Safe Note


You are hereby notified that your complete and also wholehearted attention is called for when utilizing a communication tool (the “Product”) while riding. Failing to avoid potentially dangerous circumstances might result in an accident causing significant injury or fatality.


Fodsports recommends you take all needed precautions and stay sharp to the traffic, weather, and all roadway conditions. Do not execute pairing, linking, or any kind of intricate procedures while riding. All publications are planned to address technical capabilities and should not be interpreted as urging the operation of Fodsports’s Products in any manner that is hazardous or banned by legislation.


Exercise all due care while using this Item as well as obey all suitable traffic laws. Always ride as well as use the Product in a secure way and do not end up being sidetracked by the Product while riding. Do not operate the Product if it becomes harmful to do so.


In some regions or states, using mobile interaction systems is prohibited or restricted. Examine all local, state, and also federal regulations as well as regulations (the “Laws”) that put on your region before using the Product, and also be conscious that conformity with all Regulations is the customer’s obligation. Make use of the Product moving just where and in the manner that such gadgets are permitted by appropriate Law.


None of the body should come in contact with the antenna during the operation of the tools. Use Product only where secure, and stay clear of use at filling stations, fuel depots, or around dynamites. Usage with the listening devices as well as medical tools only after speaking with a physician or specialist. Make sure to mount as well as mount the Item in a stable way.

Health Warnings:

  • Hearing Loss

Audio gadgets can create hearing loss. Employ care and stay clear of direct exposure to excessive volume levels that might damage or hinder hearing or bring about hearing loss. Permanent hearing loss may occur if Products are utilized in high quantity for extended periods.

  • RF Signals

Most electronic equipment is shielded from RF signals. However, certain electronic equipment may not be shielded against the RF signals emanating from your wireless equipment.

  • Pacemakers

The Health And Wellness Sector Manufacturers Organization suggests that a minimum separation of about six inches (or 16 centimeters) be maintained between a cellphone or wireless device and also a pacemaker to prevent prospective interference with the pacemaker. Be sure not to hinder the capability of personal medical devices.

  • Hearing Aids

Some tools may interfere with certain hearing aids. In the event of such disturbance, you need to consult your listening device supplier to talk about alternatives.

  • Various Other Medical Tools

If you use any other personal medical devices, speak with the manufacturer of your device and/ or your physician to determine if it is appropriately protected from interference brought on by external RF power. Your physician may have the ability to help you in getting these details.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to reach out and we will offer you the best service until you are satisfied.

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