far from your tent in an area where critters can't obtain them.

Also, practice a good sense of personal security. These locations will not be patrolled by park rangers.

6. Beach Camping

Beach camping on the beach is an entirely different experience and everybody should try it at a minimum when.

There's nothing much better than watching the sunlight surge or set, relying on what coastline you're on, over the sea and also paying attention to the sound of the waves while you sleep.

Beach outdoor camping includes its very own collection of troubles, the primary one being sand.

You will get sand practically everywhere, in your tent, your footwear, your boots, your resting bag.

Sand appears to turn up in the oddest locations. So, be prepared to tremble everything out when you leave.

Even if you do not take your motorcycle on the sand, you could think about cleansing and lubing your chain after your beach keep.

Coastlines can additionally be extremely gusty especially in the late afternoon and you can anticipate fog or a great deal of moisture in the early morning.

See to it you utilize a rainfall fly and that your equipment is covered and shielded and that your tent is secured to the ground.

Check with the local authorities to see if fires are permitted on the beach. A beach bonfire is an unbelievable way to enjoy the evening.

Coastline weather can vary significantly depending upon where you are and what season it is.

All of my experience with coastline camping is on the north coastline of The golden state.

It's usually rather cold in the evening and summer brings early morning fog.

But, southern coastlines are warm and warm for the majority of the year. And also it's so wonderful to have a coastline trip or if you remain in a team of exploring motorcycles riding up the eastern coastline.

Motorcycle Festivals

7. Motorcycle Festivals

Would not it be excellent to coordinate your trip around the country to consist of Stergis or Daytona motorcycle week?

Or just how around ladies' just festivals like Infants Ride out or The Desire Roll.

There are small motorcycle festivals happening around the country. Discover one to join and camp with motorcycles close by.

It's a great method to make good friends, share tales, celebration and also listen to music and each event brings its very own special style.

8. Motorcycle Friendly Hotels

Some hotels, motels, and traveling lodges acknowledge the possibility of satisfying the motorcycle community.

These will be areas where you won't get dirty looks when you roll in loud, tired, and also dirty from a long day of riding.

Several mainstream hotels have taken on a brand-new mindset towards motorcycle guests and currently offer designated motorcycle car parking and other rewards like cleaning down towels or an area to do upkeep or tidy your motorcycle throughout your stay after your journey.

Frequently motorcycle pleasant hotels will certainly enable you to park your motorcycle under the carport straight at the main entryway providing you the comfort that your motorcycle will be risk-free during the night.

So, at any type of hotel, make certain to ask if you can do that.


The personal experience I have summarized above may have many shortcomings. I hope you can share your experience with everyone after reading this article.

So, if you're the one in the back seat. How to become a better motorcycle passenger?

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