10 Best Ski Helmet Headphones | Ultimate Guide

10 Best Ski Helmet Headphones

If there’s one thing that can improve your experience on the inclines, it’s wonderful songs. But, choosing the very best devices isn’t as very easy as black and white. You need to get among the most effective ski helmet headphones to avoid problems that can obstruct fun skiing and music experience, such as the following.

You do not want to have to quit every 5 minutes to change the track. And even worse, need to remove your ski handwear covers to address telephone calls or decline. Icing up hands are serious.

Safety and security is also a substantial issue. It’s definitely a no-no for bulky headphones that completely block out surrounding sounds. You desire snowboarding helmets with speakers that keep you aware of what’s occurring around you.

Fortunately, this review gives you an understanding of the safest and ideal ski helmet headphones and audio speakers for your incline activities and also adventures.

I have actually been skiing for years and I such as listening to songs when I’m on the inclines by myself. I’m a big follower of using ski helmet earphones, and I understand what to look for in the very best alternatives offered that give good audio top quality and a safe and secure fit.

I’ll show you numerous other fantastic options to assist you to bump music in your earphones in this article. If you put on a ski helmet and want to listen to songs, it’s an excellent concept to get your hands on any of the models I’ll list here.

10 Best Ski Helmet Headphones

Ski Helmet Headphones Overview





M1S Pro


8 Group Intercom


IP65 Waterproof

Stable Performance




8 Group Intercom

Boost Signal by 30%

External Antenna Design


M1S Plus


Share Music With Partner

Voice Assistant

High-Fidelity Sound


FX8 Air


2 People Connect

Ultra-low temperature work

3 Sound Effects




2 People Connect

Type-C interface

IP65 waterproof

Restoring the real sound




12.2 inch cord

IP45 sweat-resistance

Working at -20°C/-4°F

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Unigear Bombing


Wireless connections

Connection within 10 meters

Reduce wind noise

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Outdoor Tech Black

Clean and clear sound

Minimal design

Simple, large buttons

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Outdoor Tech

Wired headset

3.5mm Jack

Clear voice

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Apple AirPods


Easy setup for all your Apple devices

Charges quickly

Quality Assurance

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1. M1S Pro

M1S Pro Ski Helmet Headphones

M1-S Pro supports up to 8 people connected to the intercom. That’s right, it’s an intercom headset system.

The M1-S Pro is Fodsports’ best-selling helmet headset. Please believe that there must be some reason for this.

Its connection distance can reach up to 1000 meters. I think this would be a safe bet when you and your friends are backcountry skiing.

I am an extreme sports fanatic. My friends and I go to the uninhabited snow-capped mountains a lot. Rolling on the slopes excites me.

The M1-S Pro stayed with me for a long time on the slopes. You can trust it. It connects via Bluetooth 5.0. Connectivity is even better.

Who updated the headsets in the current market to Bluetooth 5.0

Since it is using Bluetooth 5.0. It can connect to any Bluetooth device and mobile phone.

Hands-free calling, calling Siri is for sure. A call came while I was listening to music. I don’t need to reach for my phone to answer the call.

Just wait a few seconds and it will automatically answer the call. This keeps my hands warm in the snow.

You can also choose to turn it off if you don’t like the function of answering calls automatically. It is still very simple to operate.

Fodsports to enhance its waterproof and dustproof performance. A charging interface is specially designed for it. This allows us outdoor sports enthusiasts to use headphones without fear.

With IP65 water and dust resistance, I never worry about rain and snow weather ruining my device and my good mood.


  • Using M1-S Pro, you can connect with 8 individuals at a time.
  • The audio high quality is good with good mids.
  • The headphone is inexpensively valued.
  • It is IP65 waterproof.
  • This is a durable unit.
  • Long signal distance


  • Some individuals have declared that the earphone, at the time, shaking. So, you require to Install the headset carefully.

The M1S Pro is an affordable, well-loaded, and superb earphone that one can make use of when winter sports. If you are preparing to upgrade your ski safety helmet headphone, then this is a great choice for you.


