V6 Plus Intercom Dual packs


  • 6 Riders Connected & 2 People Toggle Intercom
  • Hands-Free Operation & LCD Screen
  • FM Storage Function & Memory connects with the cell phone
  • CSR chip Noise Reduction & Waterproof
  • 850 mAh Battery & Two Options For Microphone

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Global Warranty, 30 days Hassle-Free Return, Secured Purchase

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Reasons You Need Fodsports V6 Plus Intercom Dual Packs

In Your Motorcycle Helmet

  • Have A Conversation With Your Passenger Or Other Riders
  • Stream Music or Any Audio From Your Phone To Your Helmet
  • Get Navigation Instructions Spoken To You
  • Make or Receive A Phone Call
  • Receive and Send Text, Email, or Other Messages
  • Listen To The Radio

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V6 Plus Intercom Dual packs 5V6 Plus Intercom Dual packs 1V6 Plus Bluetooth Intercom long battary life

Detailed Specs

V6 Plus Bluetooth Intercom in the

Fodsports V6 Plus Bluetooth Intercom One Package List (Dual pack had 2 sets)

  •  1x V6 Plus intercom
  •  1 x Headphones with hard Microphone
  •  1 x Soft Microphone
  •  2 x Metal clip
  •  2 x Velcro
  •  1 x USB Charging Cable
  •  1 x Mounting bracket
  •  1 x Double rubber
  •  1 x User Manual

V6 Plus Bluetooth Intercom work

How fodsports v6 plus helmet intercom work?

The rider can only choose to talk to the captain, and the other riders cannot talk to each other.

Of course, the captain can also call any other rider and talk after passing the permit.

For example: A is the captain, one of the riders (B or C or D or E) can talk to A, but (B, C, D, E) can’t talk to each other.

V6 Plus Bluetooth Intercom 3.5 headphones jeck

Universal Pairing
Can Connect Bluetooth Headset

Fodsports V6 Plus Bluetooth Intercom has a hard mic and soft mic, Suitable for all kinds of helmets.

You can choose the hard mic for an open face helmet, and the soft mic for a full-face helmet.


Compatibility:Universal wireless bluetooth

Bluetooth chip: CSR chip
Bluetooth version: 3.0+EDR


The communication distance can reach up to 1200M and 120km/h riding speed.

Support 2 riders talk at the same time and up to 6 riders connection;


High fidelity, bass, HIFI sound quality;
Enjoy the music through Bluetooth such as smartphone/MP3/GPS. (A2DP Stereo Music)

Built-in FM

Frequency: 2.4GHz


  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer 850mAh
  • Working time: 18 hours
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Stand by: Up to 300 hours
  • Power Adaptor: DC5V 500mA

Big Button

Unique oversized button design and comfortable touch.

Even if you wear gloves, you can easily manipulate it.


Waterproof design makes you don’t worry about rainy weather.

Handsfree Function

Handsfree to call/listen to phone/music.

If your phone has Siri, you can use voice control.

FM Function

With FM radio storage function, you can easily find your favorite radio station and have fun while riding.


  • Intercom Size: 87mm*45mm*26mm
  • Intercom Net weight: 50g


IP67 Waterproof


Bluetooth support protocol: A2DP,







Fodsports V6 Plus Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset User Manual

FODSPORTS is a professional company dedicated to outdoor cycling.

V6 Plus helmet intercom is our latest product,

It has an LCD screen that allows you to see a variety of information more directly.

The design concept of the V6 Plus Bluetooth Intercom Bluetooth headset is suitable for the captain-centered motorcycle riding team,

it can connect 6 people at the same time, but only two people can talk.

This design is due to the fact that some riders do not want to conduct group intercoms in order to protect their privacy.

Helmet intercom headsets Feature

1. Preset and store up 6 FM radio stations.

2. Wireless headset for Bluetooth enable cell phone at a range of up to 10 meters.

3. Control cell phone music through AVRCP: forward, backward, play, pause.

4. Pairs with 3 Bluetooth devices, Support Connection of Mobile/MP3/Stereo Music/GPS.

5. Receive a cell phone call automatically.

6. Support the last number redialing.

7. Suitable for Full & Half Face Helmet.

【4-6 Riders Connected Headset】Support 2 peoples talk at the same time,  

4-6 Riders Connected Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset.