2. FX8

FX8 Ski Helmet Headphones

FX8 also supports 8-person connections. And the signal connection distance is also the same. The difference between them is that the FX8 has upgraded signal transmission performance. The FX8 adds an outreach antenna. It can boost the connection signal by 30%.

This is definitely the best for groups. FX8 is equipped with 40MM high-impedance high-fidelity speakers and super high-definition sound quality.

Regarding the sound quality of the FX8, I must praise it. You can see that its audio cable is a metal electric shock interface. It may look clunky, but that’s hard work! One of my favorite things about the FX8 is that the sound quality far exceeds the price.

Maybe the FX8 is a bit pricey, but it’s one of the best headphones out there. Plug my FX8 little flag on the slopes!

The FX8 ski helmet headset gives you professional hands-free communication on the slopes.

With access to voice commands for IOS and Android, you can use your FX8 voice to control your phone. If you don’t want to be interrupted by any phone calls while riding, set it to manual answer mode so you can enjoy the ride without interruptions.

The FX8 is designed with a giant rotary knob, making it easy to adjust the volume or set other settings while sliding.

In addition, FX8 can support up to 20 hours of calls. Standby time can reach half a month. The charging time is only 3 hours.

More importantly, the battery reminder function allows you to know the details of the power of the Bluetooth headset at any time. You don’t have to worry about running out of battery all the way. You can share your fun with your friends.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 with super-strong connection signal
  • Noise Cancelling and Hi-Fi Stereo Sound
  • 8 people connect
  • Long standby


  • FX8 is slightly more expensive
  • The audio interface is uncommon and I can’t replace it


3. M1S Plus

Fodsports M1S Plus

M1S Plus adds 2 functions on the basis of M1S Pro, one is to share music, and the other is to mute with one key.

We often regretted not being able to listen to the same piece of music together when we were gliding with friends.

Now comes the M1S Plus. As long as 2 people are using the M1S Plus, they can share a piece of music on the slope. What a wonderfully romantic thing this is. Well! I admit that I am a romantic.

Have you ever had a friend’s external audio be too loud? If there is a conference call while chatting with a friend, do you want the other person to hear him?

You’ll love the mute microphone feature. M1S Plus meets various calling needs. You just need to press and hold Volume + for 2 seconds and the M1-S Plus will be silent immediately.

We need some quiet moments to observe our surroundings. This is for security reasons.

M1S Plus charging for 2~3 hours can give you 12~20 hours of talk time.

In other respects, the M1S Plus is not much like the M1S Pro. I won’t go into details here. Water resistance, number of connections, etc. are all the same.


  • Share music with friends
  • Quick mute
  • Group connection
  • High-Fidelity Sound


  • Still that question: you need to be careful about fitting the headset to the helmet.


4. FX8 Air

FX8 Air in the box

The FX8 Air is also designed with extended antennas. The connection performance is also very stable.

But it only supports a two-person connection intercom. Therefore, the connection distance needs to be kept within 500 meters.

I think 500 meters is enough for me. Most of the time my friends and I didn’t get too far, and we took off one by one and flew up the slopes.

FX8 Air only allows 2 people to connect. I think this is more suitable for couples.

It is also a Bluetooth 5.0 version of the helmet intercom.

The stereo audio speakers used for the headsets are 40mm in diameter and about 6mm thick. They provide great sounds with large amounts of amount.

Fodsports fx8 air usage the CVC audio decrease murmur and it appears it’s working quite well in this situation.

It has 3 audio results which are really ideal for listening to music. You can push the “Function” button to transform the sound timbre.

It’s a shame it can’t share music like the M1S Plus.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 3 kinds of Sound effects: treble; midrange; bass
  • Support 2-Way talk at the same time
  • Three levels of power reminder function: full power, medium power, low power
  • Voice Command


  • Only supports 2 people and the connection distance is not long enough
  • One year warranty

But this price is already very cheap.


5. FX2

FX2 poster

The FX2 is probably our best budget. Plus the discount, it was only about fifty dollars.

FX2 is also a 2-person connection intercom. Just using it yourself is completely sufficient.

Its connection distance is exactly the same as FX8 AIR.

The charging interface of FX2 has been updated to Type-C. The charging port is no longer specially made. And you can use your own fast charging cable.

Version 5.0 of Bluetooth and IP65 water resistance are old friends.

When fully charged FX2 can listen to 15 hours of music. I love listening to music!


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Type-C interface and fast charging
  • Best budget
  • IP65 waterproof


  • 2 people connect
  • The connection range is only 100 meters

The Fodsports ski helmet headphones are universally compatible with most audio all set ski and also snowboard helmet brand names.

These headphones provide the simplicity of use and cordless capability of bigger brand names at a smaller expense.

If you are trying to find top-quality ski helmet headphones without breaking the bank, these earphones have every little thing you require.

Wireless controls and switches that are huge enough to be operated with a handwear cover are preferred. The mic is readily available for making a call or controlling Siri with your voice. How much more could you ask for?

When it involves top-quality ski helmet headphones that do not set you back a ton of money, these earphones supply whatever you require in one plan.

6. OutdoorMaster

Ski Helmet Headphones

One of the very best Bluetooth ski headphones, they have a built-in microphone that allows for voice control, as well as answering calls without subjecting your hands to the cold. Utilize its glove-friendly buttons to change volume, skip tracks, play, time out, as well as much more.

The OutdoorMaster Drop-In Headphones are loaded with attributes that make them a few of the most effective performance-focused pucks around.

These have a cordless layout and are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology to deliver exceptional integrity. You additionally obtain great audio quality and also bass response.

I also such as the glove-friendly controls that this option includes. It’s actually very easy to change the volume or take a telephone call while you’re in winter sports.

The only downside to mention with these is that they are a little cumbersome, as the pucks aren’t really slim.

They’re ergonomic enough to suit many helmets and also permit you to listen to your favorite songs for nearly 10 hrs.


  • Simple and easy-to-operate large buttons
  • lower cost
  • Uses Bluetooth 5.0
  • Built-in microphone


  • Sound high quality can be sub-par
  • They’re large and can be uncomfortable for your ears

7. Unigear Bombing

TWS Headphones

This is a TWS earphone, a true wireless Bluetooth earphone. You can really say goodbye to tangled, tangled headphone cables.

It is also a Bluetooth 5.0-connected headset. But it is only allowed to connect your phone within 10 meters. In other words, this can only be used as a mediocre wireless Bluetooth headset.

She only has a simple button. So you don’t mess with buttons to operate it.

You can listen to 10 hours of music on a full charge. Just barely…

The waterproof level is IPX4.

For its price, it’s okay as a TWS headset. It’s an affordable alternative if you’d prefer a fully wireless connection.


  • The true wireless headphones
  • Bluetooth 5.0


  • Just an ordinary wireless earphone with nothing new

8. Outdoor Tech Black

Ski Helmet Headphones

Outdoor tech chips 2.0 can be found in a minimalistic style that offers a better suitable for nearly all kinds of audio-compatible ski helmets. Restricting you from overspending on the purchase of additional helmets.

The huge buttons on the unit make it much easier for skiers to run it on the move. Stopping from time to time on the cliff to change tracks or attend your calls. You can alter or stop music tracks, tune volume, and also obtain telephone calls without the demand for removing your handwear covers or mittens in the blistering cold.

Up to 10 hrs playtime from a single charge and glove-friendly switches make these speakers for snowboarding and skiing helmets a few of the excellent on the market.

Their sweat-resistant abilities indicate you won’t need to maintain taking them off to obtain your ears completely dry. They’re easily among the very best cordless earphones for a ski helmet.

But it’s not very cost-effective. $100 is a bit expensive. There are many cheaper headphones with similar performance and even better performance


  • Tidy and clear audio with high bass
  • Straightforward and large buttons for simple usage


  • Technology update is relatively backward
  • Not cost-effective

9. Outdoor Tech OT0042
Outdoor Tech OT0042

Similar in layout to the Outside Tech Chips, these are the much cheaper but wired version of the very same name. If you’re trying to find respectable audio but do not desire the cost connected with their Bluetooth siblings then this might just be best for you.