The motorcycle helmet intercom maximum communication distance of the group is about 1200 meters.

【LCD screen for captain-centered 】V6 Plus has an LCD screen that allows you to see a variety of information more directly.

The design concept of the V6 Plus is suitable for the captain-centered motorcycle riding team,

it can connect 6 people at the same time, but only two people can talk.

This captain-centered design of “Chapter A and 5 other members BCDEF” is especially for those who don’t like to conduct group intercoms only to protect their privacy.

It is ideal for motorcyclists who travel in big groups.

【Built-in FM Radio & Handsfree】Preset and store up 6 FM radio stations.

You can easily find your favorite radio station and have fun while riding.

V6 PLUS supports wireless Bluetooth music streaming and hands-free operation so you can easily enjoy the music or answer / reject the call.

【Noise Reduction & Waterproof】Since the microphone of the motorcycle Bluetooth headset has a CSR chip,

ambient noise such as wind noise and engine noise is not annoying. The voice quality is not affected even at high speeds.

Moreover, it is waterproof, can be used in any weather conditions.

【Long Standby Battery】The motorcycle intercom with 850 mAh rechargeable battery.

Standby Up to 300 hours. It is working up to 18 hours.

Can I listening music while being in the intercom mode?

Yes, with audio cable Helmet Intercom Bluetooth headset Type (BT S2, BT S3, FX8, FX 30CM1S, tec) can be used to talk (group intercom) and listen to music/GPS at the same time.

If your phone’s audio interface is not the 3.5 mm round hole, please use a USB adapter

Is it waterproof?

Yes, Fodsports wireless bluetooth intercom waterproof capability allows you to use it with confidence in all kinds of weather, such as rain and snow.

Can it paired with GPS?

Yes, Fodsports intercom Wireless Bluetooth have Universal Pairing

Built-in smart chip ensures high compatibility that can be compatible with GPS, Music Player, and most of the Bluetooth headsets or earpiece in the market.

Can I use the 'Hi Siri' function with this device?

Yes. It can be paired with all mobile phones and use voice control functions, such as Siri (iPhone) and S Voice (Samsung) voice commands.

Can it paired with other brand different bluetooth intercom?

Yes, the Fodsports intercom Bluetooth headset have high matching Bluetooth

  1. Since the Fodsports Intercom Bluetooth headset has two modes of active pairing and passive pairing, it can be paired with most brands of intercoms on the market.
  2. It can be paired with all mobile phones and use voice control functions, such as Siri (iPhone) and S Voice (Samsung) voice commands.
  3. It can be paired with most GPS or other Bluetooth devices, only a few models are not available.

What is difference in 2 ways intercom and group intercom?

Only two people can talk at same time in the group for 2 ways intercom.

Every people can talk in the group with group intercom( up to 8 people can talk).

Why is the volume of the intercom really low?

  • If you think the voice is too low during intercom, you can press “+” button to increase the volume
  • Different locations of speakers will cause differences in volume
  • Please install the speaker as close to your ears as possible.
  • If the distance is too far, the volume will be reduced. You can use the thickened pad in the package

Why are my two speakers or one side speaker unavailable/no sound?

Please check if the headphone cable is inserted in the correct direction

2. Please make sure the headphone cable is fully inserted into the interface.

Is my unit still under warranty?

All Fodsports units come with a 1-year warranty, starting from the date of purchase. Please keep your proof of purchase in order to reclaim your warranty.

Create a record of ownership in case of loss or theft.


Your first point of warranty service is your dealer

Finally, an affordable helmet system that works- Customer Review

I’ve tried all kinds of stick-on speakers so I can listen to music or audiobooks on my motorbike. Some don’t have enough power to overcome the noise of the wind and the bike on the highway. Some are so flimsy that they break very soon – especially the wires.

THIS is the first one I’ve found that solves those problems. Since the inside lining of the helmet is a soft material, the sticky back of the speakers don’t hold so I got some Velcro and made one-inch patches stuck to the lining and to the back of the speaker. Now the speakers stay in place, the sound is great – plenty of power – and the device is easy to manipulate while you’re driving.

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