Exterior technology wired chips can be connected to all sorts of Bluetooth gadgets. Despite the bulkier appearance, they can be connected to your old audio-lined skiing headgear.

While your wires are bound to snag or come loose occasionally, it can be irritating or not possible for people that dislike cords.

The major benefit is that you never ever need to charge them. Because Bluetooth requires an external source of power, they need to be charged each evening. With this wired choice, you’ll have no such worries as well as songs for a multi-day extended journey (as long as your songs playing device has obtained juice).

The non-rechargeable lithium-ion battery would not betray you on your way down.

The benefit of these over conventional wired earbuds is that they will rest comfortably within the headgear’s ear pads and not press or go into your ear canal.


  • The Lithium-ion battery does not need to be charged
  • As for wired headphones, the sound quality is actually better than wireless headphones


  • The material of the wire is not very durable, but fortunately, It’s very cheap.

10. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

The gold criterion is Rolls Royce of snowboarding headphones.

Why? The wonderful “transparency mode” that goes through audio from the environment; a very low profile style; no cables; several ear fit options; water-resistant; high-quality audio, make/take telephone calls; as well as 24-hour battery. What’s not to like? They cost you virtually as high as new skis.

The choice is yours. Buy it if you like it!

Apple’s advantages I have said above.

As for the downsides, I don’t know. Kidding!

Wait a moment! It has a downside!

AirPods can easily become Air!

Can anyone explain why the more expensive things are easier to lose?

How to Choose Ski Helmet Headphones

Helmet Compatibility

Much of today’s ski headgear earphones are designed to fit in the earpad pocket of compatible headgears.

Several helmets currently have ear pads that deal with sound, nevertheless, you must check your helmet before purchasing helmet earphones to make certain there is a spot to put them.

Wired or Wireless

  • Cons of Wireless

You need to charge the headset frequently.

This isn’t normally troubling unless you succeed on the slopes and afterward understand you neglected to charge them. When that happens it can be a discomfort, but you’re not likely to forget once more!

Wireless headphones call for an interior battery and also Bluetooth technology which makes them at the very least twice as costly.

  • Pros of Wireless

No cables! The liberty to get your ski helmet, put it on and then get snowboarding without needing to feed a cord through your jacket is rather trendy.

Note: some wireless headphones can be plugged in and made use of as wired headphones when the battery dies!

  • Cons of Wired

You need to feed the wire into your helmet and out right into your jacket which can take a minute or so to arrange each time you ride.

Often the wires can grab and appear or obtain tangled up in your clothing.

  • Pros of Wired

Wired headphones are a lot less costly which makes them a great choice if you’re seeking a deal as well as to save your pennies for the ski pass.

Wired headphones never run out of battery.

Convenience and Control Functions

Among the best things about helmets, earphones are making your day on the mountain less complicated.

If you have Bluetooth cordless headphones, can will likely not need to take your phone out to deal with anything. This is a huge convenience, especially on cold days.

Ski Helmet Headphones

Audio Quality

One of the most fundamental as well as essential features that shouldn’t be overlooked in the headset is the top quality of sound it creates.

From novices to professional skiers, everybody likes crisp as well as clear music with the right bass, so you can joyfully vibe to the beats as you ski down the incline.

An earphone with low-grade audio would just make your snowboarding experience even worse as opposed to making it much more thrilling.


User-friendliness talks to convenience and ease of use.

You possibly do not want to need to eliminate your gloves to transform tracks. User-friendliness additionally checks out facets like whether the audio speakers can be operated by voice commands or by tapping on your safety helmet.


Like the remainder of your equipment, your headphones require to be able to hold up to the test of time.

The aspects are rough out on the hill, which suggests you desire devices that can take a beating without fear.

Think about both good building and construction and also durable earpieces.

Keep in mind, water-resistance is necessary too.


Skiing, as you recognize, is dissimilar to sitting in one area and also listening to songs or making telephone calls.

You get on the go yourself and probably might end up falling or landing someplace, that may be deserted.

That is the factor the safety and security feature of the earphone is critical for its resilience.


How do put headphones on ski helmets?



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